Burien Breakfast Toastmasters Holding Open House September 9

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Going on job interviews? Giving a business presentation? Leading a meeting? Need confidence? Toastmasters is the answer!

The ability to speak well is crucial to success, but have you ever evaluated your speaking skills? Many people, if they were to seek feedback, would learn that they talk too much, or perhaps too softly, that they fill their sentences with “ums” and “uhs,” or that they are hard to follow. You might say that it’s the message that matters; but if you can’t put your ideas across in a way that makes people want to listen, that promotion or that leadership position could be a long time coming.

Toastmasters offers a formal, self-paced program that will help you learn to speak better. The two keys to this are practice and feedback. Toastmasters clubs provide a friendly and supportive setting where you can practice your public speaking, and receive constructive feedback. Darlene Burrill says, “Toastmasters has given me the courage to speak in front of a group in spite of my speech impediment.”

To learn more about Toastmasters attend an Open House at Burien Breakfast Toastmasters, Thursday, September 9, 2010. Arrive at 6:45am to receive your guest packet and get your coffee or juice. There will be a light breakfast served at break time.

Burien Breakfast Toastmasters Open House
4 Lessons on Speaking from “The Karate Kid”
Highline Public Schools ERAC Building
15675 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien
Across the street from Azteca, next to Hi-Line Lanes
7:00am – 8:15am
Arrive at 6:45am for Guest Packets, Coffee and Juice
For more info contact Theresa 206-588-5088 or [email protected]

There will be three parts to the meeting, the prepared speeches, the evaluations, and “Table Topics”. The prepared speeches are usually of five to seven minutes long. Each member is given in a manual that sets out ten speech projects. Each of these has a specific goal, such as speech structure, using gestures, pauses and vocal inflection. These will help you learn how to express your ideas clearly and with confidence. Bang Parkinson, the President of Burien Breakfast Toastmasters, says that using the speech projects helped her gain confidence and feel comfortable presenting at board meetings at work. “Even though I still have my Chinese accent, people understand me better. Giving speeches at Toastmasters helped me to articulate well and to speak slower, clearer and smoother.”

After each speech an evaluator, usually a Toastmaster more experienced than the speaker, provides feedback. This takes the form of an impromptu speech and the objective is to give suggestions on how to improve future speeches because feedback is essential to learning.

For many people the “Table Topics” part of a meeting is the most frightening, yet this is also of the greatest benefit for those wanting to improve how they speak at work. In Table Topics each person is called upon to speak impromptu on a subject. If you’ve never done it before, delivering an interesting and well-structured talk to a group of attentive listeners without any preparation can be extremely difficult. Yes, the first time is hard, but it gets easier with practice, and that’s precisely the point. As Jean Schmidt says, “I used to be legally blind. Science gave me back my eyesight. Toastmasters opened my eyes. Now they can’t keep my mouth shut!”

Attend a meeting and you’ll find Toastmasters are more than willing to share stories of how Table Topics practice helped them at work. From explaining a project to a group of unexpected visitors to persuading colleagues to consider a crazy idea, being able to express thoughts clearly is essential to being viewed as both confident and competent. Roger Wells will tell you how Table Topics saved his dad’s life when with no preparation he had to convince medical authorities to hospitalize his dad at once.

You can learn these skills and more in a supportive, self paced, fun atmosphere at Burien Breakfast Toastmasters. Join us at our Open House September 9, 2010 at 6:45am or at any of our regularly scheduled meetings.

Burien Breakfast Toastmasters
Highline Public Schools ERAC Building
15675 Ambaum Blvd. SW
Burien, WA 98166
2nd and 4th Thursday of every month
7:00am – 8:15am

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One Response to “Burien Breakfast Toastmasters Holding Open House September 9”
  1. As a former president of a Toastmasters club, I highly encourage individuals to check out your local Toastmasters club.

    You will learn more than just how to speak in public, Toastmasters provides a great service in helping you to prioritize your thought process. You will become competent in public speaking, presenting ideas in sales meetings or even during company meetings where one needs to pitch ideas. Toastmasters has a great leadership program as well.

    One of the greatest things you will learn from participating in a Toastmasters program is how to properly run a meeting. This is a skill that I truly wish more people would hone.

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