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UPDATE: Puppy Stolen From Burien Pet Store Found Safe Sunday Morning

The King County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that the 10-week old Scottish Terrier puppy that was stolen in the burglary of a Burien pet store on Thursday, July 29th (read our first report here [1]), was found Sunday morning, Aug. 1st.

As we first reported Thursday [1], deputies on routine patrol heard the pet store’s burglar alarm go off around 4:12am that morning, then tracked it to “A Place For Pets” (431 SW 152 Street) and found the rear door in the alley open. Further investigation revealed the burglar probably got into the store by removing an air conditioner unit from a rear window, before stealing just the puppy, which was valued at $745.

According to Sgt. John Urquhart, on Sunday morning (Aug. 1) Sheriff’s deputies went to a 911 call in Burien to speak with a 17 year-old female victim of a harassment and minor assault, neither of which she wanted prosecuted. However the victim did mention that the female suspect in the assault, also 17, and her 17-year old boyfriend had a stolen dog that she saw in news reports.

Deputies then went to the Burien apartment where the two puppynappers (both 17) were staying. The stolen pup was found, “in generally good health, although she could use some doggy charcoal breath mints,” according to Urquhart.

The two suspects told officers a story about how they acquired the dog that, according to police, “no one in their right mind would believe.”

There have been no arrests so far.

The puppy was returned to “A Place For Pets” in downtown Burien and reunited with all her furry friends, and, Urquhart adds: “there was not a dry eye in the house.”

The once-stolen puppy has been safely returned to Burien's "A Place for Pets."

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