Seahurst Park Restoration To Begin Soon; Park Will Close In July, 2011

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Illustration by Dave Branson

Burien’s Seahurst Park will be undergoing a major restoration project beginning this winter and continuing until the spring of 2012, the city announced in a statement Friday (Oct. 29).

The city also said that it “will close the park to the public and vehicular access beginning in July 2011.” In a statement, the city said:

Due to the presence of heavy equipment and other impacts occurring in the park during construction, and the need to reduce safety risks and protect the public, closure of the park has been determined to be the most prudent course of action.

With a spring 2012 targeted completion date, this apparently means that Seahurst Park will be closed all next summer, and will remain closed to the public for nearly a year – until spring of 2012.

Restoration will include the removal of seawall, paving, fill and two of our favorite heavy metal bands: Rock Riprap and Rock Groins.

The goal is to “restore beaches to replicate natural slopes and add beach nourishment of gravel and sand substrates.”

Here’s the rest of the city’s announcement:

The Seahurst Park Shoreline Restoration project follows up on earlier shoreline restoration work completed in 2005 along the southern shore of the park, and the results will be similar, but on a larger scale. The project area includes 2,800 feet of shoreline and extends from the park’s lower parking lot to the northern park boundary and to the lower slopes of the forested bluffs.

The goal of the Seahurst project is to restore natural nearshore processes to sustain a naturally functioning park shoreline and contribute to nearshore function within and beyond the park boundaries. The project will help re-establish the habitat that benefits endangered Chinook salmon and other species of salmon. Restoration of the gravel beach will provide a place for forage fish such as surf smelt and sandlance to spawn and become a food source for salmon. The restoration will also improve the nearshore eelgrass beds, which are used by juvenile salmon. Besides helping salmon, the project will extend the sandy beaches at the park.

Riparian planting will be added along most of the length of the project, with a small wetland/ estuary added and supported by the North Creek and two smaller, perennial streams. The main park trail will be restored in the approximate location of the existing service road.

Park users will find construction-related disruptions and limited parking throughout the project. Beginning in July 2011, the park will be closed to the public during the period of heavy construction and picnic shelters will not be available for reservation.

Illustration of Seahurst Park Beach courtesy Dave Branson.

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2 Responses to “Seahurst Park Restoration To Begin Soon; Park Will Close In July, 2011”
  1. tripC says:

    I appreciate the work that will be done, and applaud its goal, but it seems ridiculous that the recently redone south end of the park would not stay open to the public. I could see closing the lower section to traffic, and parking, and have people park above if they like, and walk down. I may not be involved in planning enough, but I supported the rebuilding of the park in stages (like the south end was). We live very near Seahurst Park, and use it frequently, and most likely will defiantly continue to do so. I do not support closing the whole park just so that the city does not have to deal with the public and maintenance of the park during this restoration process.

  2. John Elliott says:

    I think refurbishing the park is fantastic. It’s such a beautiful setting now and hope the outcome is exactly what is expected.

    I don’t know the particulars of the city decision to close the entire park. Perhaps the discussion around this just proved out to be more safe for everyone involved. Perhaps leaving part of it open wasn’t discussed. I don’t know so it’s hard to weigh in to that.

    It’ll be unfortunate that it will be closed the entire time as we use the park frequently as well.

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