LETTER: Cats Wrongly Euthanized At Burien’s New Animal Care Shelter?

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Dear City of Burien Council Members,

Companion Animal Medical Center located at 19655 1st Ave South #106 Normandy Park, Wa, the facility that manages the City of Burien Animal Control, has decided to euthanize all of the cats. Dr. Leslie Kasper stated that one of the kittens adopted out last week had the Panleukapania Virus. Dr. Kasper had not accurately determined that the Panleukapania Virus was the cause because she did not run any blood work to determine if the white blood cell count was low. Dr. Kasper did run a parvo test on the kitten but the test can read false positive or false negative which is not the determining factor that the kitten had the virus. Dr. Kasper has decided to euthanize all of the cats based on this information.

Dr. Kasper is going out of business effective tomorrow Friday 10/15/10 and has no where to house the current animals at the shelter. She has conveniently decided that all cats have the Panluekapania Virus and will euthanize them.

Many of the kittens at the shelter have died, due to not being treated and taken care of properly. Many of the kittens required antibiotics and fluid therapy of which she failed to treat them due to financial expenses but yet the City of Burien is paying her monthly to take care of these animals.

I would hope that the City of Burien would care for the welfare of these animals and expect that the animals are treated fairly and not just outsourcing the animal control services in spite of saving money and not caring for the welfare of these animals. I would hope that is not what the City of Burien intended. The citizens of Burien need to know what is actually going on when they bring in a stray animal to this shelter.

Dr. Kasper has euthanized many healthy dogs due to requiring additional space for her boarding dogs. These dogs were great dogs and very healthy. They have paid the ultimate price due to the horrible management of the animal control services taking place at Companion Animal Medical Center.

The King County Animal Shelter located in Kent took much better care of these animals and at least they had a chance. They do not have a chance at this facility as the facility itself is not set up properly for animal control services and Dr. Kasper is in the animal control business only for the money and not for the welfare of the animals. Dr. Kasper has tried very little to find foster parents or additional animal resource centers to find homes for these animals. Instead, they are just euthanized.

The City of Burien may be saving some money outsourcing the animal control services elsewhere but the animals are paying the ultimate price and this is not moral or ethical.

I expect the City of Burien council members to review, revise and change the way you are handling animal control services. The current contract with Companion Animal Medical Center needs to be canceled immediately.

Of course Dr. Kasper would like to continue with the animal control services, she’s making 120K a year to do this.  How can she spay and neuter these animals without a facility.  She will just euthanize more animals. If you are heartless, this is not a bad gig for 120K a year.

She is not an official animal control officer she’s a DVM.  There is a big difference.  The City of Burien needs to go back to King County to professionally-maintained animal control services.

– Monica Horn

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77 Responses to “LETTER: Cats Wrongly Euthanized At Burien’s New Animal Care Shelter?”
  1. Just another horrible person says:

    maybe they should have taken that pit bull that bit that disfigured that gal to her instead of to yakima

  2. This blog made me sick..Who does this woman think she is ??God ?Sounds like to me she just didn’t want to bother treating these poor animals and find them homes…Ummm excuse me but isn’t that what being a Vet is al about .. Treating the sick and making sure they find loving homes?..Sounds like to me that she just didn’t want to be botherd and put those poor animals down instead all because she was closing up shop…I truly feel her Lic. should be taken away from her.

    • John Elliott says:

      I agree whole heartedly. This person (I wouldn’t give the term Doctor as she doens’t deserve it) should have her license and business yanked with the City of Burien. And City of Burien, what are you doing about it. I only see the comments from the citizens who are obviously upset over what is taking place here.

      For any business such as this, you can’t be in it for the money alone. You have to have a heart and sould that is into helping these poor animals where obviously, those who owned them couldn’t care less. These animals are brought in to these vets to take care of them. Kind of a last stop and to make an misinformed decision to kill all of them and not do the proper investigation is sheer horror. You miss doctor are immoral and should be paying the penalty for your stupidity.

  3. Carrie says:

    This note is BS the city would not help with care of these animals all they did was pay for them to get the animals off the streets not care for them. She took supplies from her clinic to care for the strays. She tried to find other shelter…s to take the animals when she knew she was closing and no one would take them so she had no other option. She also did several adoption fairs trying to get these animals adopted and no one wanted them, she tried every possibility she knew of. Maybe if you were to have looked into this more you would have realized it. In closing maybe who ever wrote this letter should put the blame back where it belongs and that would be on the cities of Burien and Normandy park and the state for not giving her the correct funding to support the animal control part of her clinic. I know Dr. Kasper personnally and she is great with the animals that she cares for and I don’t know who wrote this but you don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Loves Cats says:

      This is BS she bid for a job and now that she can’t to it for what she bid everyone else but her is responsible? If she only wanted money she should have found another job.

      She should have done the job she was contracted to do. If someone offered to remodel your house and then decided that money wasn’t enough and burned it down I’m betting you wouldn’t be so understanding. She was TRUSTED to do this job.

      No one twisted her arm and forced her to take this on.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Exactly!!! You can bet your A** she cashes that check every month! I personally have had a very poor experience dealing with her! The really appalling part is that our city council had plenty of warning and still has not even looked into this situation!! Remember when we were all told what a wonderful deal this would be?? I sure hope that the council will respond to this terrible situation. I know Jack Block reads this….so what now Jack???? Sickening!!!

  4. Klynn says:

    Well, Monica, that is one opinion. And you sure illicited opinions from people who have no facts or experiences with the clinic.
    1. Dr. Kasper is still experiencing sick and dying kittens. The virus is in the clinic. A stray brought it in and it is like the flu is for humans. Very contagious and infectious before symptoms appear. The clinic has disinfected everything with an even stronger product in attempts to stop the spread. The clinic always practiced cleanliness. Monica you worked there for several months…..
    A shelter in Everett euthanized its whole cat population. That is standard procedure. Dr. Kasper has been trying to avoid that and used a “wait and see” approach while providing as much isolation as possible when you have 50 cats in-house.
    2. The city of Burien is paying Dr. Kasper about 1/3 of what they would have paid the county to continue animal control. Much of that is going into animal care…..40 pounds of cat litter almost every day, food, medical care (yes, she is giving medicine to sick animals). And then the facility itself has enormous costs. Dr. Kasper also had to purchase appropriate dog and cat traps, capture items, and safety gear from this fund, as well as many new kennels for the animals. She has taken less than 1K a month from the city’s money. King County told Burien, “maybe a dozen animals a month.”
    3. Companion Animal Medical Center started as a new clinic and Dr. Kasper has worked hard to gain a client base. She has earned the trust of many pet owners because of her caring attutude and competent medical knowledge. Her clinic was just beginning to “break even” as to monthly income and expenditures, however the many months of “getting started,” along with the bad economy, the delayed road work on first avenue, and other events, had left her in debt that her creditors would no longer tolerate. It is not Dr. Kasper’s choice to close. She has done all she could to avoid that. She has now been trying to find takers of the animals and greatly appreciates those facilities that have stepped up to help although they are also very full. No one wants to take sick cats or those exposed to sick cats. She is doing what she can to find placements and it makes her very sad to have to euthanize any animal for any reason.

    • Loves Cats says:

      Maybe she shouldn’t have taken on a job that was too big for her rather then end up in such a mess. No one came with guns and forced her to take on the job she went looking for it. So at what point is she responsible for the damage she is doing?

      She bid low so she could get the job and now she is crying because she wasn’t paid enough? And if it wasn’t going to be enough she could have said no thanks, but she didn’t. So it is her responsibility.

    • sheeba says:

      Yes, the animal cages were sanitized as new animals came into the shelter. That is not the issue here. I was an intern for the shelter and I never worked for her. I don’t regret the experience other than I had to witness what was actually taking place. I helped many animals during my 3 months at the shelter and I made a huge difference. As a matter of fact, without my help during that 3 months the animals would not of received the care they required as far as walking the dogs, cleaning cages, feeding, etc. Simply because no one can manage a shelter for a city that has sixty thousand people in it and expect to properly maintain animal control services when you only have two people in the clinic working everything. During that 3 months there were three of us and other volunteers at times came into the shelter to help but that’s hit or miss. You can’t always count on volunteers. Spouses and family did help out as well. That is too many animals to take care of properly and the shelter was overwelmed. At one time there were 80 cats at the shelter. Dr. Kasper did help some of the animals but many many more required help. It was too overwelming for one DVM and one Vet Tech to handle. I’m not trying to personally attack Dr. Kasper or staff, my concern is for the proper care of the animals. Signed Monica

      • wyle e coyote says:

        If you made such a HUGE impact (not that any other intern wouldn`t have but) where the hell are you now!! All this concern you have/had just went away except for a post here???
        Seems to me like you are living with it just fine,, Unless you plan on making a “HUGE impact” like you said earlier, you oughta just quit trolling here and trying to get everyone all fired up,, Just put them cats out the back door and I`ll take of them for the city of Burien, no charge,,

  5. Mary says:

    WOW….this DOCTOR KASPER is DISGUSTING and ANYONE who supports her is just right there with her DISGUSTING and HEARTLESS!!!! How can anyone with a consious euthanize animals for no complete reason at all besides the fact that she needed more room…and some of you people are right there with her saying it was okay for her to euthanize cause she didnt have room and that’s the city of buriens fault??? okay well maybe this DUMMY DVM shoulda looked into animal control some more before she signed a damn contract with the city of burien. She took it on because she was gonna lose her practice anyway cause she had no client base..well not enough to keep her up and running. she opened a practice between a few vets (Normandy animal hosp., marine view, and five corners) they all have a client base what was she thinking opening up in the middle of these clinics that have been there for a long time…not only that she bought everything new…a new digital x-ray machine, dental x-ray machine and much much more…she couldnt afford it..her only way to afford it was to sign this contract with burien and hope that she could pay her bills. she didnt care about the animals she just wanted to keep her business up and running…did any of you people think that when she did surgery’s where was she waking animals up at??? she woke them up in EXAM ROOMS…not a treatment area where they should be woken up at and watched very carefully…she didnt care as long as she was getting money…come on now her rent was about $8,000 a month and if she was getting $10,000 a month then she basically paid off her rent…thats all the money was for was to pay her rent and she should have thought about that!! it all brings this back to the story about a couple months ago that other girl posted about her cat that was microchipped and hit by a car but she didnt know if it was her cat because the city of burien didnt check it for a microchip…burien really needs to get there crap together and really think about steppin up there animal control program and getting rid of this so called Doctor that is in our community….GET HER OUTTA HERE I DONT WANT HER TOUCHING MY ANIMALS!!!

    • First of all I find it crazy that this woman, Dr. Kasper, receives $10,000 per month to care for shelter animals. Notice I put emphasis on the word care! I have an aged dog that has many, many health care problems and I know the cost of his continuing health care costs. Even if you times my dog’s vet costs by 100 it still does not come to $10,000 a month and I take him to an excellent vet at Southhill Vet in Puyallup.

      If Kasper could not run her shelter on ten thousand dollars per month, then she must not have known how to budget her money. You have to buy in bulk and get numerous bids for the cheapest price. You have to stay within your budget, just like you do in your personal life. Also, if a kitten comes in sick, you treat it then, so it doesn’t get all the others sick! Sounds like she put off treatment until all the cats were sick, so she could justify euthanizing them.

      Plus, whose fault it is that Kasper took on the job of having and running the shelter in her clinic at 1/3 of what it should have paid? She should have done her homework and computed the numbers for equipment, supplies, and pet care before signing a contract with the city if Burien. I think she thought $10,000 was the gravy train!

      I also know, and this is fact, Dr. Kasper had only one full time employee. That was Dr. Kasper’s choice, but it seems to me that would be too much work for two people, as the doctor was running a regular vet clinic, as well as the Burien shelter.

      I have always believed that vets cared deeply for animals, that is why they went into this particular line of work, but this one looks as if she is truly heartless.

      Everyone knows that when animals are dropped off at a shelter they may, somewhere down the line, be euthanized, but we don’t want to think about it. If Burien’s shelter was supposed to be a “No Kill” shelter, then it should have been a “No Kill” shelter.

      This is also fact, I knew someone who volunteered at Dr. Kasper’s shelter and saw first hand the appalling conditions at this “shelter” and how animals were not medically treated if they were sick, when that were brought into the shelter, because no one was paying the bill. In one instance the volunteer did not go into the shelter/clinic for a couple of days and when she went in the next time Kasper had euthanized all the cats. Kasper gave no reason as to why it was done. This was the norm at this shelter.

      Then when Kasper staring having money problem, IE: her car repossessed and she was being evicted from her shelter/clinic space, she decides the only thing to do was to euthanize all the animals that are left in the shelter. Now who is the villain here? This nut job Doc or the whistle-blower?

  6. Questioning... says:

    Monica raises some VERY serious charges. Depending which way the facts fall there seems that one of the two parties being subjected to at least civil penalities (The Dr or Monica)

  7. Eaton B. Verz says:

    When will the council figure out that you get what you pay for??? Note to the council: PLEASE stay AWAY from our senior citizens!

  8. Star says:

    I find it interesting that people are upset over Dr. Kasper euthanizing animals when she was filled to capacity, and some want to go back to King County’s animal control. Do you not realize that King County does the same thing?? That EVERY ALMOST ANIMAL CONTROL DOES THIS?? When there is no longer any room, the one whom have been there the longest get euthanized?? They have adoption fairs, they contact whomever they can, but when it comes down to it, they can only do so much.

    Did any of you step up and offer to foster any of the animals? Did any of you offer to help with finances?

    Yes, I think that it is horrible what happens in animal shelters, but, with the pet population out of control, there is not much else that can be done.

    • sheeba says:

      If you claim you are a “no kill” shelter and then euthanize animals due to space contraints, that is against the law. I fostered many of the kittens. I fostered 4 kittens in particular that were very very sick and skin and bones. They should have never got that skinny. It took some time for them to become that sick and skinny and no one did a thing about it except for me. They were there about 2 months. I asked Dr. Kasper if I could foster them and had them for three days and even took them to my own vet. My vet’s diagnosis was they required “nursing care” of which I was giving them. Dr. Kasper then asked me to return the kittens. I did return them only because they were her “legal” property. She then deemed them as too sick to nurse them back to health and said to me that she does not have money to spend on the kittens and will be having to house all of these kittens/cats somewhere shortly. I asked her if I could please bring them home and continue nursing care and she got very upset with me and stated “Do what you want, I have already decided to euthanize them”. They only had a bad upper respiratory infection that had not been treated in over 2 months. Had they been treated sooner they would not of gotten that sick in the first place. Dr. Kasper euthanize three of them and one luckily got adopted out. They were sweet little kittens. My only regret is that I should of just brought them home anyways. Dr. Kasper said to me, “just because you can save them, does not mean that you should” Her exact words. I disagree, they only required nursing care of which I offered to do myself.

      • Loves Cats says:

        Also interesting that they all needed “killing” just as she closed her office. Has to make you wonder. She get 10k a month does she want to board the cats and get them healthy or just kill them off and keep the money?

        BTW if she gets rid of the place to shelter the cats does that mean she can just kill them as they come in since there is no room for them and keep the 10k a month?

      • Angie says:


        Can you tell me which kittens you’re talking about? Was that before my time? In all the time I was there, I never saw any kitties that were too skinny except the ones that were being fattened up from their previous hard lives. I know that you fostered many of the kitties. And I know that you did a great job with them.

        One of my biggest worries when the little darling (whose name I am not disclosing out of respect for her still-grieving family) was diagnosed that I knew she’d just spent quite a bit of time at your house. I was so worried that your own kitties had been exposed. I suddenly imagined all 14 of your cats infected, a horrible thought.

        I was reassured that you’d said you’d kept those kitties isolated from your other cats in the dog room, so that it was probable that nobody was at risk. Thank goodness!

        I’m just confused, though… Until this past Friday was keeping track of those kitties very carefully. The only kitties that I know of being euthanized were a older kitty with a serious intestinal infection or directly related to the outbreak.

    • sheeba says:

      I had many conversations with King County and did my homework, they euthanize if they deem the animal as dangerous to the public or if they have a horrible disease that can’t be treated.

      The Panluek virus that she claimed of having to euthanize the cats was not properly diagnosed. Just because they have diarhea does not mean they have panluek. They were overwelmed by all the cats and having to spend the money to buy more antibiotics, tests, etc. Dr. Kasper did treat some of the cats with antibiotics later on but why did she wait so long. ie. The three cats she euthanized that were horribly skinny. They should have never gotten that bad. The problem is that it takes many people to manage, treat and clean up after that many animals. Dr. Kasper could not afford to hire anyone else. She had one person officially working for her. She should of never taken on animal control services. It was a train wreck waiting to happen.

      • Star says:

        King County is not going to say “Yep, we kill ’em when we get full” No shelter will openly admit to that. The sad fact is though, that is what happens. And “no-kill” shelters are really no better. They ship off animals to other shelters, who then kill the animals.

        You are right though, if she did not have adequate staff, or the means to hire on more staff, she should have never agreed to take on the animal care and control.

      • awin says:

        Well now, Monica…

        Now you’re just LYING. That beautiful kitten WAS properly diagnosed. I saw the lab results myself because my friend is the one that adopted her.

        So, how much of what you say is true. And how much is lies?

        Can’t really know, can we?

    • mutts says:

      As a volunteer for RASKC, I’m offended by your lack of knowledge just as many in this thread are offended by the original writers’ possible lack of knowledge about what is going on in Burien. Despite what you may think you know, RASKC does not euthanize for time or space and go to extraordinary lengths to save injured or sick animals. The only animals that are euthanized are those that are 1) terminally ill 2) mortally wounded 3) or so tragically aggressive they can’t be saved.

      All shelters, despite the most strict protocols, have animals that get sick and pass along their ill to other animals. I’ve seen time and time again how much work it takes to nurse sick animals in a shelter environment; it’s tremendously draining. Some shelters, like Everett did recently, decide that it’s easier and less costly to euthanize all the animals (in this case, the cats), instead of trying to diagnose treat them, which is hugely expensive, both in resources and medicines.

      While I applaud Dr. Kasper for trying,, I think she and Burien were naive to believe that one person could handle the depth and breadth of shelter care. It’s not the same as running a veterinary hospital.

  9. Eaton B. Verz says:

    I think most everyone agrees that this situation is disgusting. The ultimate blame rests with the city council for not doing due dilligence and researching Dr. Kasper and her situation. And why haven’t they stepped in to put an end to this terrible situation? Please call and or e-mail the council to voice your feelings.

    • ordinary citizen says:

      The City recently gave themselves an award for this program. They think they are Innovative Stewards of Public Trust. What good would it do to complain to the City?

      The only way to change things is to vote out the current council members and vote in new council members who would be willing to fire a City Manager who drives drunk for the second or third time.

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Mr. Citizen, You are right! This situation is horrible. A change needs to be made!!

      • omark says:

        I totally agree with ordinary citizen. WHY does the city council continue to employ a drunk as city manager. Mr Martin gave himself a raise last year and is planning to do so again this year, in THIS ECONOMY when COLA is @ $0.00.

        Mr Martin continues as city manager apparently with the blessing of the city council, except for Lucy K who is apparently the only one on the council with any common sense.

        In this economy there are dozens of more qualified individuals that could do a much better job than Mr Martin, a individual who apparently has no shame . Evidenced by the poor “animal control on the cheap” policy he instituted, indirectly causing the euthanization of so many dogs and cats.
        A cynic might wonder if it was just so he could save $ and give himself and his staff another raise?

        I ask again in the name of common sense and decency “What is a convicted multiple drunk driver doing driving the bus of the management of our city?
        Its a intolerable situation imo.
        Me thinks there is “something rotton in the city of Burien”.

  10. sheeba says:

    I called the City of Burien because I wanted to have a meeting. Jenn Romirez immediately contacted Dr. Kasper before I even had a chance to speak to her or the city. I only wanted to voice my concerns in regards to the animals. They are the ones suffering the consequences of all of this. It’s very sad and I pray they get homes and are not euthanized. The city officials should come to the shelter sometime and see all of the animals there. They are loving, defenseless, and only want to go somewhere where they feel safe and loved. It’s easy for the city to just say “Euthanize them” if we don’t have room or any more money. When you live it everyday and see it everyday it’s a different story versus sitting behind a desk and not seeing their sad and scared little faces. If you were a kind and moral person you would not say just to get rid of them.

    • Kitty Mama says:

      Wait a minute… I thought you said that ALL the kitties were being euthanized???

      You’re accusing someone of serious charges, killing animals without just cause. NOW you’re saying that you want them to get good homes??


      You clearly know SOME of what happened, but not all of it. It only takes a semi-careful read of your accusations to see that fact. I find it extremely disturbing that your accusations are treated as news, when there’s SO CLEARLY more going on than is being shared…

      You claim that the kitties weren’t even diagnosed correctly, and then someone else obviously close to the situation states without a doubt that this very serious and difficult to eradicate feline disease was indeed present in the shelter… Did you know that and LIE? Or did you NOT know that and ASSUME??

      Monica, I’d bet that you’ve got some reasonable concerns about the way this shelter was run… But your SERIOUS ATTACK based on MIXED MESSAGES, ASSUMPTIONS, and possible LIES, makes you completely UNRELIABLE in my book.

      Come on Burien!!! Read Critically!!! You’re CLEARLY not getting an accurate picture!

      • sheeba says:

        I was told all of the cats would be euthanized. I have been reading this blog and someone wrote that many of the kittens are still alive and sick. If they are still alive what I’m saying is that I hope they get homes for the ones that are still alive. I have nothing to gain here by lying. Think what you want but I’m an honest person and would not make anything up.

        • Kitty Mama says:

          You may not mean to lie, but your comments do not add up.

          You’ve made extremely serious charges that can have grave consequences in a PUBLIC FORUM.

          And you so clearly only know part of the story.

          I can understand that you must be upset about the kitties, but as far as I can see, your behavior has been horrible.

          How many people will see the headline and your letter on the blog and not bother to read the comments?

          How many people will realize that you DON’T KNOW if all the cats have actually been euthanized.

          How many people will realize that you DON’T KNOW if this extremely serious feline disease had spread throughout the shelter?

          How many people will realize that you DON’T KNOW the steps that had been taken to deal with this situation?

          Maybe there are real concerns with the way the shelter was run? I don’t know… But to accuse someone about something so serious in such a way… That’s just horrible.

          I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you, but WOW. Take a look at what you’ve done.

          Was it worth it?

          • sheeba says:

            I like how you are trying to flip things around. Some people are very good at that, but you will not find discrepancies with anything that I’m stating. When you tell the truth, have high ethical standards and honor and believe you can make a difference you will always prevail. I don’t regret anything I have said. It is my hope that the animals will now be properly taken care of the way they deserve to be taken care of. God Bless them all!

          • Kitty Mama says:

            I’ve turned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING around.

            Simply reading your letter and the following comments, it is CLEAR that you have made statements as FACTS that you SIMPLY DON’T KNOW.

            It is CLEAR that you feel very strongly about the cats and that is RIGHT. You clearly love animals in general and I’ll bet these animals in particular. However, it also seems clear to me that your sadness about the truly terrible situation has clouded your judgement.

            I’m truly sorry that you feel personally attacked and feel the need to respond defensively. That was not my intention. My intention was only to ask you to think critically about the consequences of your emotional reaction to the situation.

            My own emotional reaction to the headline and your letter was horror. And then I started reading critically. Looking for facts. They’re simply not there. That is also horrifying to me.

            Do I know what happened?


            Do I believe it’s acceptable to accuse PEOPLE of such serious things without FACTS?


            I’m so sorry this happened. I’m completely sure that you’re aching with sadness.

            I’ll bet you’re not the only one.

  11. kitty lover says:

    The City of Burien needs to take responsibility for the problems in the supposed “Animal Control Program”. It is ludicrous that the City thought this was such an easy matter to manage and should have adopted to partner with King County in caring for these animals and animal related issues, until such time that they could take on this issue respectfully. I doubt there have been any safe guards put into action for these animals and how they are cared for. We need a respected, and constantly scrutinized program for these animals and investigations should be underway. Where are the “City officials”?????

  12. Char Sawyer says:

    I am wondering if anyone from the City of Burien is checking up on what this contract employee is currently doing with the animals. I read that she had contacted two different places to house animals for her, but are they simply going to be euthanized them also?
    I understand that Dr. Kasper also works for the City of Des Moines. Are they looking in to how their animals are being treated?
    I applaud the City of Burien for wanting to have their own animal control officer and their hope to have the animals from our city treated better than they were at King County, however, low bid isn’t the best way to go.
    Please consider putting more effort and better planning into how the City of Burien is going to handle this stiuation.

  13. dogged pursuit says:

    Dr. Kasper could clear this up if she wanted to. She could write her own letter to the editor, saying, “This is exactly how many cats were killed and how many were saved. Here are the papers showing the results from the lab tests, and you can drop by my office at any time to view the originals. Here are the steps we will be taking to make sure any future disease is detected early and treated properly.”

    This seems like a good opportunity for her to assure the citizens of Burien that their pets have an adequate safety net. By remaining silent on these issues, she does not inspire confidence.

    • Kitty Mama says:

      A very sensible suggestion, I think…

      Although rather than responding to personal attacks, it seems to me that an official investigation is in order. Blogs tend to be a place where emotions rule and logic doesn’t always… Not sure this is the appropriate venue for something this serious. It’s probably wise to avoid this blog and get on to the serious business of investigating what happened.

      I’d like to think that Dr. Kasper and the responsible city officials have already launched their own investigation into what happened and why. Assistance from experts from King County or Seattle Animal Control could be helpful, I’m sure…

      It’s clear that a serious disease made it’s way into the shelter. The question is whether or not that could have been avoided (doubtful in my limited knowledge) or whether or not things should have been handled differently (I have no idea). The entire situation is regrettable and as a kitty lover myself, I weep for the dear animals. But really, how can this drama be helpful?

      It’s my hope that a proper investigation will be held with an honest assessment of what went right, what went wrong, and where to go from here… A report on THAT is news… THIS is drama.

      Ugly drama.

    • Klynn says:

      City requested that Dr. Kasper not respond. I guess they want to look at the PR first.

  14. Mud Baby says:

    The current feline holocaust situation was entirely predictable and preventable. Sadly, however, the Burien City Council voted almost unanimously to do the stupid, cheap thing instead of pay for the Regional Animal Services of King County model, which would have provided full service sheltering, spay/neutering services and animal enforcement to Burien residents. It should come as no surprise that Burien’s makeshift “shelter” had to kill all these cats. Presumably it also quietly kills even healthy cats and dogs whenever this vet’s facility gets too full.

    Only Council member Lucy Krakowiak had the foresight to vote “yes” when the option to go with the RASKC when this important budget issue was considered by the Council. The rest of the Council should hang its head in shame over what they did.

    Mutts is absolutely right in describing the very different and much more humane way sick animals are cared for at the RASKC shelter in Kent. Its entire staff–including two vets, two vet techs and a number of Pima College student interns–work tirelessly to restore sick animals to health, and they have much more spacious facilities to work with since the Cat Building and Pima College modular buildings were constructed. Sick animals are effectively quarantined and treated, and the shelter’s capacity has been further extended by the foster families that lovingly care for kittens and sick and many sick adult animals (mostly cats).

  15. Kitty Mama says:


    Where do you get your info?

    Are you making it up because you didn’t agree with the choice to run a shelter?

    Ugly behavior. Just ugly.

    • Kitty Mama says:

      Sorry for posting improperly.

      This was to “Mud Baby”.

      Your willingness to play fast and loose with the truth is downright alarming.

  16. Klynn says:

    BACC was not bidded for; the city announced it wanted to go this route to save money. They offered 120K for the year. King County wanted more than twice that. Dr. Kasper was the only full vet facility to apply. And of course she wanted another source of income for her business, what business doesn’t? King County told the city that they handled maybe a dozen animals or so a month from the Burien area. That was very do able. Dr. Kasper had 60 in the shelter before her first month was over! Yes she was overwhelmed. Yes she contacted the city. No they couldn’t offer her any assistance. Yes this was a record summer for abandoned and surrendered pets and all of the shelters were swamped so the plan to utilize rescue clubs and such dead-ended. “Loves Cats” should be angry at all of the people who just dumped their innocent and loving animals into the streets to be turned in as “strays.” Ninety percent of the cats in the shelter were not feral! Dr. Kasper managed as she could. She took home 2 week old kittens to feed them at night. The animals were given clinic names. That $10,000 a month dropped to about $8500 after the cost of animal control and shelter equipment was deducted, and she has only been paid for 3 months. The facility has high costs as it is new and most of the $8500 each month went towards the facility liabilities and animal care. She has basically served the community for free, and the city has the accounting records to show that. It is a terrible coincidence that the virus entered the clinic about the time she was forced to close business. Dr. Kasper does not want to euthanize animals, but she also can not let contagious pets be placed out among healthy animals. There are still animals on the premises. They are still being cared for – fed, watered, clean litter and blankets, a scratch on the head, a rub on the back, medicine where needed. Who will adopt the ones that are not infected with the virus?

    • Angie says:

      I’m so glad to hear that the kitties are still there. I was so worried about what would happen to them after the vet office closed, but Dr. Leslie has more to deal with that to calm my worries, so I haven’t asked.

      I was planning to foster several of the kitties until they got adopted or until Dr. Leslie got settled into a new place. However, when this horribly contagious disease showed it’s ugly head, I sadly backed out. I didn’t want those germs into my house. I intend to foster mama kitties with their unvaccinated babies in the future. My understanding is that it is extremely difficult to get rid of those nasty germs… I couldn’t risk it. I love those kitties at BACC, but I had to think about the big picture.

      Do you blame me? Maybe. Dr. Leslie doesn’t, I don’t believe. But she still has to figure out how to care for the kitties.

      She gets to deal with the unfortunate failure of her business, the attack on her furry charges by a nasty illness, and personal attacks based on assumptions and spite.

      Great way to deal with a terrible situation, folks…

    • Angie says:

      I also want to comment about the huge number of kitties abandoned by Burien folks… I found it truly stunning. So many wonderful animals…

      Not long ago, I went to take pictures of some of the kittens who were nearly ready for adoption, and discovered yet more new ones. “Again!?” I exclaimed… I was told that these five kittens had been turned in as strays. The woman claimed that the kittens had been living in the woods… She’d caught them with difficulty and had kept them about a week. Dr. Leslie was too polite to directly agree with me when I questioned that “fact”. Here’s where it’s my turn to make assumptions: These kittens had almost surely NOT been raised outside! They’re long fur was healthy, clean, and well groomed. They had plenty of “kitten fat” and were extremely comfortable with people. They didn’t behave remotely like the other recently rescued kittens I’d worked with…

      I believe that this woman had an unaltered cat with a litter of kittens. I believe that she kept them while they were small, adorable, and the mama was taking care of them. Then, when it was time to find them new homes, I believe that she casually passed that responsibility on to someone else.

      This is one of the reasons that shelters are so overwhelmed… They willingly take on the responsibilities that the rest of us shed. And then when they run into trouble, we scream that they should have done better.

      Should some things have been done differently? Maybe. I’m not an expert. But I have absolutely no doubt that Dr. Leslie is thinking very carefully about that. I hope that the folks in charge at the city are too.

      I don’t know what’s best.

      But I do know that it’s cruel, ignorant, and just plain incorrect to attack Dr. Leslie.

  17. questioning..... says:

    So far there has been no facts just opions on what MAY have happend. The charge is malpractice and we don’t know any facts yet.

    If the cats were suffering from an incurrable condition, then should we let them suffer and exprose more cats to it?

    But if the cats were not properly diagnosed, it is malpractice and the vet license should be pulled.

    BUT none of us know the facts yet.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      You are right, but so what? Haven’t you noticed how boring letters like yours are where all you do is use critical thinking and facts? You could even force a reader to think a little bit before he reacts. It’s much more fun to jump on the inuendo bandwagon and ciriticze an official when one is uninhibited by facts or logic.

    • Angie says:


      I do know some of the facts. I am also a friend of the woman who adopted the first kitty who died. I am the one who showed her pictures of beautiful kitties for weeks and said, “you need one of these!”. She feel in love with her kitten before they met. I feel so guilty. And yet, my understanding is that this disease is horrible, almost impossible to control, very contagious, and can easily wipe out a population. It’s not my fault. And I don’t believe that it’s Dr. Leslie’s fault any more than it’s the fault of other shelters who’ve had to deal with the same horrible situation.

      I do know these facts: I’m absolutely sure that at least the initial case was properly diagnosed. I’m absolutely sure that Dr. Leslie took the situation extremely seriously. It was my phone call that let her know that the kitten was so ill and she immediately jumped in…

      I don’t know if things should have been done differently once it became clear that there were many, many more animals in need than everyone had been led to believe. I don’t know if the city should have done something differently. I don’t know if Dr. Leslie should have done something differently. I agree wholeheartedly with the person who said that the way to move forward is to perform an investigation based on facts rather than “drama”. I’ll bet there are some animal control experts in the area who can help shed light on what went right and what went wrong.

      An important fact is that this is an incredibly sad situation and placing all blame on one person is simplifying the situation to the extreme. Snap judgment is easy when you’re in this type of forum.

      What I can say is this… I knew every single one of those kittens by name. I named many of them myself. I loved those kitties almost as much as if they were my own. My daughter talks about them as if they’re part of the family. And many of them, I don’t know how many, have succumbed to a terrible disease. It works fast and is easily contagious.

      My heart is broken about those kitties. But turning this all into something ugly doesn’t honor them.

  18. NOT to mention if there are any kittens alive she ADOPTING THEM OUT FOR $25.00 and they ARE NOT FIXED. I TNR feral cats and have a hard enough time dealing with I have now. Then to “adopt” kittens unaltered. All shelters s/n all their animals before adoption. Isn’t she a vet? So I think we need to go to a city counsel meeting and let the counsel know this is NOT right. This is waste of my tax money. Hell I know more about animal control then she does. Yes it was distemper, it was confirmed at another vet (South Seattle Vet). In one only defense I will give this “vet” is even vaccinated kittens and cats they can still get distemper. I know this for a fact, and the parvo tests are USELESS and the if the kitten is vaccinated it will “test” positive. That is the confusing part. I am very educated on this.

    • Angie says:

      Oh boy… This has gotten nasty…

      I grew up in Burien, but live north now, so it’s not usual for me to read a Burien blog, but I’m glad I came today…

      I simply had to respond to Pamela’s charges… But first, let me give a bit of background to show why I know what I do.

      I adopted a beautiful kitten from Burien Animal Control at the end of August. She was one of those two-week old kittens brought home to feed. Dr. Leslie showed me a picture that she’d taken of my baby during her early days. What a cutie! I’m pretty sure that Monica was another one of the others who helped to save my kitty’s life. I’m grateful to all involved at Burien Animal Control for the care she received. She’s a trusting, human-connected, healthy, naughty, delightful little darling because of them.

      When we adopted our kitten, I was impressed with the care that we received and that the animals received, but I could see that they were completely overwhelmed. They had so many cats! I could immediately see that I could help out by taking pictures of the kitties so they could be posted on Petfinder. I filled out my volunteer form and began taking hundreds of pictures. After they got to know me a bit, and realized I was reliable, they took me up on my offer to actually post the photos and information on Petfinder. I figured this could ease the burden a bit. As a result, I was at BACC once or twice a week for the past six (seven?).

      I can certainly understand why Pamela is upset at the thought of adopting out unaltered kittens for only $25. I don’t believe that any kittens have been adopted by this “deal” though. I believe that was an idea created out of desperation that unfortunately got published on this blog. I know that it was never posted on Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet. Other, better options were on the table, I know that…. We’d talked about my daughter and I fostering several of the little ones who weren’t yet ready to alter and we were in the process of recruiting other foster families. No doubt about it, the idea of adopting out unaltered pets for such a low price simply invites irresponsibility… BAD idea. But I don’t think it was, or will be, done.

      That’s enough from me for now… I’ll finish my response in a bit.

  19. wyle e coyote says:

    Pamela Brummel,,, shhhhh I love unaltered kitties,,mmmm

  20. LisaR says:

    There will be a letter going public shortly after it gets approved by the city. It will clear up all of the lies and false information that the people on here are so quick to jump to conclusions about. Everyone that has given their opinion and attacked wrongly will soon get the facts and the TRUTH. Do you think that if all of these awful things are happening it wouldn’t be on KOMO or King5? I think it’s a big shame on you BTown blog for posting this without getting some more information. It doesn’t hurt just Dr. Kasper it hurts her employees also.

    • Lisa – One purpose of The B-Town Blog is to provide a forum for Readers to exercise free speech and post their opinions, ala the original Letter to the Editor posted here by Monica Horn. Please note that this letter is Monica’s opinion, *not* ours – we’re just a place for her (and others) to post opinions or exercise their First Amendment rights. Please note that we did reach out to Dr. Kasper, as well as the city, and as of 3:45pm Tuesday 10/19/10, have not heard back from either (Monica’s letter was posted Sunday, and we’re hoping for a response soon). Do you get angry at sign or bullhorn makers when someone stands on the street protesting something you disagree with? I didn’t think so. We are protected by the First Amendment on this policy, as well as “Section 230,” a federal immunity for online publishers, which also applies to bloggers (see http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode47/usc_sec_47_00000230—-000-.html). If you have other information, or disagree with Monica (or any of the 52 other Commenters), you can leave a Comment, or email me directly at [email protected] and we’ll do a story on it, or post it as a Letter to the Editor with your name attached. To imply that we’re not following journalistic ethics is wrong. Thanks, Scott Schaefer, Publisher/Editor.

      • Angie says:

        I wholeheartedly believe that the headline of Monica’s letter was designed to inflame.

        You did a good job of indicating that the blog entry was a letter rather than a story, but anyone (most people) that don’t go beyond the headline or the letter aren’t likely to realize that Monica didn’t know the facts to back up her claims. As another poster said, she just *did* *not* *know*!

        And you’re smart enough, I’ll bet, to know that she didn’t… It’s too bad that you choose to hide behind our beloved First Amendment. That’s the easy way out. I don’t blame you for posting the letter but you do bear some responsibility.

        You chose to write a misleading, inflammatory headline. I’m savvy enough to know that this is what journalism has come to these days, but I believe that someone who truly believes in journalistic ethics should do better than that.

        I’d be happy to write a letter to the editor myself, but as a single mom I don’t use my last name on the Internet. Ever. Not sure if it would be appropriate for you to post a letter by someone unwilling to share their full name.

        The sad fact is, something terribly tragic happened to a bunch of beloved kitties. And rather than dealing productively, it’s being used to attack. Some of the attacks are on Dr. Leslie herself, some are on the decision to open the shelter at all, and some are on how things are run in Burien. The last two things are reasonably up to debate, but really… What an ugly way to get there.

        • The headline (“LETTER: Cats Wrongly Euthanized At Burien’s New Animal Car Shelter”) we used merely reflects the gist and tone of the letter.

          How is that inflammatory? How is that misleading?

          More likely, this is an inflammatory TOPIC, not headline.

          And for those who choose to “hide behind” not using their full names on the internet, you have the luxury of using pseudonyms in Comments. Again, we’re just providing a service for folks to share their thoughts – we’re NOT responsible for what they say; however, we do have Terms for Commenting here: http://www.b-townblog.com/about/privacy-policy/; which specifically states:

          “LOL Dudez, LLC reserves the right to delete Comments placed by Readers that it considers offensive. We reserve the right to ban Commenters we deem consistently inappropriate. We encourage all our Readers to keep all conversations and Comments civil at all times.”

          Please note that once someone registers and Comments, their Comments appear here without having to be approved. If someone has a problem with a specific Comment, just let me know ([email protected]) and we’ll review it and consider deleting it.

          Thanks for your thoughts,

          • Angie says:

            I disagree that your headline was appropriate, and I appreciate your willingness to allow me to do so.

            I propose that a more appropriate headline would be something like, “Letter alleges that…” Of course that would make the headline longer, but it would put the appropriate context on the letter.

            If my high school journalism is failing me, please accept my apologies, but I hope you understand why I care…

          • Klynn says:

            I agree with Angie. The word “Wrongly” implies guilt before the facts are known.
            In America we are innocent until PROVEN guilty.
            And another thing. This is the net. I am not savy, but it is my guess that all of these remarks are now here to stay, to be forever revisited if someone just googles the linking words. When people protest with signs and bullhorns, that is in the moment. As editor, you need to be very careful of the long-term effects of what you allow to be posted.

  21. Hotrodgal says:

    Thanks for putting this blog in perspective Scott but you seem to have left yourself as a target. I personally appreciate your backing our rights to free speech. It’s too bad that when someone (4:19 pm post) found the blog a bit too snarly, they simply didn’t step away from their keyboard but, instead, launched a direct attack on your professionalism & judgment.
    As for “There will be a letter going public shortly after it gets approved by the city.”?
    Well that would be refreshing. It seems Burien usually approaches subjects like this with in-house discussions and keeps the residents blissfully ignorant to what’s going on; it happens time after time in this city.
    I say let’s keep the matter in the blog and maybe now the city will (finally) untie the hands of those involved so they can speak for themselves.

  22. LisaR says:

    In my “opinion” it sure sounds to me like she is stating facts. Correct me if I’m wrong. Also let me state a few things…..Dr. Kasper gave Monica an “employee” discount on all of the food, supplies, medication, and vaccines she purchased even though she was just an extern. Also Dr. Kasper did a necropsy on her deceased cat for FREE on her own time. We realized that it must be awfully expensive to take care of 14+ cats. We were trying to help her out. Dr. Kasper wanted her to bring the kittens she was fostering back because she had so many of her own to take care of. We were nothing but nice to Monica. She became a really good friend and I thought she was sincere. In actuality she just wanted to be my “friend” so she could get information after her externship was complete.

  23. B-town HERO says:

    I think you all have way to much time on your hands. If you think you can do better then offer to help out. ALL SHELTERS would benefit. All you heavy typers if you would quit complaining and get of your butt and help the animals out. I volunteer every day how about you!

  24. mollyjo says:

    this sounds like a big mess. so what is the current state of buriens animal control?

    i live locally and i would love to volunteer my time to help.

    molly jo

  25. Thom Grey says:

    Duh, dudes-the real creep in this whole thing is Mike Martin-the City Manager. This dude goes to the City Council and first tells them that they have no responsibilty to do animal control. Then he comes back and pitches them a story that they can do it for about $100,000 a year. Dry Drunk Martin makes about $140,000 and is always crying for a raise. Next he finds a dumb, new vet who does not have a living clue about how to do animal control. Desperate for the bucks she takes the job. When the bucks started to run out the vet’s ethics start to run out too. Time to kill lots of dogs and cats to cover the overhead costs.
    The City Council Members-minus Lucy- that do not have two brain cells to rub together never bother to ask about how Burien can run animal control for $100,000 when it takes King County $250,000 to do animal control in Burien? Seems like old “Dry Drunk Mike”could sell them the Brooklyn Bridge with no questions asked.
    Here is the real kicker, Mike Martin and staff give themselves an award for their innovatiove Animal Control Program that is abusing and killing the animals in the program. At the last City Council, meeting Martin told the Council that the City was rolling in so much dough that he and the staff should have salary increases and raises for the next two years. Of course, these raises are being given over the bodies of dead animals. Sad, sick story.
    Dudes, instead of beating the keys and arguing with each other, tell the City Council Mike Martin needs to be fired. He has been caught drunk driving twice and has set up a disgusting Animal Control model. Contact the Humane Society and Paws and demand an investigation into the sleazy Burien Animal Control model.
    Yep, the vet needs some kind of punishment for her behavior. Yep, Mike Martin needs to go. I hear dogs and cats cheering around the world at those ideas-yip yip and meow meow.

    • Eaton B. Verz says:

      You’re absolutly right! And now he is pushing for the cities own police force because it’s cheaper than contracting with the county! sound familiar? This kitty holocast should be a big warning to us all!

  26. dogged pursuit says:

    What makes you think Martin is dried out? The Council was supposed to give him random alcohol tests, but I have never heard the results of those test. My guess is that they somehow failed to administer those tests. Martin has learned that he can get away with it. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that he is still drinking.

  27. sheeba says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Out of respect for you, I never mentioned your name until now; only because you replied. I know you are upset and rightfully so. I never meant to personally attack you or Dr. Kasper. I’m attacking the process and procedures of animal control services for The City of Burien. MY CONCERN IS FOR THE ANIMALS! MANY HAVE DIED OR WILL DIE! PLEASE PEOPLE, LET’S THINK CRITICALLY FOR THE ANIMALS IF ANYTHING ELSE. THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT.

    You need to remember that business and personal relationships should be kept seperate, but I know that’s a dfficult thing to do. I’m sorry you are upset with me. I wrote this letter to The City of Burien because this is what I believe and witnessed.
    I believe I can make a difference and help the lives of animals now and in the future.

    I do thank Dr. Kasper for all of the nice things she did for me. I don’t deny that. She provided a free necropsy on my kitty that died of a sudden heart issue. She ordered pet food, supplies, meds, etc. I’m not saying that Dr. Kasper is a horrible person.

    I don’t feel that the animals are being taken care of properly. It’s takes alot of time, money, people and effort to take care of sick animals as we all know. Some of the animals received care, I don’t deny that, but many required care that they did not receive. Many died due to the lack of care. I’m not personally attacking Companion Animal Medical Center but I am attacking the entire issue. It’s not right or ethical for these animals.

    Yes, I did adopt many kittens from Dr. Kasper and found homes for all of them. I found great homes for them and they are in very good care. I tried to help the best I could and find homes for these beautiful kittens. I tried to help with others but was not successful. I truly did the best I could to help Lisa and Dr. Kasper.

  28. sheeba says:


    I’m sorry you feel this way but I will tell you I’m the same person you knew before.
    I could not sleep at night knowing what was going on at the shelter. Whether you agree with me or not, it was not something I could personally live with. Animals being euthanized due to space contraints. and undiagnosed diseases, if any. I just could not live with that fact in my head. That is not ethical or moral to me and it haunted me every night.

    Again, I will tell you I’m sorry you are upset with me but this is something I could not personally live with. No matter what, I still think you are a great person and you did the best you could. Maybe someday you will understand, but for now, I will just understand why you are upset.



  29. feral dog says:

    All right, I didn`t really want to get into this (for lack of better words) “cat fight” but how many flies were on that wall at the shelter?
    Seems like everybody wants to run this Dr Kasper through the ringer but how many of you REALLY know wtf happened? I sure as hell don`t and I am as opinonated as anybody but to pass judgement on something like this is assinine.
    Sheeba or Monica, whatever color you decide to wear that day, if you wanted the damn job, you should have applied for it. Oh wait you were an intern, one with obviously more knowledge than the doc. Or so you want people to think so. So tell princess, what would you have done differently? You don`t have a clue do ya?,, Oh wait, you would keep them alive regardless of thier suffering. Because you couldn`t live with yourself for putting them out of thier suffering. You would rather sit and watch them rot away? Is that what you were saying in so many words? maybe not, I dont know what you were saying, I do know you are taking every shot you can at her, then turn around and say you are a great person and did the best you could,, What was that? The BEST YOU COULD, which meant putting some down to save others, And even after what she did for you ,you turn coat and say this crap like she`s a monster? Nice friend. I know myself, I hate to see animals suffer, hell if it was up to me, I would feel good about being dr kervarkian, or whatever that guys name was if it meant saving a LOT more. And I don`t even like cats. But I know one thing,, cats with that disease suffer tremendously, my daughter was a vet tech. Everybody on the council knew that the shelter wassn
    I may be a dog but at least I am a friend.

  30. feral dog says:

    All right, I didn`t really want to get into this (for lack of better words) “cat fight” but how many flies were on that wall at the shelter?
    Seems like everybody wants to run this Dr Kasper through the ringer but how many of you REALLY know wtf happened? I sure as hell don`t and I am as opinonated as anybody but to pass judgement on something like this is assinine.
    Sheeba or Monica, whatever color you decide to wear that day, if you wanted the damn job, you should have applied for it. Oh wait you were an intern, one with obviously more knowledge than the doc. Or so you want people to think so. So tell princess, what would you have done differently? You don`t have a clue do ya?,, Oh wait, you would keep them alive regardless of thier suffering. Because you couldn`t live with yourself for putting them out of thier suffering. You would rather sit and watch them rot away? Is that what you were saying in so many words? maybe not, I dont know what you were saying, I do know you are taking every shot you can at her, then turn around and say you are a great person and did the best you could,, What was that? The BEST YOU COULD, which meant putting some down to save others, And even after what she did for you ,you turn coat and say this crap like she`s a monster? Nice friend. I know myself, I hate to see animals suffer, hell if it was up to me, I would feel good about being dr kervarkian, or whatever that guys name was if it meant saving a LOT more. And I don`t even like cats. But I know one thing,, cats with that disease suffer tremendously, my daughter was a vet tech.
    For some reason, I have a feeling you sleep just fine.
    .I may be a dog but at least I am a friend.

    • blink says:

      The lady did not even know what it was she put them all down. When I went in that place it stunk and the cages had buggers and blood on them with cats in them you call that clean?

      • feral dog says:

        You ever go to the kent animal shelter, that didn`t exactly smell like spring walk in the garden of Eden.

        • mary says:

          yeah it was not clean and your sayin kent’s not the greatest with the smells…yeah true BUT Dr. Kasper was running a clinic also not just animal control and im sorry but i’d never take my animal into a stinky place that is supposed to be a clinic..yeah animals have there accidents but it just shows the lack of cleanliness on Dr. Kaspers part. really would you take your health pet in there for a routine dental, spay ect. when this place has animals we dont know what kinda diseases are going around? animal control and clinics should be TOTALLY seperate.

          • blink says:

            Hunny I really like the Kent shelter the people are nice, the animals are feed have heated floors to sleep on meds water and what they NEED.

  31. Feral Dog says:

    Not vet tech, that requires 2 years of college. I was a veterinary assistant.

  32. Hotrodgal says:

    On Tuesday, LisaR said: “There will be a letter going public shortly after it gets approved by the city.”
    Has this happened and if so, where can it be found?

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