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ADVISORY: New ‘Weather Statement’ Warns Of Possible Weekend Snow

On Sunday afternoon (Nov. 14th), the National Weather Service issued a “Special Weather Statement [1]” that prognosticates the possibility of a cold front moving down from Canada into western Washington on Friday, Nov. 19th or Saturday, Nov. 20th.

And yes, this means there is a “risk of snow” or mixed rain/show over portions of the area, especially over the north interior.

Here’s the full Statement [1] as of 3:58 PM PST on November 14, 2010:

… A change to much colder conditions is possible Friday into next weekend…

Cold air is expected to develop over western Canada during the upcoming week. There are strong indications that changes in the wind flow aloft toward the end of the week will allow some of this colder air over western Canada to filter into western Washington Friday or Saturday.

Weather guidance also suggests that there is a risk of snow… or mixed rain and snow showers over portions of the area Friday or Saturday. The highest risk will be where the air is colder… over the north interior.

While weather guidance has been consistent in showing a change to a colder weather pattern… they have been uneven in showing how cold it will get and how much… if any… snow will fall.

Now would be a good time to think about how you could prepare for the first possibility of winter weather conditions in The Lowlands. Are your tires ready for snow covered roadways? Are your outdoor pipes and faucets winterized?

Please monitor latest forecasts and weather statements as conditions evolve this week.

On a related note, some of us here at the blog are looking for delivered firewood – if anyone has any leads, please email us at editor(at)b-townblog.com!

And as usual, stay tuned to The B-Town Blog, ‘cuz we’ll be all over this developing news like ice crystals on a former grunge rocker turned hockey player’s ‘stache.

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