Des Moines Police Seeking Help In Homicide Of Jennifer Walstrand

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On Wednesday (Sept. 8th), the Des Moines Police Department announced that it was seeking the public’s help in the homicide investigation of Jennifer Walstrand, who was found dead in her apartment in the 24000 block of 25th Ave South on Aug. 31st (read our previous coverage here and here).

According to police, Jennifer had a long history of prostitution, and used the pseudonyms “Roxie” or “Face.”

Investigators believe this was not a random act. The victim was currently involved in a dating service, which included use of the internet to arrange and meet dates (aka “clients”). A motive for the murder has not been established.

Evidence recovered from the scene is being analyzed, which includes computer and cell phone records. Detectives are active on the case and numerous calls with information are being received.

The Des Moines Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance with this case, and are especially interested in internet and cell phone record information. People voluntarily coming forward with information will aid the investigation.

DMPD also adds:

“The Des Moines Police understand individuals may be reluctant to come forward.

We want to emphasize our focus is on this violent crime and not on any alleged prostitution activity.

We are determined to identify and bring to justice the person or persons responsible.

It would be especially helpful for anyone who has had recent contact with the victim to come forward.”

Information can be reported anonymously. Anyone who believes they have information related to this case can contact “Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-TIPS or 206-343-2020. Information can also be received online at the “Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound” website or by texting “TIP486” and sending your tip to 274637 (Crimes).

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office has positively identified Jennifer Walstrand as the victim of a homicide discovered on August 31, 2010. She was also known to use the names “Roxie” and “Face.” The victim was found at her residence in the 24000 block of 25th Ave. South.

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9 Responses to “Des Moines Police Seeking Help In Homicide Of Jennifer Walstrand”
  1. "Auntie" Lisa Arnold says:

    Jennifer was a VERY important part of our lives….I hate seeing all this stuff about prostitution. Jennifer was my niece….an artist….a silly girl with a laugh like no other….my sisters daughter and her “everything”. Does anyone know she was a college student? Studying for a degree in business….Do you know Jennifer had a sweet little maltese puppy named Foxie? Her BABY that she fussed over and pampered? I spent sunday the 29th of august with my sister and jenny. We shopped and had lunch and laughed till it hurt. That is MY Jennifer….and I want the world to know she was SO MUCH MORE than you will ever know.
    To Jennifer, Auntie WILL NOT REST until this bastard is caught and convicted. I love you and will miss u all the days of my life.

    • Student At Highline Community College says:

      …..did you guys have any clue of her history with prostitution? Did she ever speak with you guys about this? If you guys know her “pimps” name, there goes your suspect…thats what i believe.

      My heart goes out to you and everyone else who is shattered by this tramatic experience. God Bless!

      • christina says:

        I have known jennifer for many years,from the streets and echo glen.she was not one to have a PIMP ! she might have had some aquaintances or someone she ran with,but not a pimp! she was very independant out there and did NOT rely on a man as far as i had ever seen! maybe people are looking at the small picture and missing the big one. Jennifer knew MANY people in lots of places.
        all i really know is that jennifer was very kind hearted and a very good person,regardless of her past.
        my sincere condolences to her family. is easier to judge someone by what is written on paper,but unless you knew the person personally…………… know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • C-tina G. says:

      I knew Jennifer from school. We were taking the same business degree so we shared about that sometimes and I had another class with her where we all became very connected with each other. I really liked her and I thought she was an amazing woman, a great student, beautiful, powerful, full of life, moving forward and forward moving. You must know this has devastated many of her classmates and professors at Highline Community College. She is very missed.

  2. Liljo says:

    Thanks so much, Auntie for sharing who she really was.
    So sorry for your loss.

  3. RL says:

    I can’t begin to imagine the pain your family is enduring at the loss of your niece, auntie Lisa, and the terrible details of her murder. Our prayer is that her killer is brought to justice.

  4. Student At Highline Community College says:

    Wow, I read about Jennifer the first day I attended highline….it was pretty scary and disturbing. I just heard recently from another classmate, that they knew her. And said that Jennifer was a really smart girl.

    My heart goes out to her loved ones…! R.I.P Jennifer!

    I learned about the “Prostitution” industry in high school, and it really angers and disgusts me, everytime I hear or visualize it in my mind. I suspect that it was her so called “PIMP” that committed this murder. It’s sad to hear her story. And in reality it is just like any other prostitues story. Pimps control these girls lives. They are threatened and cant runaway, cuz these type of guys know and learn everything about them. Where they live, where there families live, and what they do on any time of day. And if these girls dont obey the pimps, they’ll kill em’. Its heartbreaking and eye opening for me to know that such a thing has happened close by….

    and again….R.I.P Jennifer….it doesnt matter if you were a prostitute or not, your still a human being with needs just like any of us. May you be with the lord, jesus christ. God Bless You!

  5. "Auntie" D'Ann Lally says:

    As Jennifer’s other “Auntie”, I second Lisa’s thoughts and feelings for Jennifer.
    Jennifer was an extremely beautiful person, inside and out. She was my “Angel Face” – my only sibling’s only child – and she was precious to me, and to all of her family and her friends.

    Yes. We were all aware of Jennifer’s struggles in life which began when she was around age 13. All of our family members have always been close and have always done for Jenny whatever love could do. We have all always been there for her, she always knew that she was loved unconditionally, and we all always knew that she loved us.

    We all – including Jennifer herself – were so proud and relieved and hopeful to see her getting her life straightened out and striving toward a healthier, happier lifestyle over the past few years. That some useless, sick, despicable, sorry excuse for a human being so callously and cowardly took her life has left us all devastated and absolutely broken-hearted.

    I feel confidant in speaking for all of Jennifer’s family members that we appreciate the kind, sensitive and non-judgmental comments we are reading here. There have been a few comments on some sites from people who don’t seem to understand that, because Jennifer fell victim to the dregs of society and made some poor choices in her youth, that she was a beautiful, talented, bright, loving and very much loved family member and friend to many people. Jennifer’s life was very much worthwhile and she did not deserve to have it so brutally taken from her.

    I’d love to get my hands on the worthless coward who hurt her. I hope and pray that whoever took Jennifer’s life will suffer and never know one millisecond of happiness or comfort EVER, whether or not he is caught and punished.
    My beautiful niece was working hard for a chance at a healthier, happier, more responsible life – toward the happiness that everyone deserves to have. And now that chance is gone forever.

    To whoever hurt our precious Jennifer: . . . . You are worthless scum. You are a spineless coward. You are an insult to the human race. I hope you feel pain and misery every second for the rest of your worthless life. Suffer and die. It’s what you deserve.

    To Jennifer . . . . . Rest peacefully and gently, my Angel Face, safe in the arms of angels. My love for you will never fade. Your beautiful, loving memory will live on forever in my heart and I cherish the precious gift of having known your love. We’ll be together again someday…… in Heaven. I love you forever and always and eternity.

  6. Friend says:

    The friends and family of Roxy (Jennifer Walstrand) are putting up a $5,000 reward in addition to the Crimestoppers reward of $1,000 for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of her murderer. She was murdered in Des Moines, Wa. On August 31st 2010. If you have any information please call 1-800-222-TIPS. Thank you.

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