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Advertiser Highline Athletic Club’s Pilates Studio Celebrates 4th Anniversary

B-Town Blog readers – find out what the Pilates buzz is about with this month’s specials at Highline Athletic Club!

According to Dona Forester, HAC General Manager,

“Pilates is for all fitness levels. It helps the average person become more physically fit and also provides the beginner a wonderful way to ease into any kind of fitness plan. There is no stress on joints and no wear and tear on your ligaments or cartilage around your joints, especially your knees and shoulder joints. Muscles are conditioned in a balanced way, which increases self-awareness.

Pilates is very rehabilitative for those who are suffering from an injury. Lengthening your body through Pilates will help soothe soreness from Osteoarthritis pain. Appropriate exercise is vital to managing arthritis, because it increases flexibility for stretching and reduces pain and fatigue. Stretching helps pump vital nutrients to your muscles and tendons, which help keep them healthy and minimize the risk of injury. If you are already physically fit Pilates is a great way to supplement workouts for greater results.”

B-Town Blog readers can take advantage of our great anniversary special. To celebrate – in the month of September we are offering Private sessions for $20 OFF per session. (6 maximum purchased & discounted sessions must be used within 4 weeks of purchase). This offer is available now through September 30. Private sessions with a certified Pilates Instructor Scott Miller is by far the best introduction to Pilates you can experience.


The studio is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and apparatus. Private and semi-private sessions are offered as well as group and private mat classes, available to members & non-members.

[2]Here are some edited testimonials from clients taking Pilates with instructor Scott Miller at Highline Athletic Club:

After months of rehab from an accident, while traveling through Seattle on my way to a dream vacation in Alaska, it was important to me to have access to a Pilates session upon arrival in Seattle before starting another leg of the airplane travel.

I found Highline and Scott through my concierge service. I was grateful to make the connection. Scott was responsive prior to my arrival. …He worked with my limits with so much professionalism that I knew I was working with an expert instructor. He constantly evaluated my range of motion, my strength and stability making modifications to the routine as needed. He optimized every minute of my session time. I walked out feeling fully recovered from an arduous trip, ready for the next leg. I also walked out amazed at how lucky I was to have found him.

…I am happy to share my positive experience of Scott. He’s a treasure. I only wish I could work with him, individually or in a class setting, again.

Vicki Santello

When HAC began remodeling a room, little did I know that it would be a Pilates Studio. I knew nothing about Pilates. After inquiring and talking with Scott Miller, I decided to sign up for at least the introductory offer. Here it is a year plus later and I am still going. Maybe that is Scott’s fault!

Scott is an excellent teacher. He is knowledgeable, inspiring, considerate and sensitive. Scott is challenging, but brings you along as you are able to progress with encouragement and praise. Pilates has been a great program for me, especially, for improving my posture and flexibility.

P.S. I was 77 years old when I began Pilates. “Nothing ventured! Nothing gained”! If I can do it, what about you? Thanks Scott! It’s been great!

Glen Embree, Member HAC

I’ve been taking private Pilates sessions with Scott for quite some time and I am amazed at how much better I feel since starting Pilates. Not only am I a stroke survivor, I’ve also been in several car accidents (rear-ended) more than my fair share. Since taking Pilates, my pain has decreased a lot. Scott has been a very patient and competent instructor. Even though I’m spatially challenged, he works with me to understand the exercises and always make sure I’m doing them correctly. I go weekly and it’s never boring because Scott is so good at varying the routines. There seems to be an infinite number of Pilates exercises. And in addition to all the above, Scott makes it fun!”

Geralyn Mirante-Marley

I have struggled with back and feet problems for years. I finally reached a point where I was having difficulty working each day, as I am on my feet for hours as a personal trainer at HAC. After making some great progress in physical therapy, my therapist suggested I try Pilates.

I have been training with Scott even before he came to HAC. I not only experienced reduced pain in my feet and back, but also achieved greater range of motion in my entire body than I had ever had before. The improvements in core and total body strength, along with balance and stamina were fantastic!

Scott is incredibly passionate in the work he does. He is genuinely excited for each student’s progress and successes and celebrates them openly! He has an amazing ability to spot the weak areas and strengthen them. He also knows how to push you just past the point you think you are capable of – one of the marks of a great instructor! Thank you Scott for all you do!

Autum Puhrmann, A.C.S.M. HFI certified Fitness Professional, Highline Athletic Club

The folks at Highline Athletic Club invite you to come visit their state of the art Pilates studio. Additional information is available at the club or on their website [3]. They are located in Burien off of 1st Avenue and 156th Street behind McDonalds at 125 S. 156th Street in Burien. You can also give them a call at 206-246-9000.

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