Another Burien Business Burglarized – And This Time, A Puppy Is Stolen

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According to the King County Sheriff’s Department, a 10-week old puppy was stolen in a burglary of a Burien pet store early Thursday morning (July 29).

The break-in occurred just after 4am at A Place for Pets, located at 431 SW 152 Street in downtown Burien.

The stolen puppy is a female Scottish Terrier, which was removed from her kennel by the suspect.

Nothing else was missing from the store.

Deputies on routine patrol heard the store’s burglar alarm go off around 4:12am, then tracked it to the locationg and found the rear door in the alley open. Further investigation revealed the burglar probably got into the store by removing an air conditioner unit from a rear window.

The owner of the pet store was called and confirmed that the puppy, valued at $745, was indeed missing.

If anyone sees the missing puppy or knows who took her, they are asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311 (24 hours) or 9-1-1.

Here’s a photo of the missing pup:

Have you seen this puppy? If so, please call the King County Sheriff's Office at (206) 296-3311 (24 hours) or 9-1-1.


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6 Responses to “Another Burien Business Burglarized – And This Time, A Puppy Is Stolen”
  1. Julie Dosono says:

    Puppy may have a better home now than sitting in a crate at a pet store.I don’t support puppy mill puppy’s sold at a place for pets.I just hope the poor puppy got a good home.They should outlaw puppies sold at pet shops.Maybe it was not stolen maybe it was freed.Just my opinion.

  2. David says:

    Someone who is willing to break into private property is unfit to care for a living creature. Most likely they will sell the animal for ill gotten gain. Either way, they are a thief.

    A Place for Pets is a good shop with decent people that own it. They legitimately purchase their animals from breeders. Unless you know specifically that the dog is from a mill, I wouldn’t bother to assume you know the truth.

  3. Coverofnight says:

    Cameras, people…..surveillance cameras. Then the public can help identify these criminals.

  4. Marianne says:

    Puppy mill or breeder-both are irresponsible and contribute to pet over population. Shame on A Place For Pets for purchasing from either. Shame on customers who buy these animals. Shame on the thief. A Place For Pets and its customers should support the many rescues working on finding homes for homeless animals.

  5. Stan says:

    I would be willing to bet it`s the same scum that are doing this crap to the burien business`, and I have a feeling the police already know them well, they just need a pic of their scumbag mugs.

  6. Protectthevoiceless says:

    Describe “legitimate breeders” please. No RESPECTABLE, RESPONSIBLE breeder EVER sells to a petstore. The AKC will dismiss and breeder who does. Ever noticed that the only registries the pet stores can acquire papers are the UKC and CKC (Continental-NOT Canadian) These “registries” are NOT able to show, are NOT accredited, and their pups are NOT clear of genetic defect. They breed dogs with bad joints (patella issues) over/underbites, deformations, and worse- Neurological and Internal Organ damages/disorders. I can tell you from experience that these puppies are NOT healthy, NOT socialized, and treated like MERCHANDISE, not living creatures. They are ridden with parasites, some even transmittable to humans! (Giarrdia, Coccidia…) So make sure you sanitize yourself and don’t touch your other animals if they aren’t vaccinated! And NO breeder who actually cares about the puppies their dogs produce would EVER sell without knowing where the pups were going personally. Here’s the TRUTH: ALL puppies in pet stores ARE from mills/illegitimate “kennels”, many from the Midwestern States. The pet stores do NOT get them directly from the “breeders” themselves. They hire a “PUPPY BROKER” who they then give weekly orders depending on what the “hot sellers” are, and the BROKER picks the pups out via internet/phone, sight-unseen, and has them shipped to THEM. Then the puppies are FLOWN to the airport in dirty kennels, left until claimed, hauled into a van, and brought to yet ANOTHER cage. Now even skipping shipment to broker and having the broker express ship directly to said store, that 3 TRAUMATIZING trips in all. Then they are stuck behind glass, walk around in their urine and feces, become disocialized, contract possibly MORE illnesses, and wait. Then yet ANOTHER trip home! SOunds like a good, caring, quality start to life huh? And the Pet Store CARES?! Riiiiiiiiiiight.

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