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FOLLOWUP: Decrease In Toxic Algae In Lake Burien Reported

On Thursday (Sept. 9th), we received word from Miller/Walker Creek Basin Steward Dennis Clark that the latest water sample taken from Lake Burien for the toxic algae showed an actual 36% decrease (read our previous reports here [1] and here [2]).

While the decrease lowers the amount of algae to the state’s “caution level,” King County staff still recommend that small children and dogs be kept out of the lake for now.

The next sampling will take place on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

“The creature from the Black Lagoon is going to rest easy soon, we hope,” Clark said in an email.

According to Clark:

The latest sample showed a decrease in the algae toxin (microcystin) from 9.4 micrograms per liter (on August 30) to 6.0 micrograms per liter.

This new concentration is at the state’s proposed recreational guideline “caution level” of 6.0 micrograms per liter.

Consequently, King County staff are leaving unchanged their recommendations for ways to reduce exposure.

In particular, people should keep small children and dogs out of the water.

Older children and adults should follow the guidelines in the summary sheet posted here.

We will sample again next Monday/Tuesday.

– Dennis

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