LETTER: Gregory Heights Resident Concerned About Gunshots

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On Sunday morning, July 11th, at 2:20AM 6 gunshots were fired in the area of Gregory Heights elementary. They were heard by myself and my neighbors who called police. The next day I found a bullet on my back deck. My neighbor verified it was a 9mm bullet/gun and must have been shot into the air to land without lodging into anything.

I took the bullet to the Burien police dept (KC Sherriff Office) and reported it.

We hear shots in this area late at night every few months or so. Now that a bullet has been found a few feet from our door it is quite disconcerting as it means someone is firing actual bullets at or around random houses.

The police will not be doing anything about it, so I wanted to report it through media.

We live within 2 blocks of Gregory Heights elementary but wish to remain unidentified for safety reasons. We have a small child.

Maybe you can pass the info along or report it in the crime section.

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2 Responses to “LETTER: Gregory Heights Resident Concerned About Gunshots”
  1. mw says:

    I’m concerned that you say the police won’t do anything about it. Have you (or others in the neighborhood) reported similar incidents this in the past? Is there something beyond posting to the B-town blog that we can do to “encourage” the police to take a more active role? Bringing the bullet to the police was great – I hope everyone will do the same. I’m glad your family is safe.

  2. Lee Moyer says:

    Keep calling in the incidents. “Won’t do anything” doesn’t mean they refuse to do any thing.

    Quite a coincidence. A couple years ago I found a bullet embedded about a quarter inch into the pressure treated decking of my deck. I called the police. They came out, took the bullet and thanked me for calling. Later, they called me and said they thought they knew where it came from.

    Another time I reported shots fired at night. The 911 operator asked what direction they came from (she was obviously using some sort of map and my address). She later called back and said they had aprehended the shooter in a car.

    And yet another time I reported the sound of shots, but they could do nothing. But two out of three is pretty good. The police did quite a bit considering what they had to work with.

    BTW, I’m not in a war zone. These incidents happened years apart.

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