Burien’s Joe Fitzgibbon Wants To Add His Younger Voice To Legislature

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by Jack Mayne

Joe Fitzgibbon’s statement in the state voter’s pamphlet says that he “will bring a fresh perspective and a strong voice to change Olympia.”

That sounds like a big ambition for a 24-year old with limited real-world experience, and some say he hasn’t enough experience to be in the Legislature. But he does have some interesting experience, including being a member and chair of the Burien City Planning Commission, and working in county government and the Legislature for Rep. Sharon Nelson, who is creating the vacancy by moving from state representative to state senator in the 34th district.

“We have a Legislature that has not always taken a long-term view of the problems faced by our state and we will be dealing with those consequences for a long period to come. I’d like to go down there (to Olympia) to deal with these problems in a long-term way. That includes our transportation problems and not jus delaying and delaying until there is a crisis mode like the South Park bridge,” he says, adding that his view of the Legislature up close (on Nelson’s staff) that views of problems in Puget Sound are not taken “very seriously”.

Fitzgibbon also says the Legislature should have a diversity reflective of the make-up of the state, noting there are not very many “young voices” in its makeup. He says he would bring a voice for “younger folk” to the table.

He suggests he wants to help get a dialogue going amongst members of the Legislature. Something he says surprised him in Olympia was that legislators on both sides of the aisle often were “dismissing out of hand any idea that came from the other side – there is ‘no way I would vote for that because the sponsor is a Republican,’ or a Democrat.”

“That is not the perspective I will be starting from,” he says. “I think we should not be asking if we can get political advantage from something, but is it good for the state.”

He suggests he can say both sides should be heard from in order find solutions.

When he worked for Nelson in the last session, Fitzgibbon says she worked with legislators from Pend Oreille County over mitigation paid for a dam there, owned by the City of Seattle. “Legislators from very different perspectives came together “and got something accomplished.”

That, says Fitzgibbon, is the kind of thing he would do to solve difficult state problems.

He says he supports, in general, the tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct but worries about the lack of access from the Viaduct to downtown Seattle.

“I have real concerns about what that will mean for people from Burien and West Seattle to get into downtown,” Fitzgibbon says. “That is going to be one of my top priorities will be how are we going to maintain access to downtown from people in this region with the tunnel going forward.”

He says he would also vote to remove the present “ill-conceived” requirement that Seattle must pay any cost overruns that the tunnel construction may incur. Even if the requirement is no voted away by the Legislature, Fitzgibbon says it is unlikely to ever be enforced.

Joe Fitzgibbon and friends at his primary election victory party in August.

The candidate says he opposes Initiative 1053 on the ballot next week that would reestablish the requirement that any tax increase be passed by two-thirds vote of both houses of the Legislature. Fees can be increased with by a majority vote of the Legislature.

But if it passes, he says we “can still get things done,” probably by sending any transportation financing plan to a vote of the people whether 1053 passes or not.

“If the voters say no way, then that is what we have the initiative process for.”

He says there could be ways of decreasing incidents of fraud in the initiative process.

“The initiative process is an important check on government, but I think we can have better rules.”

On transportation, Fitzgibbon says he would support legislation keeping gas tax monies in the area from which it is collected. He adds that the Legislature can give local governments more financial tools so that badly deteriorated roads in city and county areas can be better repaired and maintained.

One project that needs attention is completion of the interchange between Highway 518 and Memorial Drive.

“That is a long-standing project that the City of Burien has been interested in for a number of years and would really open up redevelopment of northeastern Burien where auto dealers are relocating,” Fitzgibbon says. “That is a huge opportunity for generating economic activity” and even though it is in the 11th district, he says it is important for his constituents.

Because the governor cut equal amounts from all state agencies, that can cause more to need to be spent later, and he says his focus would be to find ways to get people back to work and getting them off more expensive programs. He is worried that cuts now made or to be made will do long-term damage to the state.

He is not happy about it, but the Legislature is likely to be looking at areas where there are no mandate preventing cuts. One area would be voter approved increases in teacher salaries and even class size reduction programs, not protected as mandated basic education programs is, he says.

Fitzgibbon would look to perhaps cutting “large costs associated with pensions for retired state employees” who “game the pension system to earn more than the system was intended to pay.” For example, he notes that some have retired, gotten their pensions, than have gone back to work, sometimes doing the same job as before they retired.

“I would be looking at that area for cuts,” he says.

If the income tax on high earners is approved by voters (Initiative 1098), Fitzgibbon says he would not vote for any changes extending it to other income earners without referring it to the voters for approval.

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26 Responses to “Burien’s Joe Fitzgibbon Wants To Add His Younger Voice To Legislature”
  1. Julie Dow says:

    Joe Fitzgibbon has not been part of the fresh voice in the legislature. As Representative Nelson’s assistant, He has been doing what Ms. Nelson has asked him to….and he will continue to carry this water. Just not a fresh voice.
    Some other facts about Mr. Fitzgibbon:
    – He led the charge to raise taxes through a sidewalk levy that was rejected by 74 (yes that is seventy four) percent of voters.
    -As the chair of The Shoreline Advisory Council (which he gave his mother’s address to be appointed, so as to say he represents Three Tree Point) and then Chair of the Planning Commission, he championed a Shoreline Master Program which far over reached state requirements. Had the plan passed ad he envisioned, many of our city’s homeowners would not have able to rebuild their homes in the event of a disaster. This cost of this terribly plan to our city was an enormous amount of goodwill, resources and time.
    -At one point, as the Chair of Burien’s Planning Commission, Mr. Fitzgibbon told one of my neighbors to “sit down” and went on to say that “he was not required to take public comment”. I’m not sure that is how they teach it at the UW Evans School of Government, which by the way the candidate is NOT a graduate of (contrary to the listing in your voter’s pamphlet).
    Voting for Joe Fitzgibbon is more of the same; although he says he’s a “fresh voice” he’s been there for a while. Meanwhile, Mike Heavey, the other choice, has NOT been in the legislature and would actually be a fresh voice.

  2. John Farley says:

    I agree with Ms. Dow, this guy is a joke. He has no experience. He adopts the talking points of others and presents them as his own, albeit in an articulate way. I’m sure he’s a nice kid – but how could anyone possibly put in him office? He lives in his moms basement for christs sake. Electing him perpetuates exactly what is wrong with this country – “career politicians” who are more interested in advancing their personal agenda to higher and higher office over time, and not interested in looking out for the greater good. If elected this will be the first office of many he tries to aspire to – state senate next, then congressman, etc. I’m a liberal democrat and agree with many of this kids positions but I could never vote him into office in good conscious.

  3. Ray Fitzgibbon says:

    Mr Farley

    ‘ He lives in his moms basement for christs sake.’
    check your facts
    i am his Dad
    stop over sometime for a basement tour
    no Joe’s down there
    we’ll visit Joe’s condo off Ambaum
    p.s. he owns it

    Electing him perpetuates exactly what is wrong with this country – “career politicians

    this one is another precious kernal of wisdom
    when his opponent was asked
    ‘why are you running?’
    he answered
    ‘its the family business’
    how noble
    how willing to sacrafice self for the greater good

    ‘more interested in advancing their personal agenda to higher and higher office over time, and not interested in looking out for the greater good.’
    ask anyone who has met and talked with Joe for more than 5 minutes
    they will tell you that you are all wet
    the greater good is exactly what he runs for
    it has nothing to do with him

    He adopts the talking points of others and presents them as his own
    you just described Joe’s opponent
    who readily admits that Joe’s ideas are original
    and all his own

    “Now, more than ever, we need people who are smart and motivated to do this – folks like myself who have the experience and the skill sets necessary,” Heavey says. “

    “What has been missing in Olympia has been share sacrifice, ‘
    yes, we need smart people
    this grammer sounds like the last republican president
    he did one stand up job

    most of your barbs are standard election noise
    generated by the folks who live along the shore or next to lake burien
    who have it in for Joe
    and also sound like my 3 yr old grandaughter
    when she has not had her nap
    or does not get her way

    bring original thoughts
    rather than this type of trash to the conversation
    then we will have a healthy democratic process
    what you are peddling
    is damaging
    to the greater good
    you claim to care so much about

    • Julie Dow says:

      Mr. (Dad) Fitzbibbon:

      You wrote: “most of your barbs are standard election noise generated by the folks who live along the shore or next to lake burien who have it in for Joe
      and also sound like my 3 yr old grandaughter when she has not had her nap or does not get her way”.

      If someone were to – unkowningly, unthinkingly or uncaringly- was possibly taking away half your life savings – would you have questions? This is exactly what happened when hundreds of Burien residents turned up at a few Planning Commission meetings. Most people were nice, and had points to make and questions. So much so that a “comment matrix” was created, which was then subsequently tossed aside so the SMP could be rushed through with a certain group (some of who,’s terms had been questionalby extended). The hundreds of comments and questions presented were never answered. Real estate experts had told many of us that our homes would loose 50% in value, we would not be able to rebuild in a disaster, we might not be able to get affordable insurance. We read that to change a rosebush in our yards – only certain plants allowed – we would need a city permit and a plan written by an expensive arborist. We had questions. And they were just not taken seriously by The Planning Commission of which your son was chairing.

      While we’re sure your son is a nice guy, he’s overly idealistic and did not even consider what the hundreds of people were saying. Nor did he make any attempt to really listen to our concerns. And if someone is going to Olympia to represent me, I want to know he/she will really listen and consider decisions vs. rushing huge decisions along for the sake of a predeterimed agenda with a handpicked group of others who share this agenda.

      Ultimately, us “spoiled three year olds who need a nap” presented some very reasoned facts to our City Council, who did listen. Based upon the facts, the entire draft from the planning commission was essentially scrapped. It was wasteful and foolish. Joey just doesn’t have the experience yet to understand that you represent everyone when you are in office. We don’t “have it out for Joey”, goodness this is not high school, but we think he needs a lot more experience if he wants to hold an office of trust.

      • Jennifer says:

        And if anyone needs more experience, it’s Mike. The guy is, and this is not a personal attack… just a statement of fact, not smart. Have you heard him speak? He has not even the most basic understanding of the issues. He hasn’t done a single thing to qualify him for public office. That is a VERY scary prospect. Yes, Joe’s idealism may not line up with your values but at the very least do you want someone who has the intellect to understand the issues?

        Unfortunately for Burien, the City Council did reject the recommendation. What that means is that everyone gets to go through this painful process again just to come up with what will ultimately be a very similar recommendation. If the new recommendation is very far off the original that means the state will reject it we get to do it a 3rd time.

        I know this may be a difficult thing for waterfront home owners to accept, but if you home is destroyed by a storm it is not prudent to rebuild in the same location. We all pray that it never happens. Mother nature is a stronger force than even the best construction. It’s ultimately a loosing battle.

        • Julie Dow says:

          Thanks Jennifer but I will take home siting advice from people who have degrees in that, not from a liberal blogger; and to follow your argument, if my home burns from a fire or crumbles from an earthquake, is it then ok to rebuild? Is it only the people who live on the water who can’t rebuild from a fire, or is it everyone in Burien. Um, just checking.

      • Robert L. says:

        For those who do not know the history of what “Jennifer”, Ms. Dow and Mr. Farley are discussing, perhaps some clarity is in order.

        For the record Joe Fitzgibbon, or as he is often referred to in Burien, “Joke” Fitzgibbon, is from Burien but is the worst person to represent the Burien community (or anyone else).

        In his first “representative” role, those of us in Burien had an up close and personal view of what really drives Fitzgibbon. As Chair of Burien’s Planning Commission, residents watched slack- jawed as he attempted to push through a shoreline master plan that egregiously overreached the State’s requirements, including regulation that deliberately disregarded private property rights. The repercussions of his recommended regulation would have substantially driven down property values along the shoreline (as well as subsequent property tax revenue), ultimately forcing other Burien residents to make up the revenue deficit in the form of taxes…or worse, service and job cuts.

        When the dust cleared, Fitzgibbon’s lack of experience and lack of integrity was in plain view. It was apparent that Joke Fitzgibbon didn’t care – or didn’t know – that shoreline property taxes provide a great deal of revenue to our community. Revenue that goes to pay our teachers, a much needed understaffed police force and upkeep of our roads and streets. He didn’t care (or didn’t know) that when you create regulation that substantially devalues properties, the property taxes collected are substantially reduced. He didn’t care (or didn’t know) that when the city loses revenue it must either make cuts (in the from of jobs & services) or raise taxes on everyone to make up for it. During the worst real estate crash in history and the worst economic climate since the great depression, Fitzgibbon didn’t care what further property devaluation and higher taxes would do to an already struggling community. But of course, all of this assumes that this 23 year old understands what revenues, property taxes, budgets, and deficits even are.

        Either way, one thing is apparent, Joke Fitzgibbon doesn’t care about the people of Burien, or the people of the 34th District. Joke Fitzgibbon only cares about 2 things: himself and the next rung on his political ladder. This is why shoreline residents (assumed Ms. Dow) AND non-shoreline residents (Mr. Farley) have spoken out so passionately against Fitzgibbon. His lack of experience is dangerous for all of us.

        The whole fiasco started when the Planning Commission (on which Fitzgibbon was proudly Chair) was required to incorporate feedback from a Citizen Advisory Board for a state-mandated community shoreline plan. Assisted and advised by outside activist groups, the board was heavily weighted in every group EXCEPT those whom the regulation would most directly impact- shoreline property owners (two legitimate applications being conveniently tossed out on a technicality). The resulting plan, coordinated and recommended by Fitzgibbon was poorly conceived and poorly written. It was rife with inconsistencies, contradictory language and included little or no scientific basis. Oh, and one more small detail- it treaded recklessly on the Constitutional rights of private property owners as defined by the Attorney General, putting the City of Burien at risk of a protracted and expensive civil rights lawsuit.

        From that point forward public Planning Commission meetings were at overflow capacity, with police in attendance due to the intensity of the community’s comments. Residents were angry. In response Fitzgibbon tried to rush the plan to a vote with little or no input from residents- refusing to take comments or even bring in unbiased experts to review the validity of the regulations. For the record, there were other members of the Planning Commission who did their own research and recommended a slower, more thoughtful process. But as Chairman, Fitzgibbon was determined. He cited restrictive deadlines mandated by the DOE as an excuse to continue to push it through. After rigorous questioning by residents, it was finally revealed that the DOE had not requested the plan until the end of the year, nearly nine months away. Confounded, residents couldn’t understand why Fitzgibbon was doing this. Why was he so irrational? Why was he working so deliberately against his own community?

        Whatever the reason, Burien citizens were outraged. They organized and hired land use attorneys. Lawsuits were threatened and the local papers started covering the meetings. Finally when the exchange between the Fitzgibbon-led Commission and Burien residents had escalated to a point well beyond dysfunction, “adults” from the City Council had to step in to rescue the process and takeover the entire plan. That’s right – rescue the process from Joke Fitzgibbon, rescue it so that an already thinly stretched police force didn’t need to continue attending his “democratic process”, rescue it so that the city could get on with its important work without being distracted by his personal agenda.

        When the City Council voted on the final plan, all of the egregious regulation that Fitzgibbon had propped up was removed. Ultimately, the more experienced, more balanced City Council members chose to work with the community that they served, instead of against it. What a concept.

        But Fitzgibbon didn’t care. He was already planning his run for 34th District Representative with the help of his radical advisor “friends”. He had shown them what he was willing to do to get into office. And they were pleased with his approach.

        Plain and simple, Joke Fitzgibbon led one of the worst public processes in Burien history, (perhaps in state history) complete with stonewalling and a police presence. It all happened on his watch, and it’s all well documented. Fitzgibbon was ready and willing to use his position to make regulation that would literally crush property values, jeopardize jobs and needlessly raise taxes in his own community- all to gain favor and support from outside groups for his upcoming campaign.

        Is this the “fresh”, “youthful” approach that Fitzgibbon promises to bring to Olympia? Self-serving policies and radical agendas that create budget deficits, disenfranchise communities and wreak financial havoc directly upon its citizens? This sounds about as “fresh” and “youthful” as a dirty diaper.

        The last thing we need is another recklessly ambitious politician adding to the stinky mess in Olympia- regardless of their age.

        Vote for Mike Heavey and advise your friends and neighbors in the 34th District to do the same. If not, we’re going to need one heck of a Diaper Genie.

        • John Z. says:

          Joe Fitzgibbon is a local left wing whacko- under the influence of State left wing whackos- all of whom believe that big government is more important than hard working 34th district residents. Fitzgibbon made clear that he believes big government should be allowed to take what we’ve worked so hard for our entire lives. When Joe Fitzgibbon voted to devalue our property by 50%,- in this economy, or any other- you have to question who the hell he’s working for. It can’t be us.

          VOTE NO ON JOE!

  4. John Farley says:

    Tanks daddy! Can you change my diapy for me too? Or help me cast my vote in the big white building in Olympia?

    Yeah, his dad stepping up to nobly defend him from healthy public discourse sure doesn’t indicate his lack of experience and immaturity. You couldn’t have possibly made the point any better. Classic. Thank you.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Julie and John,

    Clearly the following groups and individuals do not agree with you. In addition to having the highest Muni League rating of the candidates (Very Good) He has been endorsed by the following:

    * 34th District Democrats
    * King County Democrats
    * West Seattle Democratic Women
    * Washington Conservation Voters
    * Sierra Club Cascade Chapter
    * Planned Parenthood Votes!
    * Cascade Bicycle Club
    * SeattlePI.com
    * Vashon Beachcomber
    * The Stranger
    * Publicola (twice)
    * Seattle Transit Blog
    * Young Democrats of Washington
    * Young Democrats of the University of Washington
    * Evergreen Democratic Club
    * Fuse Washington
    * Progressive Majority
    * Washington Bus (support)
    * Voters for Affordable Housing
    * Seattle-King County Association of Realtors
    * Washington Alliance for Humane Legislation/Save Washington Pets
    * League of Humane Voters, Washington Chapter
    * Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association


    * Municipal League of King County–“very good”–highest rated candidate
    * NARAL–“100% pro-choice”

    Labor Unions

    * Washington State Labor Council
    * Washington Education Association
    * SEIU Healthcare 775NW
    * SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
    * SEIU Local 925
    * Public School Employees of Washington/SEIU Local 1948
    * Washington Federation of State Employees/AFSCME Council 28
    * United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 21
    * International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District 751
    * International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 27/Seattle Fire Fighters Union
    * Washington Teamsters
    * Plumbers & Pipefitters/UA Local 32
    * International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 46
    * International Association of Operating Engineers, Local 307
    * United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 141/United Staff Nurses Union
    * Amalgamated Transit Union Legislative Council
    * Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council
    * International Federation of Professional and Technical Employees, Local 17
    * Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local 66
    * Ironworkers District Council of the Pacific Northwest
    * Washington Public Employees Association/UFCW Local 365
    * United Auto Workers, Local 4121
    * American Federation of Teachers-Washington
    * Seattle/King County Building Trades Council
    * Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 8
    * Washington State School Retirees Association

    Elected Leaders

    * Rep. Sharon Nelson, 34th
    * Rep. Tami Green, 28th
    * Rep. Marko Liias, 21s
    * Rep. Tina Orwall, 33rd
    * Rep. Christine Rolfes, 23rd
    * Rep. Geoff Simpson, 47th
    * Rep. Dave Upthegrove, 33rd
    * Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, 24th
    * Rep. Scott White, 46th
    * Rep. Brendan Williams, 22nd
    * Rep. Maralyn Chase, 32nd
    * Bob Ferguson, Chair, King County Council
    * Gael Tarleton, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
    * Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council
    * Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council
    * Sally Clark, Seattle City Council
    * Jean Godden, Seattle Gity Council
    * Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Council
    * Joan McGilton, Mayor of Burien
    * Rose Clark, Deputy Mayor of Burien
    * Brian Bennett, Burien City Council
    * Kathy Keene, Burien City Council and Water District No. 20 Commissioner
    * Lucy Krakowiak, Burien City Council
    * Laura Wishik, Vashon Island School Board Chair
    * Gayle Sommers, Vashon Island Fire & Rescue Commissioner
    * Sally Nelson, former Mayor of Burien
    * Stephen Lamphear, former Burien City Council
    * Irene Stewart, former Seattle School Director
    * Shawn McEvoy, Normandy Park City Council
    * Shari Tracey, Shoreline City Council
    * Bill Tracy, Southwest Suburban Sewer District Commissioner

    34th District Precinct Committee Offices

    * Brian Allen
    * Chris Arkills
    * Layne Bautista
    * Brian Bennett
    * LeeAnne Beres
    * Russ Brubaker
    * Margaret Ceis
    * Dave Coffman
    * Kyle Cruver
    * Kathleen Dellplain
    * Jackie Dupras
    * Lois Elenich
    * Dan Fievez
    * Carol Frillman
    * Liz Giba
    * David Ginsberg
    * Beth Grieser
    * Stan Hargus
    * Leslie Harris
    * Tara Jo Heinecke
    * Michael Heinisch
    * Sharon Henderson
    * Sharon Huling
    * Ann Huston
    * Chris Jansen
    * Joshua Johnston
    * Ellen Kritzman
    * Ann Martin
    * Kimber McCreery
    * Terri McDermott
    * Damiana Merryweather
    * Sharon Nelson
    * Dorsol Plants
    * Lisa Plymate
    * Dan Schueler
    * Mark Smith
    * Gayle Sommers
    * Tamsen Spengler
    * Christi Stapleton
    * Michael Taylor-Judd
    * Charles Torrey
    * Bill Tracy
    * Jeff Upthegrove
    * Ivan Weiss
    * Rebecca Wells

    Community Leaders

    * Paul & Debbi Brainerd
    * Amy Carey
    * Tim Ceis
    * Lynn Claudon
    * Randy Engstrom
    * Peter Goldman
    * George Heidorn & Margaret Rothschild
    * Carlos Jimenez
    * Hyeok Kim
    * Martha Kongsgaard
    * Anne Levinson
    * Judy Pigott
    * Majken Ryherd
    * Maryanne Tagney-Jones

    Additionally, in his role on the Planning Commission (a volunteer position that you and anyone else can sit on) Joe was charged with making a recommendation to the Council to implement standards set by the state. This is not a personal vendetta by Joe against land owners. This is not Joe personally trying to take your life savings. Unfortunately Joe became your whipping boy because he was the only one willing to step up and chair the commission. There is no way Joe, or anyone for that matter, was going to appease land owners and meet the state’s standards. If you ask me, that requires an incredible amount of maturity, integrity and intelligence. All qualities that I want representing the 34th.

    • Kai J. says:

      I was going to vote for Fitzty boy until I saw he was endorsed by : Stephen Lamphear, former Burien City Council !!! Too much ass kissing and back door politics and not even homely little Burien is amune.

      Austrailia looks better every election day

  6. John Farley says:

    For the record, I don’t live on the water although I wish I did and wish I had the problems referenced by Ms. Dow. While I don’t understand all the noise about “stealing property” that sheraises, clearly she has made some points worth investigating and points she is passionate about.

    My observation was more simple. You can’t deny that his dad coming to his rescue in this dialog highlights Joey’s immaturity and inability to deal with the public. Unfortunately it reminds me of all the Gen Y parents you read about in the popular press who show up at their kids job interviews, believe they can do no wrong, and don’t hold them accountable for anything. You can search online and find other responses and positions from Joey’s dad. It’s farcical. It would be morer laughable if as taxpayers and citizens we weren’t significantly affected by his decisions (or those of his daddy, who very obviously has sway).

    He isn’t ready for this job, plain and simple. Let him get some real world experience. Let him learn how to manage an employee or two, or make payroll in the private sector. Maybe his daddy can give him a job at his new Synergy HomeCare franchise. Then, perhaps, he’ll be qualified to make some big decisions on our behalf in Olympia. Until then he’s just some uninformed, uneducated kid looking for his first job with his daddy sitting beside him in the HR deparment waiting on his interviews.

  7. Jennifer says:

    John, tell me one advantage Mike hasn’t received as a result of daddy. The young man is inexperienced, a self admitted convicted drunk driver, took 8 years to finish college in Alabama and the longest job he has held at the ripe old age of 30 is 6 months. And you want to judge Joe? You’re pissed because his father corrected falsehoods you are trying to perpetuate in the public sphere about facts as they pertain to his home ownership, a lie that directly involves his father. Mike on the other hand is pretending to be his father by sharing nothing but a name. Talk about a gen Y parent trying to get their kid a job…

  8. Julie Dow says:

    The list of super liberal endorsements speaks for itself and is enough for me to vote elsewhere (regardless of my personal experience with the candidate).

  9. Edward D says:

    Translation of Jennifer’s exceedingly verbose statements:

    “I agree with you that he’s immature and inexperienced, too idealistic. But he’s the lesser of two evils because his unoriginal progressive rhetoric aligns more closely with my personal views and I want to give him a shot”.

    No thanks. We deserve better in the 34th, much better, than a whiny kid and his wet nurse.

  10. Rob says:

    I have to say I have met and know Joe, and would be happy if he was my elected representative. We often see eye to eye on issues and often don’t agree on some issues. But Joe is a fair minded, intelligent man who would represent Burien well.

  11. marie says:

    Joe has a well-documented history of failure after failure: the South Park bridge, the sidewalk tax, the Burien planning commission debacle. In fact, all of his major “accomplishments” are a string of disappointments. And there are no A’s for effort in the real world.

    I don’t fault him for trying to cobble together a few public servant initiatives for his resume in order to run for office. He’s a kid who is trying to break into his chosen profession. In fact, kudos for trying. But the results simply aren’t there. Moreover, and perhaps my biggest issue with him, his complete unwillingness to compromise on any intiative, discuss any variance from his position, and negotiate a better solution for all, which makes him dangerous when combined with his lack of real-world experience. Sure, he feigns listening. But listening alone does not a solution make.

    Look around the state and around the country. Our economic woes require partnership and compromise. The national climate this political season is soundly rejecting ideologues who are unwilling to compromise, like Joe. Again, combine that ideology with no real world experience and a string of failures, and, well, hoo boy.
    With Joe we will get gridlock, not solutions. We’ve seen how that works in the past here and elsewhere.

    He’ll learn his collaboration lesson eventually, either in this race or later. I can’t support him until then.

  12. Stephen Arcide says:

    Joe’s argument that genocidal maniac Saddam Hussein shouldn’t have been executed really seems out of touch…


    Maybe Osama Bin Laden can do some community service around SeaTac?

  13. J. Anderson says:

    I followed the shoreline issue in Burien. It seemed like it was a mess and it was exhausting to even read about.

    I don’t care anymore whether a candidate is a Democrat or a Republican, or an Independent- what I care most about is whether that person has the ability to compromise to get things accomplished. This is what disturbs me the most about Mr. Fitzgibbon. It’s obvious he didn’t even try to compromise with those shoreline owners in Burien, so nothing got done.

    I also went to the 1st candidates debate forum in Burien prior to the primary and a question was posed something to the effect of: “If a 2/3rd majority in Olympia votes down a budget increase, in what areas would you cut to balance the budget?” The three other candidates all talked about areas where they might trim. Only Mr. Fitzgibbon would not discuss cuts. He said every program was necessary and repeatedly refused to answer the question. Refusing to even consider cuts? In this new economy? What planet is he living on?

    My concern is that we are in an economic crunch that a majority of economists think is not going to be short-lived. We need to get serious about efficiency in our government. We need representatives who have the ability to think creatively and outside the box. We need people who have the courage to prioritize, compromise and to work overtime to help balance the budget and make the best programs more efficient and effective.
    For programs that are especially valuable and are threatened, that may mean helping to coordinate private funding, it may mean creating volunteer programs, it may mean reorganization for more efficiency…. whatever it takes- that’s what a creative and passionate representative should be about. When you own a business you always have to be look at whether you can be doing things better, faster, cheaper. As a stay at home mom with 3 kids, I have to do it every day with my own household- making sure that I get the most for my grocery dollars, that there isn’t a swim program closer to home that’s cheaper, that I use “Groupons” to get the same services at half price! ?

    If a candidate says that they won’t tolerate budget cuts, this tells me they have no creative problem solving skills. Either that or they just don’t want to work very hard.
    What happened to the inspirational slogan: “Yes We Can!”? Perhaps voters need to change it to a more demanding: ‘Make It Work!”

    Mr. Fitzgibbon may not have agreed with those shoreline homeowners in Burien, but his biggest failure was his refusal to find a creative way to work with them. Instead, all he created was animosity and gridlock, and little of what he spent his time fighting for actually saw the light of day. (In fact, from everything I’ve read about him, very little of anything that he’s fought for has seen the light of day) Until he realizes how to “make it work” with people of differing points of views, in less than ideal situations, he’ll never be effective as a representative. He’ll simply be viewed as another unyielding wing-nut. Left? Right? Who cares. A wing-nut is a wing-nut and we don’t have time for it.

    I believe that the seat that Mr. Fitzgibbon held on the Burien Commission was an unpaid position. If he gets elected we’ll be paying him a salary. His “my way or the highway” approach is a poor way to spend money if you’re looking for results. Without the temperament to “make it work”- a vote for Fitzgibbon is a vote for gridlock.

  14. Lee Moyer says:

    He stood up to the affluent effluent along the waterfront for the majority of the citizens of Burien. They made no secret that they would attack those who stood up to them. The Shoreline Master Program that was approved by the Planning Commission was basically that produced by the Citizens Advisory Committee, which represented all interests. The committee considered all imput but ignored the cold stares from the NIMBYs who tried to intimidate from the back of the room.
    The name calling and phoney facts above show that Jjoe was on the right side of the debate. For that he got my vote.

    • kim says:

      that is BS and you know it Lee Moyer. it is not one issue about the waterfront and it is not a class war. all those people have more money than i do and apparently than you do but it is ridiculous to paint it that way. their money is bad money but the PAC money joe received from ever more affluent people who don’t even live in the 34th is good money? what are you smoking and please pass it around.

      • Lee Moyer says:

        Gee Kim,
        I’d be happy with either candidate so, as I said above, I based my choice on the issue with which I was personally involved.
        Just calling it B S and not actually having any facts about what I wrote has a lot in common with the techniques of the SMP critics. I see why you don’t use your name.

    • Julie Dow says:

      Hi Lee, this thread is about Joey Fitz, and I find both your’s and likely his take on “the will of the people” amusing. Hundreds of letters were written, roughly 90% against some element of the SMP, perhap’s 95%. At the public hearing for the SMP, it was only you and Kim “I live on Arbor lake but want to kayak on Lake Burien” Otto and one other lady who opposed the changes in the SMP. And we still don’t know anything about three members of the “Shoreline Advisory Council”, except they don’t live in Burien (or the recently annexed part of Burien) and don’t represent the will of anyone here.

      Also I find your calling people “affluent effulent” very offensive. Many of us work very hard to do enormous good for our community. Yes we can be vocal, and if we don’t agree with you it makes us a minority? Simple math, who was there?

      • Lee Moyer says:

        You are right. I apologize for the a e statement. I’m glad to hear about the enormous good you do for the community.
        The math I did was about 40 thousand citizens who live in Burien, many of whom use the park system and few of whom were upset enough to attend the meetings. Their interests still need to be considered and not overwhelmed by a relative handful who, with their lawyers and paid experts, could dominate the meeting.

  15. Rob Halpin says:

    I’m sure Joe’s a nice guy in person, and, to be honest, his stance on a lot of the issues coincide with mine. However….

    I’ve had the opportunity to witness Joe in action as a politician a number of times, and I have to say, I find his attitude disturbing: On all four occasions, he was dismissive and condescending toward the people of the community. In my humble opinion, we should never elect people to public office who display these characteristics. Don’t you agree?

    I hope Joe can find a way to address these flaws. If he can come back as a compassionate and open-minded individual in practice (not just on the campaign trail), I might vote for him. But at the moment, he just doesn’t deserve our vote.



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