City Of Burien Accepting Applications For Kathy Keene’s City Council Position

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The City of Burien announced Tuesday (Oct. 5th) that it is accepting applications for City Council Position 6, which is being vacated on Dec. 31st by incumbent Councilmember Kathy Keene, who recently announced she is leaving the position in order to retire in Florida next year.

To apply, you must be a registered voter, and have lived in Burien for at least one year.

This position is also open to residents of the North Highline area that was recently annexed; those applicants must have also lived in that area for at least one year.

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 27th.

Prospective Councilmembers should have an interest in City government and in serving their community. Councilmembers typically attend three or more evening Council meetings a month and participate on local and regional governmental organizations. Councilmembers are paid $600 per month.

Councilmember Kathy Keene is leaving effective Dec. 31st, and the city is now seeking her replacement.

The City Council will review the applications and interview top candidates. Councilmembers will vote the appointment at the Jan. 3, 2011, Council meeting after which the successful applicant will be sworn into office. The newly appointed Councilmember will fulfill Keene’s term which expires on Dec. 31, 2011. The Councilmember will have to run for the office at the next General Election, in November 2011, to continue in the position.

Applications are available at City Hall, 400 S.W. 152nd St,, Ste. 300, online at or by calling (206) 248-5517.

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20 Responses to “City Of Burien Accepting Applications For Kathy Keene’s City Council Position”
  1. Eaton B. Verz says:

    I nominate Ferel Dog!!! Another vote for common sense! Dog For Mayor!!

  2. feral dog says:

    Too funny,,somebody else mentioned that to me also,,, Couldn`t do it. I was taught during my pup years to NEVER bite the hand that feeds you whereas the council doesn`t give give a damn if they bite the hand that feeds them or not..
    (Actually thats only true during off election years)
    But you know I`m kind of a hot head sometimes when folks pull my tail.
    The first thing I would do is…….

  3. feral dog says:

    Well, I`m not sure about public hangings unless we can sell popcorn and draw a name out of the crowd for the honors of pulling the lever (kind of like a lottery with the proceeds going to mainly the schools and libraries and absolutely none of it going to put in sidewalks because somebody doesn`t want their toy poodle to have to hurt their paws walking along the gravel shoulder, but,, the big deal would be politically correctness. I suck at it and am proud that I do.
    Political correctness has gone way to far and only serves the pussy assed people that want the world to believe they are “soOoOoOo sensitive” to other peoples needs. Bullshit,,
    They are nothing more than sheep afraid of hurting someones feelings at the sake of holding back their own beliefs and not saying what they feel. ..
    What`s more important?
    I`ll tell you right now I`m the last person that would say happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas and if any of my workers were caught saying happy holidays in that squeaky friggin` little school girly boy voice that sounds like they have a q-tip crammed up their left nostril would be sent out to look for sidewalks with a sandwich board reading Merry Christmas over their shoulders. In July..
    Another major obstacle would be Christmas trees,, Put em back in the schools and let the kids decorate them, if some kid doesn`t want to or their parents don`t want them to,, fine,,,Just don`t bitch because someone else is. And if some Muslim or Jewish person wants to have a minora or whatever is it they have,, fine. You can do whatever you want in your own home.
    This country was built on these values and maybe they need to be started back up again… In Burien..*lol*
    I must be a little pissed off today for some reason,, Must be because my pups either ate up all my pepperoni or pissed in my Corn flakes, could go either way…
    All I know is I`m really sick and tired of the minority dictating what the majority wants.
    I best get off my soapbox and do some work here before lunch,*woof*
    Thanks for getting me going Eaton,,*lol*

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      You made my case for me! You would be perfect for the job!!! A big WOOF from us little people!

    • Feral Pup says:

      Well, THIS pup did not touch the pepperoni, and neither did the grandpups, lol. As far the corn flakes…

      I do agree with the Christmas stuff though. I am surprised that you did not start in about X-mas, lol. Although we have not yet passed halloween, so why the Christmas rant?? lol

  4. feral dog says:

    I know the grandpups didn`t eat it, you need a chainsaw just to open them wrappers and they aren`t big enough to start it yet,
    Might as well get going on it now, why wait till December?
    And there is no such thing as X-mas,, And if there was it would be a pagan thing..*lol*

  5. keith says:

    It’s funny you say “x-mas” being a pagan thing since it was the Winter Solstice holiday that the Christians stole from the pagans to create their Christmas.

    • Star says:

      Unfortunatly, Keith is right. I won’t get into it though. I really hate to agree with him, after the big fuss he made about the 4th of July. Haven’t seen some of the people whom he disagreed with since. Maybe he had them banned..??

      • Keith says:

        Why would I try to get someone banned? That is ridiculous. I am a firm believer in free speech. I may disagree with what you say, but I back up your right to say it.

  6. Feral dog says:

    You`re right Keith, I forgot you have no sense of humor. (on the b-townblog anyways).
    I don`t remember what he was saying about the 4th, but I`m sure it was all negative..
    Never have seen him say anything but.

    • Keith says:

      I have said plenty of positive things on this blog. I love our town and am very happy to have this online source to discuss the on goings around us. You want to see something negative, re-read your rant above.

      And for the record, what I was mentioning about the 4th of July was that I don’t enjoy having to stay home every 4th to make sure my house doesn’t burn down from the idiots in my neighborhood who like to break the law and light off fireworks. I also don’t enjoy spending most of the 5th cleaning up all the debris that lands in my yard. If that makes me a negative person with no sense of humor, then you have some seriously messed up views.

      • feral dog says:

        Ohhh, that`s right. I remember now. You were the stick in the mud that threatened to shoot bottle rockets or something like that at rainycity`s house here on the blog that still believed in celebrating this great country of ours independence.
        I remember that now, you`re lucky he didn`t come over and kick your ass.
        I`m still trying to think of something positive you said, maybe you can refresh me.

        • Keith says:

          Threatening me with violence? Wow…that’s a low way to go. My example of shooting bottle rockets at someone else’s house was merely example. Showing people how I feel about my own property being threatened by asking how they would like the same done to theirs.

          In no way am I against celebrating our countries independence (although historically you are celebrating a bunch of rich slave owning land owners who didn’t want to pay taxes.) However, your desire to celebrate should never come at the expense of someone else’s potential property damage. Fireworks are illegal in Burien, plain and simple. If I feel all citizens here should follow that law (or work to get it changed) then how exactly does that make me a stick in the mud who is against the 4th of July? Ignorance like yours is what makes our town the laughing stock of the state.

          • Feral dog says:

            Nobody threatened you keith, read it again, you were threatening rainy and now you want to call it an example?? hahahaha,
            I said you were lucky he didn`t come over and kick your ass. That was just an example by the way..
            I know him and believe me, I`m pretty sure he could without much problem.
            And brother,, you need to quit reaching so deep to find something insulting to say,,
            It`s folks like you that threaten other folks then call it “just an example”,,hahahahah.
            that give this city a bad name,, And what I said wasn`t racist,. Biased and opinionated? sure, but not racist. And besides, it was just an example..
            It`s too bad you take humor for other than it is.. maybe if you had a little (humor that is) you would know it when someone reads it to you..
            Eaton.b.vers for adult cold beverage czar..*woof*

        • Keith says:

          and as for positive things I have said, a few examples come to mind:

          -Praising a new business and its enjoyable products
          -Enjoying our street fair and the old interim art space

          And again, I find it rather sad that you claim I am being the negative one when your rant above is nothing but borderline racist ignorant words.

  7. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Hey Dog, When you become our new councilman maybe you could appoint Kieth the 4th of July czar!! I know I would feel better knowing he is on the job chasing all those nasty revelers celebrating our great county’s independence!!

    PS. While you are at it could you appoint me Cold Adult Beverage Czar???? That way we would always have the city managers ear…….

    • Keith says:

      I’m sure the founding fathers would be proud to know drunken revelers are threatening others with wanton destruction and injury celebrating independence.

      If you are going to publicly make fun of me…please have the decency to spell my name correctly.

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