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Your Empress Of Information Is Scaring Up All Sorts Of Halloween Libraria

by Marilee A. Cogswell [1]
Manager, Burien Library [2]

It’s Back! Our beloved Tsutakawa Fountain has been installed in its new home inside the Burien Library!  Next time you visit the library be sure to have a look.

Please note that water volume for these first few weeks will remain low so that water levels can be tested and adjusted:

The re-installed Tsutakwa Fountain is located on the library's 1st floor – inside the library proper (not in the lobby) in the southwest corner, behind the stairs going up to the 2nd floor.



Visit our website at http://www.kcls.org/programs/index.cfm for a complete list of all programs and events.

All King County Libraries will be CLOSED Thursday November 11th for Veteran’s Day.


Books by Tana French [4]: ‘In the Woods [5]’, ‘The Likeness [6]’, and ‘Faithful Place [7]

If you enjoyed Swedish author Stieg Larsson’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series (or are still waiting for your copy!) you will be happy to discover Irish author Tana French.

French’s 3 novels ‘In the Woods [5]’, ‘The Likeness [6]’, and ‘Faithful Place [7]’, though not a true series,  are all centered around the lives and stories of the Dublin Murder Squad.

Well written and complicated French’s novels are as much about the crime being investigated as they are about the Detectives trying to solve them.

In ‘The Likeness [6]’ undercover cop Cassie Maddox bears an uncanny resemblance to a murder victim, this ‘likeness’ enables Detective Maddox to  impersonate the victim in hopes of uncovering  who wanted her dead.  Erie and suspenseful the reader is constantly on edge, expecting at any moment that the murderer will discover the imposter.

In ‘Faithful Place [7] Detective Sergeant Frank Macky (who first appeared in ‘The Likeness’) is involved with a murder case that literally brings his personal skeletons out of the closet.

In the Woods [5]’ features Detective Maddox along with her partner Rob Ryan whose childhood experience of abduction and murder comes back to life in a fresh but very familiar case.

Family relationships, past and present come together in all of French’s novels.  French’s characters are complex and well developed, the reader enjoys a truly three dimensional portrait of the personal and psychological side of life on the Murder Squad.

– Marilee A. Cogswell

Marilee A. Cogswell [1] is the Manager of the Burien Library [2].

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