SLIDESHOW: Sights And Sounds From The Olde Burien Block Party

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The annual Olde Burien Block Party took place this past Saturday (July 17) under a beautiful, blue, summer sky. Things started off a little slow and quiet but it didn’t take long for the streets to fill up and the sounds of rock and roll to ring off the buildings.

The block party offered a little something for just about everyone this year. Businesses in Olde Burien were open and area restaurants were serving special deals.

Bands on the main stage were offering up a smörgåsbord of musical genres and in between there were sausage and ice cream eating contests, and even a fashion show sponsored by Howard & Marge.

Photographer Michael Brunk hung out in Olde Burien on Saturday and shot these photos. This slideshow is set to music by The Blame recorded live at the block party. Be sure to check your volume before clicking!

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4 Responses to “SLIDESHOW: Sights And Sounds From The Olde Burien Block Party”
  1. Theresa says:

    I want one of those “I’m With Blogger” shirts.

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    • Those particular photos were part of the fashion show sponsored by the Howard & Marge store in Olde Burien, so you can probably find one there. Or at least get information about it!

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      • Breck says:

        @Brunk: Thank you for putting those pictures into context, I thought those pics were a little odd 🙂 My wife and I were getting a good laugh at those…

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    • Now why would anyone want to openly admit they’re with a Blogger?