Council’s Draft Of Proposed Shoreline Master Program Now Available Online

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On Monday (Aug. 23) the city released the Burien City Council’s “Public Hearing Draft” of the proposed Shoreline Master Program, which is now available online here.

We encourage all residents to click on that link, then give the document entitled “NEW — City Council Public Hearing Draft — August 2010” a thorough reading.

From our initial review, the PDF document, which is broken down into nine sections, includes blue “revision” colors that show changes and additions made to it.

The Council will be accepting testimony on this draft at its public hearing on the proposed Shoreline Master Program, scheduled for next Monday evening, Aug. 30th, but starting earlier than usual – 6pm.

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3 Responses to “Council’s Draft Of Proposed Shoreline Master Program Now Available Online”
  1. Lee Moyer says:

    But the devil has been into the details. Po. PA 4 says public access should be provided “…without adversly impacting private property rights and personal privacy…”. The anti-access could easily get a real estate “expert” to testify that public access lowers property values. It would be a professional opinion with no evidence but there is your adverse impact. That technique was used in the “nonconforming /setback” debate. Anywhere the public gains access will affect the privacy of the nearby property, since by definition, the public wsn’t there before. This little phrase could be used to stop public access anywhere. I was told by the Planning Department it came from the City Attorney. The City Attorney said no it didn’t and sent me back to planning. No one seems to know where it came from, but it is still there. Why?

  2. Lee Moyer says:

    The City Council over rulled the Planning Commission and Citizen Advisory Committee and changed 20.30.85, 2. h. to ban all craft,even canoes and small inflatables, from being launched by the public onto Lake Burien, if an access was to be acquired. In their debate, they noted that they did not want to restrict party boats used by the residents, however.
    The City Council has been swayed by a well organized group of anti-access activists who attend all the meetings and flood the council with printed input. That is their right, but the rest of public is not even aware of what is going on. The input is very unbalanced and the council does not seek staff recommendations.

  3. KaiJ says:

    TIB. Lee come enjoy the water from my beach front deck for the day. After you are done enjoying the not so private beach and the public trail on the other side we’ll talk about what we pay for this non-access world. First the house cost a million plus and the mortgage is four grand plus a month then there is the $14,000 annual taxes…. I pay more a month in property taxes than many people pay for rent. The public bring their dogs down to the trail and nothing to clean up after them with. On a nice day there are nice well meaning folks enjoying their beach access screaming and yelling 20 feet from my open windows. Get my picture?

    That dinky lake is too small and fragile to cope with the general public who often don’t know how to be good neighbors or respect the environment around them.

    We all have Seahurst park and lake Washington. Give it a rest.

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