LETTER: B-Towners Band Together To Catch A Naughty Samoyed

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I had to take a second to email you guys and let you know about something that happened this morning that brought a smile to my face: I was driving around 7:45am on 8th Ave. S, and was about to cross the S 112th Street intersection heading downtown when I saw a black Samoyed frolicking about in the street.

This dog was happy to be free.

Little did it know that there were about 8 cars swerving to miss it. I turned down 128th along with a few other cars hoping to encircle the dog, but it was too smart. It started running down a side road. Three more B-Towners started to chase it down the road, with people lunging and falling on the ground trying to grab at it. It was a hilarious sight.

I circled back to 8th Ave. S and realized the dog was now coming out the other end of the side road. I roadblocked the dirve and watched as three more B-towners stood five feet in front of one another, planning out a strategy. The dog lay down and as soon as someone lunged for it, it bounced away.

Finally, two people were able to corner it while the rest of us stood there cheering. Yep. Cheering. It was AWESOME.

I’m not sure how the dog got free, and it’s a reminder for all of us to make sure our pets are licensed and chipped, but it was also a great reminder from the dog to enjoy life and from everyone else that we can do great things when we band together.

That’s my story 😉
Ani O’Leary

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3 Responses to “LETTER: B-Towners Band Together To Catch A Naughty Samoyed”
  1. napavine says:

    Great story! I would not even slow down if I saw a dog running free. But if I get the chance to watch ” b-towners lunging & falling on the ground” , I would sit in my nice warm car and watch that all day long. Cel phone call to work ” I can’t come in today, B-towners are lunging & falling”.

  2. Nick Quinn says:

    Samoyed Wrestling… I love it. Everyone has seen a dog running around on a busy street. It’s inspiring to read that so many took the time to group up. This is one small paw print for man… this is one great example why we live in Beercan… I mean Burien. Burien- it’s good living.

  3. Feral Dog says:

    You know that samoyed loved every minute of it

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