Once A Candidate, ‘Mac’ McElroy Enjoys Birthday, Contemplates Future

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by Mark Neuman

“Running for office is the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” said Geoffrey (Mac) McElroy, Navy veteran and proprietor of the Triangle Tavern and candidate for State Representative from the 34th District earlier this campaign season.

“It was great meeting people and getting a sense of what the community is feeling in terms of the issues of the day,” McElroy said. “The experience was wonderful.”

McElroy, running as an independent against three Democrats, finished third in the August primary, behind Joe Fitzgibbon and Mike Heavey, but ahead of Marcee Stone who had earned the endorsement of the 34th District Democrats.

The 34th District covers, essentially, Burien, White Center, West Seattle, Vashon Island and Maury Island. The Triangle Tavern, which McElroy purchased, refurbished and shot back to life in the recent years, sits just a few keg lengths inside the Seattle city limits, where West Seattle meets White Center.

McElroy readily agreed to an interview with The B-Town Blog, following a busy lunch rush the afternoon of Election Day, a few hours before the first batch of election results were released. Subsequently, Joe Fitzgibbon emerged with a solid lead over his opponent, Mike Heavey.

'Mac' McElroy listens to eventual election winner Joe Fitzgibbon at a B-Town Blog Candidates Forum.

“Owning a bar I can listen to an unsolicited cross section of people’s opinions pretty much all the time,” McElroy said. “I believe that the number one issue we are all facing in this district, this county, this state and the nation is the fiscal crisis.”

When asked to comment on “the two gentlemen I ran against (Fitzgibbon and Heavey),” McElroy said “They are both very idealistic. They are well grounded in their party, but I don’t think they bring a wealth of experience to the table. I am very much hopeful that whoever comes out on top will have the integrity to vote their conscience and not the party line.”

Whoever does win, McElroy said “I will be looking very closely at their voting record in the legislature.”

“There is a very solid possibility I will be running (for office) in the future, though not necessarily for the legislature,” McElroy said. “There is always the (Seattle) city council and the King County council.

“It is important to me that I find a way that I can give service to my community. Whatever that is will point to the course that I follow.”

While McElroy was not willing to prognosticate yesterday on who might emerge as the new representative, he did say that he was gratified that many people in the recent three weeks have told him they wrote in “Geoffrey (Mac) McElroy” on their ballots.

“I appreciate all the support I have been given across party lines in the community,” he said.

McElroy turned 47 years old on Wednesday, Nov. 3. How was he going to spend the day?

“I’ll be enjoying the day, out of the spotlight, taking a look and seeing what happens. We are not, as a society, in bad enough straits that people will change their behavior. The status quo will remain for the time being.”

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2 Responses to “Once A Candidate, ‘Mac’ McElroy Enjoys Birthday, Contemplates Future”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    It’s refreshing to see an honest, hardworking businessman trying to make a difference in our local government. Let’s hope we see Mac and Diana Toledo give it another go in the next election.

  2. Smapgrafle says:

    If people would listen to business owners, meaning those who actually contribute to society, we might get somewhere.

    It seems to me that this area seems to lack something, commonly referred to as “common sense”. You see; if you keep voting in the same party that has put the pedal to the metal, and have caused the recession to worsen, don’t expect a different result.

    Mr. McElroy would have made a fine representative, but people can’t see beyond the “D”, and so they vote like sheep. It’s sad that people can’t use their noggin.

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