LETTER: “We Have Met The Enemy And It Is The Imperial City Council”

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If you have yet to realize the arrogance of the Imperial Burien City Council, check out the current city newsletter (got mine today). Page 6 mentions the street maintenance program and clearly states that the $10 per vehicle license fee IS (not ‘is proposed’) the source of funding.

So, the public hearing on Monday, June 2st is not just a mere formality, it is a time and money waster for the Council to thumb their collective noses at the 75% of voters who voted NO on this license fee last year. The Imperial City Council, as the Board of Commissioners of the wholly-owned subsidiary called the Transportation Benefit District, has already decided. The voice of the public is irrelevant. So, what else is new?

We have met the enemy and it is the Imperial City Council.

– Stephen Lamphear
Burien Councilmember 1998-2005

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9 Responses to “LETTER: “We Have Met The Enemy And It Is The Imperial City Council””
  1. SD says:

    Another example of the council’s egergious behavior.

  2. Coverofnight says:

    Stephen, you’re a great American for writing to the Blog to inform the citizenry on the inconsistencies of the Council’s actions. This communication is needed to inform and remind the voters how the Council acts without regard to citizen input! Keep up the good work, Stephen. Let’s vote the [email protected]#?!*&’s out!

    • Stephen Lamphear says:

      We keep saying “vote the idiots out of office” but we never do it. And the idiots know that we won’t be organized enough to do it. It’s a ‘boy cried wolf” story. Nobody is listening.

  3. KaiJ says:

    We voted you out!

  4. joan m johnson says:

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