Shawn Underwood’s Go Guidette For Halloween

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by Shawn Underwood

If ‘Snooki’ from the MTV show, Joizzzy Shore can write a book and ‘Da Situation’ can dance with the Stars, then we are in for a world of trouble. I mean I didn’t  mind looking at the ‘da sitch’ when he was doing his thang on the stars—provided he was flaunting the abs he’s so well know for. (Sadly my ab-fix is over because he was kicked off a few weeks ago.) But Snooki writing a book?


Would you buy Snooki’s book?  I can’t imagine the Snookster as an author. But I’ll bet she could put together a fine kiddie-like picture-pop-up book—minus the prose. Of course it would have to be “R” rated but where to shelve such a book? Hmmmm . . . celebrities? No, that seems too classy, Biography? Princess Grace of Monaco would turn over in her grave.

Secretly, I really wanted an excuse to upload a Snooki photo. No one puts Snooki in a corner. And you can see why. That hair should have its own book. Girl, please. Back in the 60’s, I distinctly remember my mom sporting a ‘pouff’ as well as a menagerie of colored wigs. I liked her red hair best—curly, short and oh so sassy. My mom was one of those ‘cool moms’—sort of like me . . . but I digress. Back to all things Snooki.

I sure hope the Snookster is getting a cut of the multitude of Halloween costumes that are designed after her Guidettettness.

With a few simple props, you too can create your very own Guidette Snooki costume.

Things You’ll Need

  • Long Black wig in a straight style
  • pouff or black rolled up sock for poof-look
  • Hair clips
  • Teasing comb
  • Spray-tan or self tanner
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Nude lipstick (or any pale colored lipstick)
  • Very short black dress
  • Platform heels
  • PEN  to autograph pop-up-picture book!!

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