UPDATE: “Suicidal” Man Eludes Major Police Response In Burien Thursday

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UPDATE FRI. 6/18/10: According to Sgt. Jim Laing of the King County Sherriff’s Department, Thursday’s major police response on SW 124th was due to a “suicidal” 30-year old male who threatened to harm himself.

When someone threatens to harm themselves or others, King County’s finest don’t mess around – they show up in force.

Thursday’s standoff lasted from around 1pm until 5:30/6pm, and when police finally entered the man’s house, he was gone. As in escaped.

“He must’ve slipped out somehow,” Laing said.

The good news is that nobody was injured.

PREVIOUSLY: On Thursday afternoon (June 17th) around 1pm, numerous Burien Police and King County Sheriff’s officers responded to the second ‘possibly armed person barricaded in a house’ incident this week (last Sunday there was one near Lake Burien), this one located in a house west of Ambaum Blvd. SW at SW 124th.

At least 25 emergency vehicles converged on the scene, including police, sheriff’s, unmarked cars, medics, fire, King County Sheriff’s SWAT team, and a bomb squad RV.

This area has several large apartment buildings, which brought out 50 or so bystanders curious to know what was going on.

Reporter Gina Bourdage and Editor Scott Schaefer were also on the scene, and from what we learned (police don’t like to talk much at these things), a man had barricaded himself inside a house, and had possibly threatened to use a gun. There may also have been mention of a bomb at one point, hence the callout for the bomb squad and SWAT teams.

Here are some of the things we witnessed:

  • Burien City Councilmember Brian Bennett’s wife was there, worried about her 9-month old child, who was apparently in a house across from where the barricaded person was located.
  • SW 124th, west of Ambaum was blocked off by police.
  • Armored police had high-powered rifles with scopes.
  • King County Sheriff’s black SWAT Team van arrived around 3:40pm.
  • A bomb squad RV was stationed, and a bomb squad robot was brought out and readied.
  • At one point traffic got so bad on Ambaum, that an older man in a BMW SUV hit the right rear end of an unmarked sheriff’s cruiser.
  • A truck form North Highline Fire Dept. had to exit to leave for a fire call around 3:45pm.

Here are photos shot on the scene by Scott Schaefer:

A sign on the top of the North Highline fire truck seemingly warns bystanders.

At least 50 bystanders and media watched as police got into position.

Heavily-armed police watched the house where the suspect barricaded himself. Note the rifle in the hands of the officer at the upper left.

King County Sheriff's black matte SWAT Team van pulls in to the scene.

An officer prepares his rifle at the back of an SUV.

The SWAT Team motors into position, passing the bomb squad RV. Note the robot on the left.

The bomb squad robot sits at the ready as bystanders watch.

Police Technicians prepare the bomb squad robot.

At one point traffic was so confusing at the intersection of Ambaum and SW 124th that a BMW SUV rear-ended an unmarked police cruiser.

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: “Suicidal” Man Eludes Major Police Response In Burien Thursday”
  1. Kellie Bassen says:

    Nice reporting Scott!

  2. I live in the apts facing Ambaum Blvd and 124th.
    My daughter saw the “activity” of the back deck of where we live.
    That being the threat of sucide in the house on SW 124 on 06/17/2010, with the ensuing SWAT prescence, and all.I had considered for a very long time and now I am thoroughtly convinced that I want to get as far away from here as possible.So thats my comment on the events of thurs. the 17th of June.

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