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PHOTOS: Scenes From Burien Bearcats Championship Game At Husky Stadium

As we reported last week [1], the Burien Bearcats Junior football team played the Richmond Bulldogs in a championship game at U-Dub’s Husky Stadium Sunday (Nov. 7th).

Unfortunately, they lost 26-13.

However, this shouldn’t stop us all from saluting this outstanding team, which Photographer Nicholas Johnson did by shooting the following Slideshow of Sunday’s match:

Click to Play [2] [2]

Click to Play Nicholas Johnson’s Slideshow [2]

Coached by George Jackson, here’s the roster of your Burien Bearcats:

Here’s more info on the Bearcats program:

The Burien Bearcats have been in the community for 43 years.

2010 will be our fourth year with the Northwest Junior Football League.

The program is divided into five different levels of play according to age and weight; this results in increased participation and safety for all players.

The Juniors Division consists of 12-14 yr-olds.

The Bearcats organization enjoys strong ties to the community and provides opportunities for children ages 6-14 to participate in full-contact football and competitive cheerleading.

Our program is ethnically diverse and includes kids from all walks of life.

More information about the Burien Bearcats: www.eteamz.com/BurienBearcats [3]

More information about the Northwest Junior Football League: www.eteamz.com/njfl [4]

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