Welcome Orphan Relief & Rescue To Burien At Their Open House Sept. 1st

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Orphan Relief and Rescue is a non-profit that’s moving its offices from Texas to Burien, and they’re holding an Open House on Wednesday, Sept. 1st, from 4pm – 8pm.

It’s open to the public, everyone is invited, and it’s happening at their new headquarters at 15003 14th Avenue SW.

Orphan Relief and Rescue invites you to an Open House as we celebrate our move to Burien, Washington. Orphan Relief and Rescue’s mission is to be a Voice With Action for the children in West Africa that no one else will help. We have been in existence for three and half years and are currently helping 22 orphanages in Liberia and Benin, with a vision to expand throughout Africa.

Please come and enjoy a time of fellowship, fun, friends and food! We are excited to be a part of the greater Seattle community and look forward to meeting you!

WHAT: Orphan Relief and Rescue Open House.

WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 1st, 4pm – 8pm.

WHERE: Orphan Relief and Rescue’s (new!) office: 1416 SW 151st, Burien, WA 98166.

WHO: Everyone is invited!

INFO: Here’s more info from their website:

Mission Statement
We are a voice with action for the orphans that no one else will help.

Program strategy:
Orphan Relief and Rescue is dedicated to work mainly with the uncertified orphanages of Liberia and Benin West Africa, or those orphanages that are at high risk of closing and in great distress. Our goal is to identify and build partnerships with those directors whose desire is to help themselves as we bring help to them. We also seek out those homes whose directors selfishly abuse their position by using children as a source of personal income and insurance of supplied food. (Many abuses occur under these circumstances). After finding such an establishment, we cooperate with the local government to help in any way possible to see that these homes are closed down and the children are placed in a safer environment.

We are first-responders working to raise orphanages to working, governmental standards.

We do not wish to create dependency. We work in such a way as to create self-sufficiency so these directors learn to sustain themselves. We are very upfront and clear that we want them to develop themselves to the point of independence with the ability to help themselves and others in their country.

We bring immediate food and medical relief, construction, capacity building, and mentorship programs to give these children hope for a healthy future. This is done through a field team of 7 international staff and 30 Nationals, and 7 local staff here in America.

Program Goals:

  • We want to bring the credible homes up to Sanitary Standards.
  • We want to leave them with at least 3 running small businesses to sustain themselves (one being agriculture).
  • With our child development program through mentorship and small groups these children are given tools to succeed in life.
  • We want to leave each child in a system of education (kid’s in school or trade school format, depending on age of child).

In just 3 years we undertook projects at more than 20 orphanages in Liberia and Benin, including…
8 – major construction projects, new dormitories and school buildings
8 – wells dug or rehabilitated
6- new latrine and shower blocks
* More than one ton of food delivered every month — more than 70,000 lbs to date
* Hundreds of children protected by mosquito nets and screens
* Hundreds of children off the floor and into beds with quality, hygienic mattresses
* Seeds, tools, and training to help plant hundreds of acres every year
* Monitoring to prevent abuse and advocacy to protect those most at risk
* Hundreds of children treated regularly for parasites and skin ailments
* Established partnerships with local clinics to provide ongoing primary healthcare
* Pigs, chickens, and goats purchased and distributed for raising

Child development team prepared many orphan kids for a healthy life spiritually, physically and emotionally as well as making sure each child attends school.

Working with the most needy orphanages, we are faced with abuse and neglect in many forms. We take an active role in Liberia’s Child Protection Network, a task force charged with preventing and addressing abuse and child trafficking. Along with concerned partners in local governments and the United Nations, Orphan Relief and Rescue takes an aggressive, proactive approach to protecting and advocating for children.

How it all began:
Nothing could prepare us for what we were about to see when we visited a little orphanage home that housed 109 very hungry and sick children in Benin, West Africa. As little lethargic and sick children came up to greet us, we could not help but see in their hollow eyes that they were in serious trouble. They had no water, toilets, or showers. The nearest clean water was two miles away. They ate only a small amount of rice once a day. Without intervention, these kids were not going to live long. In trying to find any organization in the area to help, we were told that their situation was too complicated. Big organizations were afraid of creating dependency. They each told us that they could not get involved. So we stepped in and helped this home ourselves, not realizing that this would be the first of many. We soon traveled to Liberia, where we would find the scenario repeated: no one willing to help the worst of the worst. In coming back to America we made a conscious choice to not forget the many children we had seen that were suffering. Through many sleepless nights Orphan Relief and Rescue was birthed by Tim and Rebecca Pratt and Matt LePage.

Here’s a video:

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