UPDATE: Highline High Grad Carly Henley Died From Hanging; Vigil Friday

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According to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, Carly D. Henley, 20, a 2008 graduate of Highline High School, was found dead Wednesday night in a stairwell of a fraternity house near the University of Washington.

Henley’s death was ruled as “asphyxiation due to hanging.”

Seattle Police reports that Henley’s body was found at the Phi Delta Theta frat house, located at NE 47th Street and 21st Ave NE.

Henley, a very popular 2008 Highline High grad, was an aspiring singer and songwriter, and was also a member of the Delta Gamma sorority on campus.

Thursday afternoon, Carly’s family released the following statement:

Carly Danielle Henley was 20 years old when she took her own life on October 6, 2010 near the University of Washington. Her tragic death has left hundreds of family, friends, sorority sisters and classmates grieving. The family appreciates privacy and an honoring of both Carly’s life and death.

A candlelight vigil will be was held Friday night in the U-District for Henley – see our Slideshow of it here.

Here’s a quote from her MySpace page:

I’m Carly Henley, 19 year old singer songwriter from Seattle and I absolutely love music. It’s my passion, my best friend, my outlet, my soul. I love it with all of my being and that’s why I do it. Thanks for listening!

Carly worked at many Burien businesses, including Angelo’s, and most recently, 909 Coffee & Wine, where she worked this last summer.

Numerous condolences are already appearing on Carly’s Facebook Page; here’s one that was emailed to us:

“If I had to choose one word to describe Carly, it would be soulful. Her passion, beauty, and ability to show her love for those she cared about went above and beyond what most people merely dream of. Everyone will miss her music, friendship, and ability to spread smiles to every corner of her life. What I will never stop missing is knowing a divine woman who had the ability to express just how wonderful, crazy, brief, and fragile every moment we have is. She’s still with us, lightening our souls when we need it most.”

Sarah Fuhrman

Here’s a report KING-TV did:

Here are some photos of Carly:

Here are some videos we found online of Carly:

Here she is performing at Highline High:

The “Wall” on Carly’s Facebook Page has numerous condolences and memories – check it out here.

There’s a lot of chatter on Twitter about Carly, which you can read by clicking here.

This is indeed a terrible, terrible tragedy, and our heartfelt condolences go out to Carly’s family and friends.

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12 Responses to “UPDATE: Highline High Grad Carly Henley Died From Hanging; Vigil Friday”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    RIP Carly. You will be missed. My prayers to the family.

  2. Breck says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. Joey Small says:

    Its a shame that a beautiful woman with a passion for music, attending Washington’s best university, had to pass just like that, I had no idea whom this woman was at the high school I attended with her, but its really upsetting to know that she would just kill herself like that…

  4. KJE says:

    My prayers go out to the Henley family. There is nothing worse then losing a loved one, especially a child.

    Burien is a close-knit community, and many people are saddened by this loss, but this should not be being published online. If it is a suicide, you are breaking a very fundemental no-no. People who knew Carley will know what happened, but as for everyone else, it is none of their business whether or not they are from Burien.

    Rest in Peace.

  5. Feral dog says:

    Very sad,,, What would prompt someone with what seems to be so much positive going on in their young life to do this.. I wish there was more we could do than pray for the healing of her family,, My prayers go out to you,,,

  6. Jeanette says:

    Very sad .such a talented girl,My prayers go out to ALL her family & friends I am very sorry for your loss.

  7. Sombra says:

    I met Carly at 909 when she worked there this summer. She was a beautiful, sweet and caring young woman. We had talked a couple of times when I was having a meal but I did not know her name until I saw the picture today and realized it was this same nice person.

    Carly, I miss you even though I barely knew you. May you rest in peace.

  8. rainycity says:

    I`m so sorry for the loss of your daughter Carly,, I`m praying for you guys. There`s nothing I can say to help heal the pain you are going through, but if you just want to talk, or if there is anything, anything at all I can do, you know I`m there,, just call me.

  9. Thoughts of a stranger says:

    To begin, I had never heard of Carly Henley before this morning (October 8, 2010) when I read a small story on SeattleTimes.com. I was so moved by her beauty that I printed one of her photos just before leaving for work. All day I have been imagining the raw energy that Carly Henley probably created in the environment all around her during every day she spent on this earth.

    Admittedly it was her exceptional physical appeal that caused me to take such interest in her story. Yet after watching the videos linked at this blog I clearly understand that Carly Henley possessed so much inner beauty that most are caused to stop and marvel over one person having had so many social drawing cards.

    I think I can imagine the psychological barriers one must hurdle before being able to perform in front of her whole high school, but it appears that Carly dealt with them and still delivered a knockout performance. The way that she presented herself so confidently on YouTube is quite an accomplishment and it indicates a vibe that not just everybody gets to witness in their circles of friends and acquaintances.

    All of this leaves me, a total stranger, with a big void of understanding, and I hope that the community at large will evolve to learn more over time. A far too common element to suicide is the phrase: “s/he had everything going for him/her”, which is often asked before the inevitable question of “whyyyyyyyyyy?”

    Few who read about Carly Henley for the first time this week will be able to keep from wondering what it was that took her away from this world, for indeed if it could be said about anyone, Carly Henley “had everything going for her”. Did she have a boyfriend? Did they fight? or break-up? I dooooooooooo very much understand how devastating relationship woes can be, and if something similarly painful caused beautiful Carly to reach the depths of despair then society would reluctantly understand and accept…

    I still say that this young woman can move mountains, even after her death, because in so many ways sheeeeeeeeeee is the sort of human being everyone envied and who many would like to have been. The message that reads: “keep your eyes and mind on your family members and friends, and be sure to reach-out for a confidant when you could use a compassionate ear. You can overcome any setback, no matter how devastating, if only you have the REFLEX to reach out and depend on others.” could be so effectively communicated by a beautiful woman like Carly Henley, even in death.

    Suicide has been in the news a lot lately, and even the most prominent cases (like that of the student from Rutgers University) could have been avoided had friends and family around him been there for him, AND conditioned him to reflexively reach out for a caring ear.

    Any setback can be solved, with time, attention, and effort. It just seems that too few citizens in these times are aware of that at the point when personal pain gets to be too much.

    I can only imagine the emotions back in that high school auditorium when their own Carly Henley was wowing them on stage and students had their cell phones so busy taking pictures and videos of her. I’m glad Carly is a woman who could leave so much with so many after her passing but wow, the void is enormous with unrealized future potential.

    It would be so wonderful if young women all over society could garner useful understanding from Carly Henley’s radiant self-confidence. I like knowing that Carly got to LIVE so much before she left this earth!

    Only the good die young…

  10. Grieving Parents says:

    We too live in Burien – have a big connection with the community – Angelos – Highline Medical Center and just lost our dear son, age 32, way too soon and continue to ask why. Hope to connect with the Henley family in the near future!

  11. buddyboy says:

    Yes Burien is a close-knit community. And although something as tragic like this is private it is also a public issue. Suicide is not just about Carly but about all the young people in our lives who succumb to the pressures of life and take their own.

    As a society we should be asking why? Why does a young person such as this decide it is enough to take her life? Why as everyone says that she had everything going for her, so happy, so content, so everyone’s friends–obviously had a lot of friends yet, she felt so bad enough that suicide was the only way out. There probably were signs but no one saw them.

    Again as a society we need to learn to see these signs, listen for them, and those who are friends need to make others aware of them. We need to know this so that it doesn’t have to happen again.

  12. Carrie says:

    one of my good friends took his life too this past summer. not a moment goes by throughout any of my days where i don’t think of Kenny. I don’t think anyone ever saw him without a smile on his face. I’ve never known anyone who loved life so much. It just breaks me inside to know that so many beautiful people do the unthinkable and take their own lives. The rest of us are left here without any answers or explanations. my heart goes out to everyone who was a part of this young woman’s life.

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