Dave Ross Hosts Our Candidates Forum TONIGHT & YOU Can Ask Questions!

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Tonight (Tuesday, July 20) is the night for The B-Town Blog Candidates Forum, featuring the contenders vying for Dow Constantine’s former seat on the King County Council, with a major portion of the evening devoted to questions from YOU, the county resident/voter.

It’ll start at 7pm and run to 8:45pm at the Highline School District’s E.R.A.C. Building, located at 15675 Ambaum Blvd. S.W. in Burien, across the street from Azteca Restaurant and just north of Hi-Line Lanes.

Moderator for the evening will be longtime local reporter and radio talk show host Dave Ross of KIRO-FM.

Questions from YOU, the concerned public, will be taken. There is no admission charge and anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.

The candidates are:

  • Tim Fahey, professional carpenter and South Park resident.
  • Diana Toledo, former King County employee.
  • Shawn McEvoy, former Normandy Park mayor and current Normandy Park city council member.
  • Joe McDermott, current 34th district state senator.

The primary is August 17. Mail-in ballots will be sent to voters later this month. The two candidates garnering the most votes advance to the general election in November.

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3 Responses to “Dave Ross Hosts Our Candidates Forum TONIGHT & YOU Can Ask Questions!”
  1. MPO says:

    What a great forum! All of the candidates seemed to do very well tonight, but I have to say that Diana Toledo stole the show.

    Every answer she gave was right on the money! She was spot on with information about the inner workings of King County and what needs to be changed. Her knowledge base was incredible. On top of that she was friendly, easy to like, seemed to get along well with the other candidates, and not afraid to laugh. She really did steal the show.

    What a great debate! I’m hoping the video hit’s youtube at some point. Spectacular!

  2. BurienResident says:

    Very nice to have a debate in my city.

    I was surprised how different Mr. McDermott was than the other candidates. He didn’t come off as having much passion for change, and instead seemed like a career politician. I have voted for Joe in the past as a Senator, but after he voted for overturning Initiative 960 he has lost my vote. The people have spoken, Joe has proven he doesn’t want to listen. I’m also very concerned about partisanship with Joe; he has burned bridges with Washington business organizations because of partisan politics in the past.

    I was impressed by Tim Fahey, he obviously has passion but he kept stressing how he has no experience as a differentiator… I think showing that weakness is a sign that he may not be able to negotiate well with the other council members. And while South Park is a symptom of a problem in our government, King County is a big place with many problems beyond South Park and White Center.

    Mr. McEvoy had good things to say, but his poor presentation (reading so much prepared) provided stark contrast in style to the other candidates. His nonpartisan experience was perhaps the most compelling.

    Diana Toledo certainly had supporters at the debate, but I noticed the audience as a whole definitely liked her and what she had to say. She spoke with credibility and respect, which is important for a role on a council with others. I believe she knows some areas where things need to be fixed, as opposed to the other ‘politicians’ who would rely upon audits and other people’s analysis.

    If the vote were held today, based solely on this debate, Miss Toledo would have my vote, followed by Mr. McEvoy, Mr. Fahey, and Mr. McDermott in that order.

    By the way, it was VERY frustrating that someone’s AT&T or T-Mobile phone was on and causing constant interference with the audio system. They should have asked all phones be turned off, at least those on AT&T and T-Mobile since they are the two companies whose technology causes that interference.

  3. Seahurster says:

    I would really like to see the video of this forum. Based on the written transript, Joe McDermott had seemingly fallen into the category of “career politician.” I have voted for him on more that one occasion, and I would say that it is doubtful that I’ll vote for him this go-around.

    His comments regarding labor agreements really shows who is paying for his election. While I’m more than labor friendly, unions have to realize that auto step increases have to be addressed, and contracts need to be re-opened. Yes, 10,000 public employees have lost there jobs, however even more private sector employees have lost theirs.

    Get it straight, the government exists to serve the public, not exist as a jobs creation program.

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