Killer Of Burien Woman Loses Stay Of Execution, Could Die In September

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The state Supreme Court has lifted a stay of execution for Cal Coburn Brown, who was convicted of torturing and killing Holly Washa, 22, a Burien woman, in 1991.

He could be executed as early as September for Washa’s murder.

The court unanimously ruled Thursday (July 29) that Brown’s claims that the state’s execution process is unconstitutional was invalid because of a recent change made by the state Department of Corrections.

Brown carjacked Washa, then held her against her will for two days in a SeaTac motel, raping and torturing her before slashing her throat and leaving her body in the trunk of her car.

Brown was scheduled to be put down March 13th at the state Penitentiary at Walla Walla, but Washington State Supreme Court judges voted 5-4 to grant his 11th-hour appeal against the state’s lethal injection system.

If Brown’s execution happens, he will be the first King County prisoner put to death since 1993, with the state of Washington reinstated the death penalty.


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5 Responses to “Killer Of Burien Woman Loses Stay Of Execution, Could Die In September”
  1. Stan says:

    Good, nothing worse than a coward who can take a life then pleads for his own, just too bad he`s been kept alive this long,, And if you are wondering could I pull the switch on him,, absolutely with no remorse.

  2. TcB says:

    Wait, I can’t find evidence that he was from Burien! She was from Burien but was he? These headlines tend to get picked up and read just for themselves you know. If he wasn’t from Burien then the headline shouldn’t be “Burien Killer”. It should be “[hometown] or [location of crime] killer”.

  3. Frank says:

    So, two murders make everything right. What horrible, backward people

  4. Just another horrible person says:

    Only one murder Frank, the other is called justice, and it`s been to long in coming.
    Maybe you feel they should just let him out (so maybe he could do the same to a member of your family or mine?) as opposed to keeping him incarcerated the rest of his life at the taxpayers expense,, I say shoot him..The sooner the better,,
    Bleeding hearts need to move somewhere where they don`t have capital punishment
    if they feel that justifiable execution is murder.
    Would you feel the same way if it was your daughter? Maybe you could go visit him and tell him of your empathy, then go to the dead girls home and tell them how you feel, just make sure they aren`t armed..

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