SLIDESHOW: Protesters March Into Chase Bank & Bank Of America Branches

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Tuesday morning (Oct. 26th) at 11:30am, numerous workers, families, and community members marched into the Burien branches of Chase Bank and Bank of America to protest their demands to freeze foreclosures in all 50 states.

The protest, organized by Washington CAN, a community activist group, is part of a national campaign in more than 25 states to “hold banks accountable for the corrupt and fraudulent procedures they used to foreclose homes,” according to a statement. Dozens of other actions are scheduled in the coming weeks.

According to a statement from Washington CAN:

The demonstration came amidst recent news that banks have admitted to fraudulently foreclosing on nearly 40,000 homeowners every month without proving they had a legal right to foreclose on the homes. Meanwhile, bankers are expected to pay themselves $144 billion this year in bonuses and compensation.

“South King County has been hard hit by the housing crisis, with 1 in 4 homeowners underwater, meaning they owe more on their homes than their homes are worth,” they said in a press release.

During the action Gina Owens, a Washington CAN member, shared the story of a family who has an underwater mortgage through Chase: “Joselita’s family is struggling to choose between paying medical bills and their mortgage payments. Chase refuses to help them. And we know she is not alone. Her story is one of so many!”

After requests from the group, the branch manager refused to call Phyllis Campbell, the Chairman for Pacific Northwest JP Morgan Chase. Washington CAN! organizers called on their own, and left a message with Campbell, that she responses to their demands within a week.

Homeowners can also demand that their bank produce a mortgage note as proof that it owns loan and has the right to collect payment by visiting

Photographer Nicholas Johnson was on hand as well, and he captured this Sound Slideshow – be sure to turn your speakers up:

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2 Responses to “SLIDESHOW: Protesters March Into Chase Bank & Bank Of America Branches”
  1. Robert says:

    My best bet is that these protesters are unemployed if they have time to do this during banking hours. Maybe they should take the energy spent protesting, and apply it towards finding a job. I know it is a novel idea, but maybe, just maybe, if they did this, they could pay their mortgage and their house would not be foreclosed on.

    This sense of self entitlement is mind boggling. The banks need to get paid too. I am sure you werent asking about their bonus structure when you were applying for a loan!

    Hmmm, maybe it is just crazy talk, but if you dont pay your bills, they dont let you live in your house, just one of the small details that you agree to when finalizing a loan.

  2. eh says:

    the more that is being done to prevent foreclosure helps everyone. It keeps the home values from falling and preserves a liveable neighborhood. Why should these banks be exempt from the law? Any other individual would be subject to perjury if they did the same.

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