Know This Purse Snatcher? He Stole Chirlee’s Purse From The Tin Theater

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On Thursday (Oct. 14th) at approximately 11:51am, a purse belonging to Chirlee House, Mother of Dan “The Sausageman” House, was stolen from inside the Tin Theater lobby in Olde Burien.

Inside Chirlee’s handbag was a bank bag, credit cards, ID, $8 in cash and the usual purse-related stuff.

It’s never easy to be the victim of theft, and since we know and love Chirl, we’ve decided to step in and see if we can help spread the word and grab this purse-snatcher.

Fortunately, the suspect was caught on surveillance camera, and is pictured below in some framegrabs:

At 11:51:46, the suspect is seen taking Chirlee's purse from the chair next to him.

At 11:51:49, the man is seen walking away, with the purse hidden under his shirt.

The suspect is described as an African-American male, standing 5'9" to 6'2", and weighing around 185lbs.

Dan says that the video shows the man carefully casing the room, waiting for the right moment to act. Chirlee’s purse was on a chair next to him, and she was in the theater giving a tour; a Server was just a few feet away in the ticket booth. Neither saw the man do the actual deed, but the video clearly shows him grabbing it, stashing it under his shirt, then calmly walking out.

Burien Police are on the case already, and are asking that if anyone recognizes the suspect in the photos, to please call them immediately at (206) 296-3311.

Dan is offering a reward of a $100 Tin Room Gift Card to whomever helps find the culprit.

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8 Responses to “Know This Purse Snatcher? He Stole Chirlee’s Purse From The Tin Theater”
  1. M K says:

    This creep was was down at Herr Backyard and the antique store aprrox. 30/40 min. later. I caught him in our back hallway looking for the bathroom. It was a very likely explanation so I didn’t suspect anything, but did tell him to hit the bricks!

  2. Chuck says:

    It would be so nice to get him off the streets. We all need to be aware….

  3. Sombra says:

    I know sweet Chirlee and am incensed that this happened to such a nice person. Let’s all keep an eye out in case we encounter this creep!

  4. Bob says:

    Hey Folks-
    Lets up the ante on Danny’s offer of $100 and see if we can’t get this guy off the streets! I just can’t believe someone has not recognized him–pretty good pictures.–How about a few posters?

    • reefer says:

      Bob, and you are going to start that process with how much?

      • Terry says:

        Bob and I discussed this the other night. We respect and love Chirlee and felt that we needed to try and help in some small way. Therefore Bob and I will each put a hundred dollars into the reward for an additional $200. With Dan’s $100 the pot now stands at $300.

        • Bob says:

          Thanks Terry-

          yes indeed i’m in for $100. I had a car broken into a while back and lost a suitcase full of stuff after coming from the airport and stopping by the Tin Room for dinner. Then about six months ago I dropped my wallet after buying some garden supplies at Fred Myer. Someone picked it up and was using the credit cards(trying to) within 10 minutes. This is a great opportunity to get at least one of these people off the streets of Burien.—And make Chirlee feel a little better.

  5. Ace says:

    Just curious, but how long would this guy be “off the streets” – do any of you really expect him to serve any jail time for this? He will be right back on the streets while he is on his 3 months probation.

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