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Introducing An “Experiment In Irony”: A Print Version Of The B-Town Blog!


Click image to download your own PDF of our print version you can print yourself.

We’re trying an “experiment in irony” here at your normally online-only B-Town Blog – we’re printing up free weekly one-page, double-sided, 8-1/2 x 11 inch condensed versions of our online publication, and distributing them around various Burien businesses.

Edited and Designed by Nicholas Johnson, if this experiment fails, these are surely to become collector’s items – so get yours today!

You can find ’em at the following area locations (with more to be added if it “takes off”):

As we said, this project is an “experiment in irony” (WTFH?! an online-only publication doing print?!), and it’s meant to supplement our regular, daily edition, oftentimes with bonus content and photos.

But don’t worry, we’re not switching our business over to a dying medium [2] – we’re simply trying something new; plus, it’s only one (double-sided) page so just chillax will ya?

And we know a lot of folks still enjoy reading tree-based products, especially since not everyone has an iPad yet. Heck, we even enjoy reading ink on paper occasionally (as well as risking those oh-so-painful paper cuts…) and we promise that we’ll only use 100% recyclable paper.

If you’d rather just download and print your own PDF and kill part of a tree yourself, click here [1] to get your very own collectible version of Edition #1.

There is dedicated advertising space in it, so if you’re an area business and want to hop on board our newfangled old-world experiment, please email Janet Grella: [email protected] [3].

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