B-Town Burgers Victim Of Crime Again; This Time Back Door Smashed

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Hit once before on July 15th, B-Town Burgers and Shakes, located in Olde Burien, was the victim of another crime, this time having their back door smashed late Sunday night, Aug. 1st.

No money was taken this time, though the glass-plate back door was totally smashed and had to be replaced. The vandalism didn’t stop or hinder lunch business Monday.

According to their Facebook Page, this crime may cause them to cut back the hours of employees to pay for the damages:

Frustrated at being vandalized again. Angry cause now we have to cut hours of our hardworking crew who are trying to make money for school.

And later:

Thanks for the support. Broke the backdoor this time.. No cash was left so just vandalized the place…. Knocked down but not out… So up and running and doing what we do best.


Kari Binner: Time for security cams and signs stating you have them? Sadly…

B-Town Burgers & Shakes: All the security and cams have not helped…. Just have to move on….

“Like any criminal, this person will be caught,” said Paul Nelson, owner. “He’s caused a lot of damage throughout Burien, for very little money – so far, he’s done over $900 worth of damage to us for around $150 in cash.”

No word yet on whether this crime is related to the recent “smash and grab” spree we first reported July 22nd.

Bijan Nikzad of Atlas Glass shows the shattered back door of B-Town Burgers and Shakes that he replaced on Monday, Aug. 2nd.

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11 Responses to “B-Town Burgers Victim Of Crime Again; This Time Back Door Smashed”
  1. Bonnie says:

    B-Town Burgers is a wonderful place to eat and the owner and folks who work there are wonderful people. This idiot needs to be caught!!!

    B-Town Burgers, please do not give up on the town of Burien!!!!

  2. Kari B says:

    Well hello ME in this story, lol…

    We LOVE this place. To those who haven’t gone, DO!

  3. TcB says:

    twice. Someone is targeting this business. This isn’t random.

  4. Jack says:

    My neighbor in Seahurst just had his blower and weedeater stolen at 5AM last night. The car backed down his driveway and they helped themselves, so beware and lock up.

  5. Chris says:

    I think they need to invest in an IP camera set, so that they can monitor their business AND be able to capture the perps in the act (if there is a next time).

    • Coverofnight says:

      I agree….this community wants to help catch these punks. Having some pics/images of them would be very helpful if the cops can’t be in the area when they’re prowling. Remember, people love to talk – if there was a pic, I know the tips would come flowing in to the police. Maybe the building owner(s) should consider installing cameras outside of the premises to help too, rather than leaving it entirely up to the tenants.

  6. CoverOfLight says:

    I read in the West Seattle Blog that there’s been a rash of smash-and-grab burglaries targeting businesses there, too, … sounds like it could be the same folks.

    Ah, for the good old days when we had beat cops who actually patrolled set areas, … too bad the powers-that-be think it’s too quaint of an idea to be useful. Having even one extra police car cruising around town seems like it’d be a great deterrent to such crimes.

  7. James says:

    To those who might be interested, you can make a really inexpensive camera monitoring setup. (Or at least I have a plan for one.) All it takes is three things:

    1. IR camera
    get this from Amazon or similar for about 100 bucks with long coax cable.

    2. Old, used Series 1 or 2 Tivo
    get this from Craigslist for about 50 bucks or so without the subscription

    3. old TV
    get this from Goodwill or similar for 10 bucks

    Just plug the camera into the Tivo and set the Tivo to record that channel for 12 hours at a time. Tivos can generally record about 30 hours of programming so it will record a couple days worth. It will also just automatically delete the oldest 12 hours as it records the new one. You can even set it just to record at night or whatever.

    No tapes needed, no $1,000 digital recording setups, nothing.

    Then if you come into work in the morning and find damage, you have the recording from last night right on the Tivo. Just use the Tivo remote to rewind and see what you can on the little TV.

    I guess you would need two Tivos if you have two cameras, but only one TV. I have not actually tried this, but I am reasonably sure it will work. If a business in Burien would like to try to put this together I would be happy to help them source the stuff and get it hooked up. Just respond to this comment and we’ll go from there. (Not for money, just trying to help.)

    • Coverofnight says:

      Sounds like a great idea, James. You should consider putting this up on the Instructables website with pictures and instructions. I bet others would find it valuable, too.

  8. James says:

    I think I’m going to put it together for my house. Mainly just to make sure it works. (I already have a Tivo and a TV.) Then if there are any details I haven’t thought of I will include that on any build posts about it.

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