Waldo, Our Sponsored Wiener Dog, Comes In Dead Last In Wiener Dog Race

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At Saturday’s Discover Burien Wiener Dog Races, Waldo, the differently-abled Wiener dog with a wheelchair that The B-Town Blog sponsored, came in dead last in the first-round elimination, but first in the hearts of race fans.

As his human, Dr. Yael Kantor of Seahurst Chiropractic and Wellness Center (BTB Advertiser) had to physically “run” him to the finish line, sprinting in her fairy princess dress. As she did so, the entire crowd broke out in loud cheers of “Go Waldo!” and “Run Waldo run!”

This was Waldo’s first race, and his first loss. But we can look forward to his appearance next year, Dr. Yael told us. And you can bet that The B-Town Blog will sponsor him again.

As we previously reported when we announced our sponsorship of Waldo, here’s what Dr. Yael says about his condition:

He came to me as a patient in 2003. He was just a couple months old. The vet brought him in – he had been injured either by being dropped or stood on. The result was a spinal cord injury. He was paralyzed from the mid-back down and could not go to the bathroom by himself so he was probably on his way to being euthanized.

Well, we fell in love with him. I adjusted him and got some sensation back in his tail which he ended up chewing and the vet had to dock.it. But after a slew of adjustments, acupuncture, hydrotherapy we did not get the movement back in his legs but we did get him a little wheelchair.

He is a trooper and full of spunk. He lives with two other bigger dogs and is incredible with the kids. He hops around the house and has developed a large chest and big front paws. He is just full of life and you would never know he is disabled. He is amazing and adds so much to our lives.

We’d like to thank Jeananne Tescar-Burcham of Grams Gift Closet (Advertiser and Clothier for The B-Town Blog) for her incredibly quick turn-around on Waldo’s sponsorship shirt. We delivered it at 1pm and had it back at 3:30pm the same day. Waldo looked like a real champ flying down the track in the ol’ green n’ blue logo wear.  And until next year’s race, Dr. Yael’s young son Brandon will be wearing it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who won:

  • 1st Place – Elvis
  • 2nd Place – Charlie Brown

Prizes were donated by A Place for Pets on SW 152nd Street.

Here are some pics taken by Photographer Michael Brunk of the event (to download and print pics from the event, click here):

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8 Responses to “Waldo, Our Sponsored Wiener Dog, Comes In Dead Last In Wiener Dog Race”
  1. Sylvia Harris says:

    Great pics! That Waldo is a charmer and surley will win next year!


  2. Sylvia Harris says:

    That Waldo! What a charmer! Surely next year he will win!


  3. feral dog says:

    He`s already a winner in my kennel. woof*

  4. LongHairedWienerDoggie says:

    I love Waldo also!

    But is there any chance of getting the names (and owner’s names) of the winner and 2nd place dogs too? (Maybe in a separate article…?) I’m curious to know who they are too.

  5. Rob says:

    Ya was robbed waldo! You should have won!

    • jan says:

      Rob, I was there. Waldo wasn’t robbed. He didn’t move off the start line. He is an amazing dog, and we are told by his human/mommy that he’ll be back again next year. He loves to run, and has already gone into training, right down to the yellow tapes and cones. Elvis, you need to be worried, very, very worried! or so i’m told.

  6. Shari says:

    Hmmm. Maybe Waldo didn’t move off the starting line because it was raining and his tires HAD NO TREAD! I’d be all for taking up a collection to get him some little itty bitty Michelin Hydro Edge radials.
    (I’m sure his frozen stance had absolutely nothing to do with any evil spell cast by a certain plaque winner wearing DEVIL HORNS).

  7. feral dog says:

    He had traction, I think the devil dog froze his wheels…grrrrrrr.
    Next year Waldo,, The feral dog will stand guard over your wheels
    and not just watch the race.

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