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October Sets Traffic Record For B-Town Blog – Over 75,000 Visitors!

We’d like to send a GINORMOUSLY HUGE shout-out to all our Readers, both new and old, who helped make October 2010 The B-Town Blog’s most-visited month ever – over 75,000 Unique Visitors!

According to Sitemeter [1], a widely-used, independent website tracking service, during October 2010, we had 75,397 Unique Visitors and nearly 128,000 Pageviews; according to Google Analytics [2], we received 83,605 Uniques and over 138,000 Pageviews– both record highs for us!

Sitemeter’s stats indicate a +43.6% increase in traffic over September, our previous record month (with 52,496 Readers); Google Analytics shows a +31.38% increase.

Here are the most recent stats from Sitemeter [1]:

We’re proud of our success here, because we work hard to serve the Community we live, work, shop and play in.

The B-Town Blog is (far as we know) the only local news website that is absolutely transparent in its website traffic statistics – something you will NOT see on any other competing “local” websites (we use quotation marks because ones produced in downtown Seattle aren’t truly “local” now, are they?).

Transparent” of course means that, at any time, YOU can click on one of at least three statistics links in the footer of the website (at the bottom of any page), and see what kind of traffic we’re getting right then and there from totally independent, external sources.

We’d also like to remind any potential Advertisers out there to shop around and ask for actual, independent proof of website traffic numbers from other sites before buying, because our philosophy, though simple, is very effective:


Click on a logo below to see our stats (keep in mind that statistics vary with each independent measuring company, something that’s not in our control):


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We are active members of Discover Burien [6] as well as the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce [7], and you’ll see us at various events, festivals, city council meetings and much more.

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