INTERN’S VIEW: Jackass 3D – A Film I Should Hate, But Really Enjoyed

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by Philip Benais

Jackass 3D: Directed by Jeff Tremaine; Starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Ryan Dunn, Jason Acuña, Preston Lacy, Dave England and Ehren McGhehey.

Hi, my name is Philip Benais and this is a film I should hate, but really enjoyed!

Normally it would seem strange for someone who champions the idea that Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky were the two greatest directors who ever lived to recommend something like Jackass 3D, but I’m a strong believer in having ‘guilty pleasures’. I think we can only take this film for what it is; an hour and half send off to everything trashy, juvenile and hilarious about the premise of morons doing crazy masochistic things to get laughs. It’s not art, but by god is it entertaining.

For the record however, this film is disgusting; not in that cute ‘Ew look at that’ sort of way, I mean in a way that you may actually want to retch, as many of the people involved in the movie do. To give you a clue, there are quite a few stunts involving farts, feces, male genitalia and one particularly disgusting stunt involving sweat. Then again, if you have any inkling of how gross the previous Jackass films were, I’m sure that this will come as no surprise. What WILL surprise you is the sense of grandness these daredevil antics have taken on since the last time we saw these guys. Everything is overblown and for this type of shock jock humor, size matters.

In the vein of the other Jackass films and the series, there is no plot so to speak, besides the most primal connection that male friends can make; being idiots together. Through this hour and a half, you’ll see Knoxville and crew debase themselves and other people, with each stunt getting worse and worse reaching towards a climax in a port-a-potty. Many times I winced and cringed, but ultimately it kept me coming back. Even if this film was difficult to watch at times, there’s an indescribable pleasure in watching all of these revolting things in a room full of people that are just as shocked and entertained.

The best parts of the film surprisingly were the 3D effects; ultimately when you have an expensive gimmick like 3D, it’s nice to see it in a series like Jackass. It harkens back to the 1980’s 3D films, and ultimately when the craze dies down again, we’ll all look on films like Jackass 3D and think of them as trashy relics like Jaws 3D. (I will at least.)

Naturally the movie isn’t perfect; apart from being really putrid at times, it peaks much too early so that the final stunts seem underwhelming. It could be that they just ran out of ‘jackass juices’ or that everyone laughs so hard at earlier stunts that you become laughed out. This is also a film that won’t leave a lasting impression down the road, but it’ll immediately become perfect for a pizza and beer party when it’s released on DVD.

In the end, if you want to see one of the best trashy comedies this side of Borat, you can’t go wrong with Jackass 3D. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll see the next step in this sort of low brow humor, but until then, hail to the kings.

Rating: ***/*****


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Philip Benais is our newest Intern, a 16-year old student at Big Picture High School in SeaTac. He’s an aspiring Writer who loves movies, so we let him write reviews for us.

Read more of his work here.]

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