LETTER: Voters Choose McDermott Over Toledo, But Reject His Platform

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Voters in the King County Council District 8 elected former State Senator Joe McDermott to the Council; while at the same time voting to reverse legislation passed by McDermott during his time as a State Senator.

McDermott defeated 15 year front-line King County employee Diana Toledo in the race for King County Council by winning 68% of the vote as opposed to Toledo’s 32%. But at the same time, voters said NO to Joe’s platform and previous legislation.

  • I-1107 Voters said YES, but McDermott Said NO. (Reversed the tax on candy, bottled water, and other foods)
  • I-1053 Voters said YES, but McDermott Said NO. (Legislature now needs a 2/3 majority vote to pass new taxes)
  • Prop 1 Voters said NO, but McDermott said YES. (Would have imposed a new 2% sales tax)
  • I-1098 Voters said NO, but McDermott said YES. (Would have established a state income-tax)

The results puzzled many in the District 8 community; why voters would elect an official who seems to put forth legislation that the majority of voters are opposed to? And why overlook a candidate like Toledo with a proven track record, who clearly wanted to give a voice to their values?

Supporters of Diana Toledo did find some solace in knowing that McDermott will only hold the seat for one year; he’ll be finishing a partial term due to Dow Constantine vacating the position early when he became King County Executive. This means that the seat is again up for election in November 2011.

Diana Toledo had this to say about running again next year; “Although we did not receive enough votes to take a seat on the King County Council we still have a lot to be grateful for; I’ve made a lot of friends over the past few months, and have seen many people who hadn’t previously paid much attention to politics take an active role in getting involved with what their government is doing. Today my opponent received more votes; placing him in the Position 8 seat; however, at the same time the voters reversed his previous legislation by passing I-1107 and I-1053, which shows that residents don’t like the decisions he’s made in the past.”

Although many are confused by the results, there are some things to consider; Joe McDermott received over $115,000.00 in campaign contributions from Pro-abortion groups, Gay rights advocates, Unions, and other groups. This money went into mailers and heavy advertising playing on the name recognition of the popular Congressman Jim McDermott (although Joe is no relation). Many political experts credit the barrage of mailers as the reason McDermott was able to win the election.

Diana Toledo’s campaign raised about $15,000.00 ($100,000 less than McDermott), primarily from small donations, family and friends, animal welfare advocates, taxi-cab drivers, and small business owners. Given that McDermott outspent Toledo by 7-1 it is surprising that Diana Toledo was still able to garner a respectable 32% of the vote; 1/3 of the overall total. A remarkable feat considering Diana is not a career politician, this is her first run for office, and that she received no major party backing.

The strong showing by previously unknown political candidate Diana Toledo can be attributed to Diana’s well-regarded reputation among King County front line staff, Diana’s 15 year experience and knowledge in King County policy & regulations, and Diana’s dominate performance in each of the Toledo/McDermott Forums and Debates. But ask Diana what she thinks and Diana will credit her family, life-long friends, and solid community support as the reason that her showing was as strong as it was. She is confident that by continuing to share her ideas for strengthening the economy, job creation, eliminating wasteful and reckless spending, and bringing responsible reform to King County government; that she can bring over the necessary votes to win the District 8 seat in 2011.

Candidate filing for the next race is just over 7 months from now; and you can be sure that Diana Toledo supporters will be keeping a close eye on Joe McDermott’s performance on King County Council between now and then, and holding his feet to the fire.

It’s been an exciting race over the last 5 months; let’s all take a break and do it again next year.

David Toledo
Friends of Diana Toledo

*Cartoon drawing provided by Michael Owsley and approved for use with this article.

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10 Responses to “LETTER: Voters Choose McDermott Over Toledo, But Reject His Platform”
  1. girthman says:

    I look forward to voting against Joe McDermott again in November 2011. Why people continue to elect people like McDermott to represent them is beyond comprehension. We’ll be keeping an eye on you Joe and your tax raising agenda.

  2. Shari says:

    The possibility of a Jim/Joe McDermott name confusion sounds plausible at first, but Jim McD is very well known for supporting a very progressive/liberal agenda…so if it’s true that name confusion played a role, wouldn’t it have driven more voters to Diana instead of away from her to McDermott? The apparent gap between the platform voters support and their choice of Joe McDermott is somewhat puzzling also, but it would seem that until final apples are compared to final apples, we don’t really know what gap exists (ie, the voter results on initiatives, etc referred to are preliminary and from voters around the state, whereas the votes for the council seat came strictly from this district. So it will be interesting to see how just those voters from this part of King County weighed in on the initiatives vs. the council seat).

  3. NewDay says:

    It was a good and decent race run between to very qualified candidates. Congratulations to McDermott on his win. Bravo to Toledo for a great showing.

    It’s a shame that Diana Toledo’s experience and insight will not play a part in the County Council this coming year, as an ex- front line staffer and County insider she could help target waste like no other.

    Perhaps a petition to have County Exectutive Dow Constantine appoint Toledo as Director of the Records and Licensing Department? That would allow us the best of both worlds as we would have McDermott’s Legislative Experience on the Council and Toledo in the trenches keeping people honest.

    • Coverofnight says:

      I’d rather see Diana on the Council to keep that body honest and have Joe as dogcatcher…oh wait, that wouldn’t be fair to the dogs. Can’t believe that NewDay would want someone on the Council just because they have a lot of experience – nevermind that everything he stands for is overturned! I said it weeks ago that Joe never met a tax he didn’t like and you can be sure he’ll push new taxes and tax increases on the residents of King County. Joe and all his other self-serving cronies (the other McDermott, Murray, Inslee, Adam Smith, etc.) have NEVER had the public’s interest at heart – only themselves, special interests and those lousy unions that keep them in elected office! Diana didn’t get ripped off in this election – WE got ripped off by now having Joe represent us on the Council. He’ll follow the Obama/Democrat line and blame others for any problems and look to have hard-working citizens bear the added burden of supporting their ineptness! Joe, why don’t you go out and get a REAL job? You’ve put your time in for public service; time to move on and out of government!

  4. Paul Loeb says:

    Diana Toledo is proud that out of state of money from companies like BP and the beverage industry helped pass regressive initiatives with manipulative lies.

    She came to our street claiming to be a moderate non-partisan reform candidate, while her backing is primarily right wing Republicans. My neighbor bought her lies, let her put up a sign, and was furious when I showed her who Toledos backers were. I’ll do my best to alert people to her lies if she runs again in teh future.

    • Trueblue34 says:

      Paul Loeb- We’re waiting for the list of Toledo’s backers that you spoke of. If you call someone a liar you should back it up with facts. Please tell us who you are referring to.

      Please do more than give us a few Republican endorsements. As there are far more established Democrats endorsing Toledo (Della, McEvoy, Block, etc).

      I believe one of your books speaks about integrity. Integrity would be producing proof or admitting that you were decietful in your post and in speaking with your neighbor.

      Integrity. Do you have it or were you just trying to sell books?

  5. Trueblue34 says:

    Paul Loeb, were do you get your information? Do you have any fact or are you just throwing our wild accusations? What right wing backing are you talking about? Any facts? PDC shows her donations as mostly small $25-$50 grass roots donations. $15k overall, where Joe had $115K from PACs and Unions.

    You say she’s not non-partisan? Are you familiar with politics outside of District 34? Your accusations disrespect Democratic leaders such as David Della, Shawn McEvoy, Bill Hoffman, Jack Block Sr., Jeannie Chow, and the list goes on. These are established, life long Democrats and political leaders that have endorsed Toledo. Yes, she has Republican endorsers also, thus, the non-partisan title.

    But on another note, something to think about – Election shows nearly 8,000 uncounted votes, undoubtedly due to signature issues. Most likely these are new voters fired up by Toledo that may have forgot to sign their ballots. Next time around, I think Toledo supporters will be better educated and follow up to be sure their votes are counted.

  6. Ivan Weiss says:

    Keep spinning your BS for your little echo chamber, David. Your candidate was not qualified for this office, or for any other public office, and we hope she runs again so that we can trounce her at the polls again.

    We’re happy for you that you have such a rich fantasy life. We hope you find it fulfilling.

    • VashonVotes34 says:

      Is this the same Ivan that said that no one on Vashon Island had a differing view of his regarding Glacier Mining? The same Ivan who harrassed and bullied anyone that even tried to look at both sides of the issue?

      We need people like Diana Toledo. People that stand up to bullies like you.

      You and your eliteist friends did a good job of flooding McDermott with cash in order to overwhelm voters with your propoganda. Your $115,000 in special interest money paid off. But 32% of the voters saw through you, and next time it will be double that amount.

      Next year truth will win over your dollars & disinformation.

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