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ADVISORY: Weather Service Still Hinting At Possible Weekend Cold/Snow

The National Weather Service released another “Special Weather Statement [1]” late Monday (Nov. 15th) that hints that yes, there may still be a cold front moving in to the northwest this coming weekend.

As most people know, it’s incredibly hard to predict with accuracy the weather this far out from the weekend; Meteorologist Cliff Mass posted this on his blog [2] Tuesday:

Bottom line: forget lowland snow this weekend but lots of snow in the mountains this week. Strong NE winds will blow through the Fraser Valley into Bellingham and NW Washington and colder air will spread over the region on Sunday and Monday. Clear evidence of the classic La Nina pattern. Maybe snow on late Monday or Tuesday, but too early to be sure. At this point, the Mayor can keep his snowplows in the garage and Jim Forman of KING TV can get his famous parka dry cleaned this weekend. And there will be loads of active and interesting weather during the next week!

Now here’s the text of the National Weather Service’s statement:

Special Weather Statement as of 4:13 PM PST on November 15, 2010

… A change to colder conditions is possible later Friday or Saturday into early next week…

Cold air is expected to develop over western Canada Thursday or Friday. While weather guidance continues to show quite a bit of variability… indications remain that changes in the wind flow aloft on Friday or Saturday will allow some of this colder air to our north to filter into western Washington.

Weather guidance also suggests that there is some risk of lowland snow… or mixed rain and snow showers over portions of western Washington this weekend. Later Friday or Friday night the highest risk of lowland snow will be where the air is colder… over the north interior. Farther south… the cold air will take longer to move into the area… perhaps Saturday or Saturday night and it remains unclear at this point whether there will be sufficient moisture in place by the time the cold air filters in.

Now would be a good time to think about how you could prepare for the first possibility of winter weather conditions in The Lowlands. Are your tires ready for snow covered roadways? Are your outdoor pipes and faucets winterized?

Please monitor latest forecasts and weather statements as conditions evolve this week.

As usual, stay tuned to The B-Town Blog for the latest developments.

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