Help Animals At “Whine & Cheese” Fundraiser At Vino Bello Tonight

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The second Annual “Whine & Cheese” Fundraiser for Animals First Foundation will be held from 6pm – 9pm tonight (Friday, Oct. 15th) at Vino Bello, located at 636 SW 152nd Street in Burien.

The event will include a Live Auction, featuring Charlie Beck & Tony Leamer, who are known to talk “really, really fast to get you to open your wallet to bid on some awesome packages.”

Some of the items up for bid:

  • Behind the Scenes tour of the Seattle Aquarium
  • An Evening on the Town including dinner, hair cut & color and a 1-night stay at the Watertown Hotel
  • Wine & Food Baskets
  • Original Artwork
  • Spa Packages and much, much more

There will also be raffle prizes throughout the evening.

Cost is $25 per ticket, which includes two drinks and a raffle ticket. Additional drink and raffle tickets can be purchased at the event.

The money raised from this event will go towards paying the Vet Debt for the Animals First Foundation, which is currently over $6,000, so they desperately need your help!

On another note, some of our Readers may recall the news that Animals First Foundation’s founder, Carina Borja, was found guilty of embezzlement from personal clients of her bookkeeping business last summer.

According to an email we received from Heather Enajibi of Animals First:

Our founder, Carina Borja, has been found guilty of embezzlement from personal clients of her bookkeeping business. Unfortunately, our group is being tarred with the same feather. We are not in possession of any of the stolen money.

I have formed a new board of directors and we are in the process of changing our name, due to the association with Carina and ugly, vicious rumors that are being spread. I’ve been personally slandered in Craigslist where they even attached pictures of me saying that I was paid a salary, etc. Michele just got an email from someone where they are encouraging people to boycott our event. It’s heartbreaking because we work so hard to save animals lives, and now we’re caught up in this political nightmare.

Ever since we found out, I’ve wanted to just walk away and close our doors. I can’t do that though because we still have a lot of animals in our care and part of our adoption contract states that if you don’t want to keep the animal you adopted from us, we will always take them back. We’ve had 8 dogs returned to us in the last 3 months alone. Where will these dogs go if we close?

I’m very happy with our new board and we are going to keep moving forward and doing the job that we all feel is so very important.

More info on this event is available at Animals First Foundation’s Facebook Page here.

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2 Responses to “Help Animals At “Whine & Cheese” Fundraiser At Vino Bello Tonight”
  1. LoriLu says:

    I’ve been looking for something – anything – that confirms AFF’s books are not a part of Carina Borja’s crime. By her own statement, she was going to use some, if not all, of the embezzeled funds to create a non-profit. Today she began her 33-month sentence and she owes more than $500, 000 in restitution. Can someone please prove to me that my past donations will not be seized for victim repayment?

    • Teri says:

      LoriLu…..where have you been looking to ‘confirm AFF’s Books are not part of Carina Borja’s crime’, as the answer you are seeking if very, very easy to find:

      Call the Prosecutor’sOffice (as I did, and any citizen can do). Victim repayment is coming directly out of Carina Borja’s pocket/personal funds. Animals First Foundation has not and will not be charges with any of Carina’s crimes–you can also confirm this statement the Prosecutor’s Office.

      Who knows what Carina did with the money…only Carina knows. Call Carina and ask her, or go visit her at the Adult Dentention Center in downtown Seattle–that’s where she reported to last Friday to start her 33 month sentence.

      I trust Heather and the new Board with the $200 donation I made on October 15th because I reseached the facts. I encourage all others to do the same.

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