Matt Parker Wins 2010 Brat Trot Race; Here Are The Top 20 Finishers

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Burien Realtor Matt Parker, 31, won Sunday’s 2010 5K Brat Trot with a finishing time of 18:00.4.

Matt, running shirtless as usual, was one of the first out of the gate, and from what we could tell, never looked back as he led the entire race.

The top female runner was Alexandra Walton, 29, who ran the race in 20:26.7.

Brat Trot 5K winner Matt Parker high-fives his business partner Chad Ohrt as he crosses the finish line.

Top female finisher Alexandra Walton crosses the finish line in 20:26.7.

Here are the top 20 Finishers (Name/Age/Gender/Race Time) (to download full race results, click here):

  1. Matt Parker,  31/M  18:00.4
  2. Joe Baisch, 27/M  18:14.0
  3. Alden Olmstead, 27/M 19:56.4
  4. Ryan Shaeffer, 34/M 20:24.5
  5. Alexandra Walton, 29/F 20:26.7
  6. Aiden Basco, 11/M 20:31.0
  7. Bryan Howisey, 35/M 20:48.8
  8. Vince Partridge, 38/M 21:08.3
  9. Willie Castonguay, 46/M 21:43.3
  10. John Nelson, 43/M 21:43.7
  11. Brian Lund, 46/M 21:48.2
  12. Robert Shirley, 69/M 22:00.2
  13. Gina Mutter, 44/F 22:09.3
  14. Brian Kirby, 26/M 22:11.2
  15. Claudia House , 41/F 22:13.9
  16. Eugene Partridge, 59/M 22:15.6
  17. Aimee Lloyd, 34/F 22:33.3
  18. Steve Atwood, 54/M 22:35.1
  19. John Wallace III, 34/M 22:38.4
  20. Denise Sagmoen, 39/F 22:43.3

As far as notable finishers, the oldest was Clyde Sparks, 75-years young, who finished 113th with a time of 30:23.7. The oldest female was Joy Brimhall, 71, who finished at 219th with a time of 58:56.3.

Also, cancer survivor Paul Hildebrandt, 51, finished the race a year after being diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma (read our story here).

Octoberfest-style activities continued until 4pm, with brats (not so much – see Comments below), a beer garden, German oompah band, and Burien’s own Yodeling MC Manuela Horn, booths and of course the Chicken Dance. Local restaurants and shops were also open for business with drink and event specials.

The Burien Brat Trot was developed in 2009 as a way to gather the community together, Octoberfest style, for an afternoon of exercise followed by a celebration. In the spirit of community the Brat Trot also raises critical funds for two local non-profits Safe Kids King County South and WestSide Baby. Both organizations support injury prevention through education and access by providing needy families with essentials such as car seats and cribs.

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11 Responses to “Matt Parker Wins 2010 Brat Trot Race; Here Are The Top 20 Finishers”
  1. R&R Sheets says:

    We just returned from the Brat Trot on Sunday… or should it be called the “No” Brat Trot. The idea for the event is great but there was not a Brat to be found on 152nd street. The Tin Room room served their usual brat meal but we expected to see vendors on the street selling brats. The local coffee place (909) was closed so no fresh coffee unless you went into one of the restaurants. There was also no water for the runners either before, during or after the race. Again, the idea for the event was great; hopefully as it evolves over the years some of the details can be ironed out.

    • Keeney says:

      Great event as always….had H2O at 1.5 miles and finish so not sure what happened there…loved the turnout despite the inclement weather…it’s always sunny in B-Town!
      Kudos to all who organized and volunteered.

    • Scot says:

      Yeah it was a fun run but could have definitely used some quick and easy street vendor brats instead of the 10 dollar brat meals that you had to wait half an hour to get at the Tin Room. Hopefully next year Dan will be moving his brat operation outside…mass production, baby!

  2. CB says:

    I’m glad to see healthy community events taking place. However…maybe next year you could put out a mailer to the immediate residents of the road closures. That heads up would have been helpful.

  3. As usual someone’s always gotta chime in on the not so good things about “whatever”. It was a great event that was well organized. This is a small community that’s going in the right direction in a big way and I’m glad to have opened up my business, “The Tag Zone” for this event. Thanks everyone who stopped by and I hope your kids had a great time. Also thank you to my wife Anne for allowing me to run The Tag Zone in her yoga studio! Thanks Danny House and Deb Will and all the volunteers for all the help. Can’t wait for next year.

  4. I am from Buckley but coming out to B-Town for this event was well worth the drive. I was very impressed with some of our younger runners in this event especially Aiden Basco (WOW!). Thank you to all the organizers for putting on such a great event for a great cause. I can’t wait for next year.

    Bryan Howisey
    Health/Fitness Teacher-Pacific Middle School

  5. Mark B says:

    Thanks to all the volunteers, organizers and sponsors! We had perfect weather and a fun race. A couple suggestions for next year: a dedicated PA at the starting line, so everyone can hear the announcements and water bottle filling station after the race.
    I found the results posted at BuDu Racing’s web site:

  6. Holly says:

    Great day – even with all the rain! On to bigger and better next year. Thanks to Danny, Deb, Chuck& Lisa, and Nancy for all the work/time planning a really fun event.

  7. Chuck says:

    It was a fun day and the sun was very nice and decided to show up before the race started. There was a watering station on the course and there was water at the end of the race, unfortunately that water ran out before all of the runners had arrived at the finish line. Next year, there will be more water.

    Big thanks to all of the volunteers. These events don’t take place without a lot of volunteer dedication. Particular thanks to Jim McNeill, who along with his tireless crew got all of the signage and cones out to mark the race course. That is no easy task, but Jim did it with grace and the smile was always on his face.

    Dan Will was another very hard worker for this event.

    As always, a big SHOUT OUT to Dan House for organizing another great community event. It just gets better and better.

  8. DH Zooms says:

    Great event, kudos to Dan and his crew for getting the race in between rainstorms!

    Would like to see street vendor brats, of course, to go with the beer.

    And bring back the RELAY RACE format!

    There aren’t too many relay races around these days that are fun and family friendly… which was a great feature of last year’s race. There are many of us who would like to run, to get some exercise, but don’t want to run too far and not be able to down beer and brats!

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