City Of Burien Releases Anti-Icer Route Map; Is Your Street On It?

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The City of Burien this week released a map that shows the routes its anti-icing equipment will take when the roads get icy or snowy.

This map may possibly find use as early as this weekend if the recent predictions of a cold snap hold up (we’ll be following the weather closely so stay tuned…).

Some interesting observations:

  • It appears the city isn’t planning on de-icing First Ave South from SW 160th south, as that is apparently out of city limits (does First Ave South belong to Normandy Park in this area?)
  • SW 152nd from Maplewild SW east to Ambaum Blvd. SW, a fairly-trafficked street that passes St. Francis School, is apparently not on the route either.
  • Burien’s trucks will apparently shut off its equipment as it cruises along Sylvester Ave when it runs through the stretch that belongs to Normandy Park (see closeup of map below; I guess the NP de-icers will take over that area?)

Check it out below – is your street on it? (click image to see larger version, or click here to download a high-res PDF):

(To download a high-res PDF, click here)

Where Sylvester runs through Normandy Park, will Burien's anti-icers shut down?

Who is responsible for de-icing First Ave South south of SW 160th? Normandy Park?

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7 Responses to “City Of Burien Releases Anti-Icer Route Map; Is Your Street On It?”
  1. heidi says:

    Oh thats great you left out 116th BURIEN….Hummmmm we do pay taxes out here to you know…….That is a well traveled road BTW……

  2. Coverofnight says:

    SW 152nd is pretty flat from Ambaum to St. Francis – it doesn’t surprise me that it’s not scheduled for de-icing. I’d rather see it de-iced from Ambaum to 1st Avenue South; don’t want to be skidding into any jaywalkers that frequent 152nd.

  3. CMC says:

    Normandy Road between 1st and Ambaum seems to belong to no one, it was a huge mess during the last snow.

  4. TcB says:

    I’m assuming that the stretch of 152nd is not being de-iced because of what might make it into the lake.

  5. napavine says:

    Keep the sand and de-icer off our streets. All it does is adds a mess to clean up later. The sand from 2 years ago is still washing into the storm drains. Mother nature put the snow down, and she will clean it up. Park that snow removal equiptment and send me a tax rebate, so I can buy a new shovel.

  6. Hotrodgal says:

    I tend to agree with napavine. Last time a snow plow came past my place it plowed a berm 2′ deep and several feet wide across my driveway. About the only thing it accomplished was to keep the other fools from running into my house.

    Does anyone know exactly “anti-icing” means? I would like to avoid some of the corrosives (43 yo vehicle) if I can.

  7. Rainycity says:

    My road is on this map, but we have lived here for over 23 years now and NEVER once has an ice truck, snowplow, what have you ever come down our street and that’s just fine
    by me.
    I remember a few years back when we had all that ice and crap and everybody lost their power for days,, we didn`t even get mail for almost a week. No turnarounds, nothing.
    Not even the milkman would attempt to make it.

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