LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Reader’s Review Of Our Candidates Forum

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Candidates for the King County Council District 8 position; Diana Toledo, Shawn McEvoy, Joe McDermott, and Tim Fahey met for the first community forum of the primary cycle.

Sponsored by The B-Town Blog and moderated by KIRO radio talk show host Dave Ross, it provided spirited debate that was fast paced from start to finish, with the audience joining in to keep the candidates focused and honest.

When the Journalist Panel asked what specific program’s each candidate would target in order to address next year’s budget deficit, Joe McDermott quickly found out that the audience was there for answers, not political posturing. After attempting to deflect the question, McDermott attempted to pass the microphone to the next candidate; only to have an audience member shout out “You didn’t answer the question!” Moderator Dave Ross quickly chimed in, “Joe, would you like to answer the question?” To which Joe McDermott simply answered “No”.

The crowd was receptive as well, laughing along with several jokes made by Tim Fahey who seemed very comfortable admitting that he may not be the candidate with the most experience, but that he would be working for the people. Fahey went so far as to admit that the salary’s for council members is outrageous and that he’d gladly do the job for less than $100k a year, a $27k pay cut from what the council members currently make. Tim came across as the friend you can count on to be at your house on moving day, when everyone else oversleeps.

Shawn McEvoy was the obvious statesman in the group, coming across a very likeable, with a solid base of political experience to work from. McEvoy expressed the need to work together in a non-partisan way to get things done; offering his work history of Normandy Park Mayor and Council member to draw upon.

Joe McDermott touted his close working relationship with King County Executive Dow Constantine, and his work in the State Legislature.

The shining star of the night was undoubtedly Diana Toledo, who came across as containing all of the best qualities of the night’s candidates. Diana brought passion, humor, and a solid knowledge base that was fostered over 15 years of working internally for King County. Diana’s spot-on answers to each question regularly earned applause from the audience and at one point even inspired opponent Tim Fahey to recognize Toledo’s unique qualifications by saying “Diana Toledo obviously has the most experience of us all.”

The evening ended in spectacular form as well; with the final audience question coming in the form of a passionate plea from a gentleman introduced only as “Peter”. Peter read a list of names he said were residents whose lives had been damaged by the closing of the South Park Bridge; his anger seemingly directed at Joe McDermott, as he stated “Yes, I’m looking at you!”

The forum closed moments later, with each candidate giving a closing statement.

The next time the candidates meet will be on Vashon Island on July 30, 2010.

– Michael Owsley

Illustration of the July 20 Candidates Forum by Michael Owsley.

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Read our coverage of the forum here.

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31 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Reader’s Review Of Our Candidates Forum”
  1. District 8 says:

    I agree 100%, it was a great evening. The fact that Joe was unwilling to answer questions and be transparent and accountable during a local Q & A Forum speaks volumes about what would happen if he was elected. I am pretty sure that is what we are trying to fix at King County right…… It is time that we require change..my vote and support will go to Diana Toledo. Great job girl

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to see the video. Toledo sounds pretty good thus far, and Joe (very surprisingly) seems like the odd man out. Very wierd.

    What is he thinking, by not answering the questions. I just makes him look elusive and unprepared to answer the tough questions.

    Like I’ve mentioned before, Joe has MANY endorsements already. Many of them from labor and from the D’s. It’ll be tough to beat him. However if he keeps dodging questions, he can be beat. It’ll take lots of door belling and phone calls though.

  3. T.M. Sell says:

    I have to disagree. Joe McDermott did answer my question about what would be cut from the budget, which I noted out loud at the forum. Joe noted that the new council member would be only one of nine and that it is difficult to say what one would really cut if given the choice — everything in that budget it something that somebody wants. Diana Toledo, on the other hand, did not answer the question, saying only that since nobody else answered the question, she didn’t have to, other than a vague reference to managers she doesn’t like. Everybody else did answer the question. McEvoy’s answer was similar to McDermott’s — you can’t say that without working through the council. Mr. Fahey said he would cut the Department of Transportation, except, apparently for the parts he didn’t want to cut. What you say as McDermott’s unwillingness to answer questions struck me as somebody whose answers displayed an understand of the actual process of government — you need five votes on a council of nine people to get something done, and everybody in each district thinks their priorities are the most important. There’s no magic wand to be waved to fix everything, and candidates who are in effect saying that are mistaken.

  4. Lee says:

    I think it is important that the video be posted. The partial audio is not fair to the candidates as it is incomplete.

    The exchange that is mentioned between Joe not answering and TM’s comments are also decieving, which makes me question if he is in fact non-biased or if he has a dog in this race.

    It is true that Joe would not give specifics, when the audience member and the moderator gave him another chance, he did in fact say no. Now, TM leaves off the point that Diana was obviously joking when she said that since the two prior candidates (McDermott and McEvoy) refused to give specifics, why would she lose votes by giving an answer. His was met with applause and laughter by the audience. She then went on to explain that the upper management was bloated with unqualified political appointees while the front line people are being cut. She went on to say that many of these positions should be looked at.

    I encourage the posting of the forum so that the people can judge for themselves. But I think anyone coming into that event with an open mind left with the intent of voting for Diana Toledo.

  5. The M says:

    the fact of the matter is that there were several occasions when Joe’s answers were fuzzy, incomplete or just off the mark. A prime example is when the candidates were asked about the Metro budget, to which everyone seemed to have a satisfactory answer.
    But the following question of “how do you help small businesses” is what had me scratching my head. Joe’s was put on the spot because he was first to answer. And his only answer was that “we need transportation,” moments later he said “shipping”. I thought to myself, is he still on the last question about metro? Transport what? When businesses are shutting town right and left what are you tranporting?
    Now, there has been a lot of talk about Toledo. Guess what? She flat out won the debate. Tim Fahey had a few all star moments, and McEvoy always looks and sounds good, but that night was Toledo’s all the way.

  6. Artist says:

    It is a little concerning that the Journalist who sat on the panel is now chiming in to “paraphrase” for the candidate, letting us know “what Joe McDermott really meant, and why it makes sense.” As Professor Sell is currently teaching Journalism classes at Highline CC I am suprised that he would choose to inject himself into this convesation in such a role.

    Shouldn’t the candidates words speak for themselves?

    I did a little research on Professor Sell. Here is a comment made from one of his students from the “rate my teacher” page of Highlines web-site a few weeks:


    This guy is way too opinionated to be a good teacher. he is a smart ass and doesn’t care about learning the topics of he class but rather learning what he feels. He may be ok for Journalism, bot for Pol Sci he is a smart-a!! waste of time. I recommend avoiding.
    Rating: Poor Quality

    • While we endeavor to allow debate to occur here on the B-Town Blog, it’s important to note that “Artist” here has close ties to the Toledo campaign. We’re not going to out this person but consider this a reminder that when dealing with anonymous posts, you need to keep in mind that there is often a bias involved.

      You can follow the link Artist provided to draw your own opinion about Dr. Sell’s ratings as a professor at Highline Community College.

    • T.M. Sell says:

      @Artist: What, I can’t have an opinion? I was there as a questioner, not a journalist. And paraphrasing people is part of what journalists do, by the way. The initial post about the forum paraphrases quite a bit of what Ms. Toledo said. If you didn’t like what Sen. McDermott said, fine. You don’t have to agree. But, apparently, somehow it’s OK for someone to post how they didn’t like what he said, but someone who does? How dare they!
      Funny, you didn’t post any of the comments from Rate My Professor from students who like my teaching. The most negative comments, by the way, came from people from South Carolina who didn’t like what I said about Boeing putting a plant there. I know because they sent the same comments to me.
      I don’t hide my opinions from anyone, least of all my students. But I tell them up front: You don’t have to agree with me, and that’s not what I grade on anyway.

  7. Josh says:

    Wow! This T.M. Sell guy is a professor of Journalism and doesnt understand the difference between a objective writer paraphrasing and what he did?

    @T.M. Sir, you originated the question, and it appears that when the answers wasn’t polished enough, you stepped in to make it appear more complete than it was. That is the difference. Your actions have made it appear that you are working with Mr. McDermott in order to present his performance as better than it was. Had you not been the journalist who posed the question then yes, paraphrasing each of the candidates answers would have been fine.

    In retrospect, don’t you think you owe the candidates and the B-Town readers and apology?

    @Mark. If you are going to make inuendo’s or accusations you should give the complete information. It is not fair for you to allude to something and then leave it to the readers imagination to whom you are refering to. Please either remove the original comment, remove your comment, or shed some light into what you are talking about.

  8. Josh says:

    Correction –

    Last comment directed at Michael not Mark. I had just noticed the Mark Restaurant on your site so I’m sure you know how that goes. http://www.markrestaurant.com/

    But Michael my point stands about revealing or removing.

    • @Josh: I didn’t allude to anything, I stated clearly that the person posting as “Artist” has close ties to the Toledo campaign. The same person posted a comment using the pseudonym “Lee” and coincidently, he’s posting from the Seattle Public Library the same as you. He’s also using e-mail addresses that are easily traced back to a specific individual.

      If you want the details about how I traced all this I’d be happy to do a complete post analyzing how one tracks a person down online but I will have to reveal e-mail addresses and identities.

      Draw your own conclusions but to me it looks like an organized hatchet job by members of the Toledo campaign against Joe McDermott.

      The sad part is I think Diana did an outstanding job at the Candidates Forum, I even spoke to “Lee/Artist” in the parking lot after the forum expressing my opinion. There really isn’t a need to resort to these posts to make her look better.

  9. MPO says:

    A lot of back and forth, it sounds like the media is really going all out to protect this guy. Look, he didn’t answer a question and when the moderator gave a second chance he said he didn’t want it. Let it go. A panelist, L.M. Sell paraphrasing and the photographer saying there is a hatched job going on, it only makes it look more and more like you are protecting him.

    Post the video and let people decide for themselves. Sheeesh!

    • Let me clear up one point for you MPO, I’m not protecting McDermott. I actually disagree with T.M. on this, I don’t think Joe did all that well at the forum and I thought Diana out-performed him. But that’s just my opinion.

      My issue is people posting comments on the blog pretending to be just average citizens expressing an opinion, when they’re actually working with one of the campaigns. I’m not naive, I know that sort of thing happens all the time. I just wanted to be sure our readers understood that the comments represent an active campaign to sway opinion using false identities, and not random comments from members of the community.

      Both T.M. and myself are posting using our real identities. You can look us up, track us down, and decide for yourself whether our opinions hold weight. Our readers can meet us in the flesh, even have coffee with us if they want to. You can’t do that with commentors who are deliberately trying to obscure their identities.

  10. MPO says:

    I think this can all be cleared up fairly easily. Visit the official B-Town Forum page at http://www.b-townblog.com/2010/07/21/king-co-council-candidates-show-differences-at-lively-b-town-blog-forum/ and listen to the audio for yourself.

    The question & answer from McDermott and Toledo begin at 45:00 on the clock and end around 50:00.

    Easy solution right?

    • Absolutely, I agree… folks can go listen to the audio and form their own opinion about how T.M.’s question was answered or not answered.

      Now if you’d kindly let “Lee/Artist” know that we’d appreciate it if he’d stick with one identity and maybe even let people know about his relationship with the Toledo campaign so they can have an informed opinion about *his* comments too, I’d be happy to let this thread meander on without my further input.

      • Robin says:

        I’m just curious – other than an email address, which anyone can enter as anything, do you have any other proof that Lee/Artist is the person you say? Also, anyone can go to the library and use the computers there, right? Did you add that comment to Josh just to show that you can out him, too, if you see fit?

        Do you work for the Burien Blog? Is it the Blog’s policy to ‘out’ people as they see fit?

        I’m not connected with any campaign and still don’t know who I’m voting for; I’m just concerned that the B-town Blog, which uses the phrase “Speak your mind” and states that one’s email will not be published, is giving people a false sense of privacy.

        Unless it’s Toledo herself (or any other candidate) posting under a pseudonym, I really don’t care who posts what. I’m a grown-up and can sort it out myself. In this Internet (blog) age, people post opinions. Someone on her (or any other) campaign is entitled to an opinion. If anonymity is not allowed then you should really say so up front.

        You’ve greatly dampened my enthusiasm for this blog.

        • Anthony says:

          I agree with Robin. I look to this as a little insight of what people are thinking… Of course there are going to be alot of biased opinions. So it is up to us to figure it out.

  11. BurienResident says:

    King County desperately needs leadership, not business as usual. In the days since the forum, I’ve thought more and more about what I’ve seen and I’m convinced that this position needs fresh blood, not career politicians trying to follow a career path. The council needs innovation, and it needs to partner with businesses in the county for solutions to problems and ultimately funding. Without growing businesses, there is nowhere to get additional revenue from.

    It’s pretty easy to see where the established politician McDermott sits; look at his voting record and how he’s voted a partisan party line. Like many state democrats, he has been hostile to local businesses. And despite his constituents telling him THREE TIMES how we want new taxes proposed, he voted against our initiative. That’s not the sort of leadership I’m speaking about. This is coming from someone who’s voted for Joe several times in the past.

    Despite whatever has happened in terms of blog posts here, Ms. Toledo had good things to say at the event, and came out very strong from this forum. I look forward to more events in the future so we can really find out the differences between the three nonpartisan candidates. I’d like to see these new candidates really challenge those candidates with previous experience and take them to the mat for their past public decisions.

  12. Chris says:

    @Michael Brunk: Why are you even talking about peoples emails, and where they’re traced backed to, along with “…not going to out this person…”?!?! All that does is give the impression that you’re monitoring who makes posts and where they come from. You made the point of mentioning the “Artist” and “Lee” are in fact the same person.

    So what?

    As someone who is intimately involved with the BTB, you should probably refrain from engaging in a discussion like this one–even if you fell compelled to set the record straight about who is or isn’t posting multiple posts under different names.

    I’ve run into this before on blog and forums, where moderators alter, delete or chime in about posts/topic, when they don’t agree with what other posters are saying.

    If someone mentions something directly about the BTB, then by all means enter in to the discussion. Beyond that though, I would suggest that you remain tacet.

  13. A last comment from me in this thread and then I will take the advice several of you have offered and bow out.

    I apologize if I’ve given anyone the impression that we make a practice of monitoring who posts, 99% of the time we don’t at all. I stepped in this time because of the original post by Artist attacking T.M. Sell in a way that I personally felt crossed a line. It was that post that made me even look at who was posting and at that time I discovered that it was an active campaign on the part of 2-3 people making posts after our Candidates Forum. I felt it important to let people know that it was a organized tactic, and not members of our community expressing their actual opinions.

    I’m still not convinced my motivation was wrong but I do believe I should have refrained from any follow up comments after my initial post. I apologize if anyone feels attacked or intimidated by my comments.

    And no, neither Scott nor anyone else asked me to post this. After reading the last few comments I feel that Robin, Anthony and Chris made good, reasonable points and I wanted to acknowledge them before going silent on this issue.


    Updated to add: If you’ve got a comment for me that you’d like a reply to, you are more than welcome to contact me at [email protected]

  14. Voter says:

    Point of clarification: “..not members of our community expressing their actual opinions.”

    Aren’t candidate supporters considered members of the community? Aren’t all District 8 voters members of the community? Why would their opinions not be “actual”?

    Just curious.

  15. Chris says:

    Thank you Michael. I appreciate your response.


  16. Robin says:

    Michael, I appreciate the response, too.

    Unfortunately, I think it will be tough to un-ring the bell. Most of the people who comment here choose to do it on a first-name or pseudonym basis (myself included). Right or wrong, that is the nature of today’s blogs and really, that’s what makes them interesting. Where would this blog be without your regulars – RainyCity, Coverofnight, etc? I don’t always agree with them (sometimes rarely), but it’s interesting to read what they have to say. Sometimes their ideas stick in my head, even, for later pondering; ideas from a conversation I probably wouldn’t have otherwise had.

    Now we all know you are watching (whether you admit it or not) and taking names. I have a vision of you all in the B-Town blog office with a google map saying “yeah, this guy lives over on 128th and 4th.” And yet you’re saying “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” But, if you disagree with our motives, now we know you reserve the right to ‘out’ us. And by the way, yes, you outed someone even though you said you wouldn’t. You gave enough details, “close to the campaign” ,”I spoke with them in the parking lot after”, that I’m sure some people can connect the dots.

    I’m curious what the Blog’s official stance is on this?

  17. Robin says:

    Here – I found the answer to my own question from the B-Town Blog’s Terms of Use:

    “The only instances where we collect email addresses is when a visitor “opts-in” to our Newsletter, and in these instances, this information is used only for newsletter emailings.”

    Are you collecting email addresses for other purposes?

    • Let me set the record straight with the “official” B-Town Blog response to this thread:

      1. We do NOT collect email addresses, and we never have/never will, other than from folks who Opt-in to our Newsletter, which we no longer send out due to time/resource constraints. How/why you infer and imply that we do does not compute with me.

      2. The only reason Michael Brunk started commenting in the first place is because, almost immediately after our first story on the Candidates Forum was posted, we received numerous, similar Comments from the same IP address. All these Comments implied that one candidate was the “shining star” and/or winner of the forum. If you’ve ever run a blog and you’ve approved Comments, maybe you can relate – imagine having to approve several similar messages one after the other, all coming from the same IP address. Wouldn’t you be curious as to what’s going on? It looked to us (and I still stand by this) that it was an orchestrated attempt from members of one candidate’s camp to “prime the pump” and give their person’s name a favorable review online. I actually find this strategy impressive, and you’ll notice that we never censored or deleted any of those Comments – we just pointed out that perhaps they weren’t all unrelated or coincidental.

      3. We’re humans too, please remember that. We make mistakes, typos, grammatical errors, have bad hair, eat the wrong foods, burp at inappropriate times, and yes, we even occasionally (often?) use bad judgment! Please forgive us our humanity – we work hard to keep this blog relevant, and it’s actually a LOT of work. Perhaps we shouldn’t have called anyone’s attention to this Commenting Campaign in the first place? I thought it added an interesting note to this story. I honestly never thought it would turn into some kind of conspiracy-laden, accusatory flame war, and for that I am sorry. Heck, at least we’re not Mel Gibson, huh?

      4. We will continue to allow Commenters to use pseudonyms or whatever fake names they want. Nothing will change.

      5. Michael Brunk is one of the most honest, talented, hardworking humans I’ve ever worked with in my life, and everyone should be aware of this. He has no agenda folks, other than helping build an excellent website with his outstanding tech skills. Forgive him and let’s please move on…

      Scott Schaefer
      [email protected]

  18. Wow says:

    Thank you Robin for standing up for the rest of us.

    Very good points and things to think about before participating in future threads.

    Also Chris, thank you for standing as well.

  19. Ralph Nichols says:

    A lot has been written here in the wake of this week’s B-Town Blog forum for the candidates for King County Council District 8 seat. In some instances, certain statements and responses have created a tempest in a teapot.

    Yet within the context of political campaigns, even at the local level, it was and remains a mini-tempest. It should not be blown out of proportion and now it’s time to refocus on the four candidates’ campaigns leading up to the Aug. 17 primary election.

    That said, I do have a few observations that seem relevant still, concluding with the two candidates at the center of this mini-tempest. (I was one of three members of the panel who questioned them.)

    • Scott Schaefer and Michael Brunk are two of the best professionals I’ve worked with, anytime and anywhere. Without qualification, they are committed to the integrity of these blog sites. I am confident that their recent posts of explanation will put concerned bloggers at ease.

    • As a news editor in the Highline area (2000-2008) I had several former students of T.M. Sell work for me as editorial assistants and freelance reporters. Without exception, each spoke well of Dr. Sell – and several returned to seek his advice from time to time.

    • For the record, I had never met Dr. Sell until last Tuesday night, and had talked with him by phone only once or twice, several years ago. It is also safe to state, without fear of contradiction, that Dr. Sell and I – positioned on opposite sides of the political spectrum – will have, or would have had, a meeting of the minds on most public policy issues.

    • It is a diversity of viewpoints – too often lacking in national candidate debates with panelists selected only from the Mainstream Media – that expands the range of questions asked and ideas expressed in response, and adds credibility to a candidate forum like this.

    • Looking back my story on this forum for B-Town Blog, I believe the following question is the one asked by Dr. Sell that has created many of these comments: “Citizens want all of the services government can provide for free. So what services should be cut?”

    I used in the story most of what I had recorded in my notes. (Remember, I am a journalist, not a recording secretary!) Here is what I reported Joe McDermott and Diana Toledo each said:
    McDermott – “The easy things to take out have been picked off a long time ago. We need to look at what government no longer needs to do.”

    Toledo – The county needs “to seek out more private partnerships … I have seen individuals collecting six-figure salaries, not because of what they know but who they know. We spend millions of dollars on audits and when the problems are not fixed a couple of years later, we ask for more audits … we need to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.”

    If this is the exchange at issue, then I disagree with those who suggest Mr. McDermott answered the question fully. To the contrary, his answer upon re-reading my notes seems to fall short of satisfying those who wanted to hear more particulars from him.

    On the other hand, after her initial quip, Ms. Toledo proceeded to offer two points for consideration, which sound spot-on to citizens who have been critical of bloated bureaucracies with salaries sometimes well above those in the private sector at all levels of government.

    • For the record, I had never met or otherwise spoken with Ms. Toledo until after Tuesday night’s forum. In fact, I had only skimmed the story of her entry into the race – not written by me – when it first posted, knew nothing else about her, and had paid no attention to the District 8 contest since then.

    • Last, but definitely not least, as we now refocus on the race for the District 8 County Council seat, a dynamic element to this contest – a rarity in this area – is in play, one which has until now escaped public attention and made no headlines.

    “Joe noted that the new council member would be only one of nine,” Dr. Sell wrote in a post above. Both are correct – as far as they go. But both stop short of the reality that underscores this race. The election of that “new council member” has the potential to change the balance of the King County Council.

    And based on what one can infer from Ms. Toledo’s answers on Tuesday, she is the candidate who holds that potential. Should Ms. Toledo win the primary and general elections – essentially replacing now-King County Executive Dow Constantine – she likely would align herself with the present four minority members on the council.

    This would create a new majority on the King County Council and with it a major political shift – the first in more than a decade. That possibility alone should make this race the most-watched primary contest in King County next month.

  20. Thank you all for the spirited discussion. Sorry this is the first chance I have had to chime in. First and foremost, I would like to thank the B-Town Blog for hosting the first candidate forum and the involvement of all four candidates. Additionally, it was an honor for Dave Ross to come in on his vacation.

    I was excited to meet many supporters for the first time at the forum. They are excited to see new leadership and ready for responsible reform in King County government. This is truly a grassroots campaign and it is exciting watching it “began to sprout.”

    I am running for King County Council against career established politicians to bring real reform to the government and community that I love. I have dedicated over 15 years of my life to bring real changes and accountability to the various regulatory licensing and Animal Cruelty programs I had responsibility for. With so much grass root support, we began this campaign to bring awareness to the real problems facing King County and the need for “Responsible Reform”.

    Since the forum, I realize now more than ever that King County really needs me. We cannot continue to ignore the significant problems faced at King County regarding the lack of accountability and gross waste of our tax dollars. If we continue on with “politics as usual” and elect the guy who’s next in line, you will see no changes. Checks and balances exist in our 3 branches for a reason.

    I encourage the blog to post the video so you can form your own opinions.

    I’m looking forward to the next forum or perhaps a debate?


    Diana Toledo

    • Coverofnight says:

      “If we continue on with “politics as usual” and elect the guy who’s next in line, you will see no changes.” Right on, Diana!

      Finally, after all the petty arguing going on regarding this review, I can follow Diana’s comment with my long-awaited advice regarding these candidates.

      McDermott and McEvoy never met a tax they didn’t like – forget these guys.

      Fahey’s heart might be in the right place to work hard for the citizens, he is an admitted union guy (and most readers know how I feel about unions!) and I believe he would side with them every time – so I gotta say (sorry Tim) forget this guy, too.

      That leaves Diana…..I just pray that she’s not giving us a similar snake-oil sales pitch that we got from Obama; that she’s sincere about her frustration with the waste in local government and her desire to eliminate it.

      Diana, please don’t let me down – or these other readers won’t let me hear the end of it!

      • Ian Gunsul says:

        I know McDermott’s record on taxes, but besides McEvoy’s public stance on the tax for sheriff, prosecutor and jail services, please post his views/record on the implementation of other taxes.

  21. DavidM says:

    @coverofnight — I know that on a previous post you knocked the idea of doing anything proactive and feel it should be left up to the individual or business. I hope you’re not terribly disappointed to learn that Diana seems to be for developing proactive means of curbing crime. I’m glad to see her position makes a bit more sense than your reactive approach. It’s the old mechanics phrase — you can pay me now or you can pay me later. We are all learning that “later” costs a lot more.

    This is direct from her website: “Working as a youth advocate gave me great insight into the development of programs that will help reduce crime and make Seattle streets safer through youth outreach, cross-cultural communication, mentoring, and education; focusing on gang prevention, youth homelessness, and graffiti elimination.”

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