LETTER: Local Mother Shares Concerns If Initiatives 1107 Or 1053 Passes

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You’ve probably already received your absentee ballots in the mail. When you fill it out, please consider the impact some of the measures like initiatives 1107 and 1053 are going to have on people here in Burien.

I run a small daycare out of my basement in Burien, and I’m a member of a group called Washington Community Action Network that’s involved in social justice issues in our state.  I and a lot of other people are concerned about what’s going to happen if I-1107 or I-1053 passes.

I-1107 is the one that would get rid of the few extra pennies we’re paying for candy, soda and bottled water so that we don’t have to make even bigger cuts than we already have in the things we care about, like educating our kids or helping people have access to health care.

We’ve cut so much already — $4.3 billion in the last two sessions. And that was before the Governor announced another 6 percent in across the board cuts.

And, if that isn’t bad enough the state is going to have to find another way to make up another $4.5 billion gap in the next two years.

Voting for Initiative 1107 would cost the state another $272 million over the next few years. As even The Seattle Times says, it would make a bad situation even worse by forcing even deeper cuts that will hurt our communities.

I know firsthand what the health care cuts have already meant.  I’ve tried to apply for the state’s Basic Health plan, but the number of people waiting to get coverage is actually greater than those who actually getting coverage. A few years ago I got a bad mosquito bite overseas. Because I couldn’t afford to see a doctor, it became infected and I had to go to the emergency room to save my leg. None of us should have to face serious medical problems just because we can’t afford to see a doctor. But we know more and more people here in Burien are losing health coverage every day, and facing that prospect every day.

The ironic thing is that the economy means more people need help these days. But at the same time, the state is having to cut the programs that growing numbers of people need to get by.

As a mother, I know that young women have a lot of decisions to make and there should be services to help them decide when they feel they’re ready to have a baby, that have access to health care, and an opportunity to know all their options. It’s not just younger women who benefit from these programs. I am over 40 years, and right now I can have a free annual check-up, including mammogram and physical. But those programs might be cut, especially if the initiatives pass.

I know many citizens who need interpretation services, my own daughter-in-law included. They’re not just Spanish-speakers, but Russian and Indian members of our community in Burien.

Programs that the disabled and seniors rely on are facing cuts too.  I-1107 might mean saving a few pennies for a candy bar, but at what cost to our community?

When you’re thinking about I-1053, it’s important to remember it’s being pushed by oil companies like BP and the banks. These out-of-state companies are pouring money into the election to make it harder for the state to close their loopholes – letting them continue to rake in millions of dollars that could be going to our communities and our kids.

– Gemma Salinas de Bautista

Gemma Salinas de Bautista is a member of the Washington Community Action Network and operates a day care in Burien.

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8 Responses to “LETTER: Local Mother Shares Concerns If Initiatives 1107 Or 1053 Passes”
  1. Feral dog says:

    Unfortunatley most people vote for whats best for them indivudally and not about the impact on the community or our kids and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are voting for how they really feel about an issue on the ballot I guess.
    Take the achohol initiative per say, it wants to take the state out of the regulation of booze and leave it to the private sector, why? to save them money when they go purchase a bottle of wild turkey or what have you. But at the same time, with the economy the way it is right now the state could really use the money thats generated from the sale of achohol.
    Myself, I don`t drink so I don`t really give a shit about this ballot except for I really feel the state could use the revenue right now but at the same time, thinking whats best for me and not the whole.
    Personally, I think marijuana should be legalized 100%. I have a lot of reasons why but one thing I have always told my kids is I would much rather you guys smoke pot than drink. And the main reason is how many times have you read about some guy who smoked pot going the wrong way on the freeway and hitting a church van thier way from a retreat? How many from drinking?

  2. tell me what will be cut... says:

    As far as 1107 goes, I am voting YES because until they can show me what would be cut I do not want to give them more money. Same goes for 1053 – they need to write these initiatives better.

    • What's really going on says:

      I 2nd what protect washington said on the cuts and if you want to know what else was at risk just look at the all cuts budget the governor released last year before tax loopholes were closed to protect some of these programs. With a $4 billion deficit again next year the same programs will be on the table to cut. Some highlights:

      85,000 seniors will no longer be able to afford their medications.
      12,000 low income college students will lose financial aid.
      16,000 kids will kicked off of Apple Health care.

      Why? So the big soda lobby can increase their profits? To protect Bank of America and Chase from having their tax loopholes closed? So BP and other oil companies can continue to not pay for the pollution they cause in our waterways?

      There are over 500 tax subsidies to special interests that cost our state over $13 billion every two years. 1053 will make it impossible to end those subsidies as it will give control of our state to 17 highly partisan senators. So then Banks and BP will only have to convince less elected officials to cut funding for our kids and healthcare instead of their tax giveaways. That’s who benefits from 1053 nobody else.

      And why would you vote for a poorly written initiative instead of against it?

  3. I can show you what will be cut – it’s the same things that narrowly avoided being cut last year because of this 2-cent tax on a can of soda. It’s hospice care for people who are dying, prenatal and maternity care for low-income at-risk mothers. It’s taking away home care workers and forcing seniors into more expensive nursing homes. It’s K-12 education and healthcare. That’s what gets cut.

    1107 was written by the American Beverage Association because they don’t want soda to be taxed like liquor or cigarettes.

    1053 was written by Tim Eyman because he wants to drown government in a bathtub.

    More info at http://www.ProtectWashington.org

    Vote NO on 1053 & 1107.

  4. jimmy p says:

    ok iam going to vote how ever i want because that is my right to vote but my main problem with voting is these attack ads like right now its about 5:36 and iam trying to watch the local news but every dam commercial break there are about 5 or more attack ads saying oh don’t vote this don’t vote for that or this person done that person done that but they never tell the exact truth they assume what is going to happen and most attack ads remind me of high school gossip bs witch makes people not want to vote just because of all of the annoying ads now if these groups would grow up and come out and say the truth maybe more people would vote but looking the groups connected to this story are some of the same groups that support attack ads with are mostly funded by other groups that have nothing to do with the state or what is good or bad for the state and are paid to say bad things it happens every voter season i even have seen attack ads on websites with roll over ads that tend to automatically open witch is even more annoying

  5. Feral dog says:

    get out your voters pamphlet and read what it says,, the issues at heart you should learn more about outside of watching a few t.v. commercials on them.
    I don`t like politics but when it comes time to vote on those issues that adversely affect me or otherwise,, I`m out there at the poll booths casting my ballots. The main thing is go into it with an open mind and see how they are going to affect you and your family in the long run and NOT on just one facsimile of the initiative.
    Like 1100 and 1105 for example.
    Who wants that? In a nutshell, if you are a drinker, you probably do so the folks of Washington state will get their taxes raised to help some drunken bastard pay for their booze and liquor companies can sell to whoever they feel like . I have nothing against drinkers, I just don`t want to pay for their booze. Not to mention right now our state needs all the revenue it can get. *woof*

    • jimmy p says:

      i do read voter pamphlet’s and do go in with a open mind most of the time it just these attack ads are really annoying when they come on every local channels commercial breaks one after the next and most are funded by groups outside of the state that are trying to make money off bad mouthing each other like dino and murry they need to grow up they act like little kids i wouldn’t be sup-rise if dino’s next attack ad is hey murry a girl girls have cuddies don’t vote her or something like that and iam not a drinker or care for drinkers alcoholism runs in my family so i chose to stay away for it unless if its a holiday i might a have a small drink but to come on here and see members from the same groups that are making these attack ads on here trying to tell people how or what vote for just doesn’t seem right i know they the right to post there comments but at the same time it seems like some of them are taking it a little to far to try to sway votes in there way i have seen on other sites to like the local news sites comments section

  6. Nicholas says:

    Thank you for the community focused plea. Too often people in this country stick to a mentality of every-man-for-himself. People say protesters in France are entitled, but how much more entitled can you get when you’re turning a blind eye to the sufferings of your neighbors just to keep a few cents per purchase in taxes. This country’s sense of individualism often translates into personal entitlement flying in the face of a healthy, caring community.
    Vote local, be vocal.

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