SLIDESHOW: Workers Use Green Tech To “Recycle” White Center House

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Got Green and the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) did a demo of their plans to “recycle” an abandoned house Wednesday morning (July 21) in White Center, with 14 participants ranging in age from 19 to 55.

This project utilizes federal stimulus dollars provided through a Dept. of Labor “Pathways Out of Poverty” training grant to prepare low income communities for livable wage jobs in Green Construction industries.

Got Green is also preparing graduates to become ambassadors for home weatherization and other solutions to climate change in their own communities.

The house used for training is scheduled for demolition on the future site of the Strength of Place Initiative (SOPI) Village affordable housing development. Program graduates (all low-income workers of color) hope to provide weatherization services to Seattle area homeowners and small businesses under the “Weatherize Every Building” project being launched by the City of Seattle this fall.

Got Green (a local grassroots organization that promotes Green Jobs, Energy Efficiency, and Racial Justice) is organizing this Home Weatherization training to promote the movement for Green Collar Jobs as the best way to fight poverty and global warming at the same time. Got Green is Seattle’s home-grown branch of the national movement for equity and opportunity in the new Green Economy.

More info on Got Green is available here.

Photographer Francis Zera was there to capture the following Photo Slideshow:

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3 Responses to “SLIDESHOW: Workers Use Green Tech To “Recycle” White Center House”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    This looks like a good program, however:

    “Got Green (a local grassroots organization that promotes Green Jobs, Energy Efficiency, and Racial Justice)…”

    What’s with this Racial Justice crap? Energy conservation and environmental awareness knows no ethnicity, religion, etc. We’ve got a President of color now; I’m done with this racial guilt that liberals keep trying to push on America. But I guess that’s all they have as every other program they’ve implemented is keeping our economy in the toilet!

    Recycling of construction demolition materials….wonderful idea; it’s been around for years, though – way before Obama.

  2. Stan says:

    I`m with coverup on this one,, what`s with the people of color statement on their flyer?
    Good thing there are`nt any poor white folk. They might need a job or someway to make and income themselves then.
    The racial guilt will never end, not in our lifetimes anyways, or as long as that naacp or whatever it is is still around promoting racism at it`s every opportunity.
    But lets not go there,, I have too much of a biased opinion on them and don`t really want to get started

  3. Lee Moyer says:

    Relax a bit C O N and Stan,
    I think it was an unfortunate use of words. If you view the slides, read the poster and check out the web site you can see that the program is not limited to people of color.

    But what is GREEN about putting that effort and those resources into a house that will be torn down. It is a waste when the training could be done on houses that will be used. Working on a house that is inhabited would also be more realistic for much of the potential retrofit.

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