Speeders Beware: “Slow Down Or Pay Up” Campaign Begins Friday

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Twenty-three area police departments in King County (including Burien) will “inundate” area roads, highways, and interstates with extra police patrols targeting speeding drivers beginning this Friday (July 16) and continuing through Aug. 1 as part of the statewide “Slow down or pay up” campaign.

The campaign’s goal is to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from traffic crashes in Washington by the year 2030.

“Speeding may seem like a quick and effective shortcut, but in fact it is a leading cause of traffic deaths and injuries in King County and Washington State,” said Dr. David Fleming, Director and Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle & King County. “Speed-related crashes harm individuals, families, and communities, and many people hurt in these crashes suffer life altering trauma and never recover fully.”

The emphasis patrols over the next month are a key component of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero. The vision of Target Zero is zero deaths and serious injuries from traffic crashes in Washington by the year 2030. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission funds the extra patrols.

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, from 2006 – 2008, speeding drivers killed 140 people in King County crashes, an average of four deaths a month. These speeding-involved crashes accounted for 44% of traffic deaths in King County for that period.

The following police agencies in King County will conduct “Slow down or pay up” patrols:

  1. Auburn
  2. Bellevue
  3. Black Diamond
  4. Burien
  5. Des Moines
  6. Federal Way
  7. Issaquah
  8. Kent
  9. Kirkland
  10. Maple Valley
  11. Mercer Island
  12. Newcastle
  13. Normandy Park
  14. North Bend
  15. Pacific
  16. Redmond
  17. Renton
  18. Sammamish
  19. SeaTac
  20. Seattle
  21. Snoqualmie
  22. Tukwila
  23. Washington State Patrol District 2

“Enforcing traffic laws saves lives,” said Lieutenant Nick Almquist, Redmond Police Department, Traffic Unit. “From north to south and east to west, police departments are working together to enforce speed limits and make King County roads safer.”

“Driving is a complex skill, demanding your complete attention,” said Cesi Velez, South King County Target Zero Manager, Kent Police Department. “Slow down and watch for sudden stops when traffic is heavy or the road has limited sight distance. Avoid tailgating by leaving a car’s length between you and the car in front of you for every 10mph you’re traveling. Road conditions and weather may also require a driver to slow down.”

Public Health- Seattle & King County chairs and staffs the King County Target Zero Task Force (previously known as the King County Traffic Safety Coalition). Members include representatives from a variety of King County law enforcement agencies, the Washington State Liquor Control Board, alcohol and drug prevention organizations, traffic engineers, non-profit organizations, and others. The Washington State Traffic Safety Commission provides funding for the coalition and other King County traffic safety activities.

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8 Responses to “Speeders Beware: “Slow Down Or Pay Up” Campaign Begins Friday”
  1. John says:

    Well, at least “Slow down or pay up” is being somewhat honest for a change. This isn’t about public safety or controlling traffic flow or anything except revenue generation. Pure, greedy, piggish revenue generation.

    This doesn’t tie at all into the fact that they recently lowered the speed limit on fist ave. from 45 to 35, does it?

  2. Coverofnight says:

    No wonder we have all these articles on increased burglaries and shootings in our neighborhoods…..the criminals know that the cops have their tag-teams parked and occupied waiting to catch the honest, hard-working people (and yes, that includes you union members, too) who aren’t out to intentionally exceed the speed limit. These cops need to be visible to the criminals – let those punks know that the law is just around the corner. Please don’t waste our tax dollars with these speed traps. There’s enough traffic volume (and getting worse every day) and elderly on the road to keep the speeds down.

  3. Stan says:

    Unions built this country cover, so if it makes you feel better to belittle their membership because you can`t get a union job, feel free.
    I`ve noticed from a few of your other posts you seem to enjoy wearing your sour grapes on your sleeve, maybe you oughta change shirts,, after all, it is summertime.

  4. TcB says:

    The speed limit is settled law, if you go over the speed limit you are breaking the law. You can’t just steal “a little” from a bank and expect to get away with it. Why do you think that going 10-15 miles over the speed limit should be different. Could someone break into your house as long as they didn’t travel past the foyer? Could you hit your wife repeatedly as long as it was just in the foot? Stop complaining and drive your oversize pickups just a little bit slower.

  5. Dale says:

    I would appreciate it if the young squirts on this old geezer’s bumper would stop honking at me. I drive the speed limit but they give me the finger as they pass me!

  6. SD says:

    Dale – so true! If you’re doing the speed limit, inevitably someone will ride your tail. Geezer or not!

    Coverofnight – I appreciate your commentary, point of view and spunk…it keeps this blog lively.

    Stan – My mom was a business agent for the largest union in the world, and we didn’t see eye to eye. So no comment necessary.

    TcB – I’m in agreement.

    John – I see your point.. When it’s not an ongoing effort, but rather a two week time span, you’ve got to wonder what the true motive is.

  7. Chris says:

    Too bad there is not a crack down on failure to use turn signals. Wonder which causes more accidents – some doing 5 over on 509 or the the turn signal challenged. But, even at that, with the vandalism and break-ins on the upswing seems there is a better use of our tax dollars to stop this instead…..

    • Brian says:

      If the city of Burien were to loan me a radar gun and a camera I am certain I could snap at least 36 photos every hour of speeders along my street. The stretch of road between 99 and Des Moines memorial along S 116th is posted 25 mph. I borrowed a friends sports radar gun and clock folks at different times of the day over a two week period. The average speed was 37 mph. I recorded license plates make model and color turning this all into the King County Sheriff and was told to not do this as I am not an officer. So Burien if you want to get revenue I suggest you post an unmarked car along this route.

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