Disaster Relief Fund Set Up For Artist Couple Who Lost House To Storm

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Dane Johnson and Kathy Justin

Monday night, Nov. 22nd, was a very bad one for Burien couple Dane Johnson and Kathy Justin.

These two prolific artists, known for their active involvement in the local art community, including spearheading the Burien Interim Art Space (B/ IAS), lost their Three Tree Point-area waterfront home to the surprisingly powerful winter storm (read our coverage and see photos here).

Their house, located on the “north beach” along Maplewild Ave SW, was battered relentlessly by wind and waves, to the point of undermining the foundation and causing the house to start leaning towards Puget Sound.

We posted a call for help Tuesday morning, and were amazed to see many neighbors, friends and even total strangers show up to help haul their belongings out of their condemned house, which apparently is a total loss.

A “Dane & Kathy Disaster Fund” was set up late Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 23rd), and Dane and Kathy are in need of:

  • Volunteers
  • Trash bags
  • Hot beverages
  • Warm food
  • An ATV
  • Cash

To lend a hand, click here to go to the Facebook page, where you can donate online.

According to Dave Diem Martinez:

As you may have heard, Dane Johnson and Kathy Justin’s house slid towards the ocean this morning, separating from its foundation and being declared condemned. This morning the local Burning Man community and plenty more volunteers all got together to coordinate relief by emptying their house and finding storage.

The local Red Cross has provided funds for a hotel until Monday 11/29, however there are needs beyond Monday, naturally. Burners Without Borders Seattle is coordinating financial relief through the paypal button found at www.bwbsea.com, or if you have a paypal account you can login and send funds to [email protected].

100% of the funds raised go to Dane and Kathy for immediate expenses, and so far we have collected over $3000! Yay community!

All donation of goods/services will be coordinated through Ozzy Girl, at (ozzy.girl AT gmail) — so if you have space, goods, a massage to donate, please email OZZY GIRL.

As some of you may have heard, Dane & Kathy lost their home to the winter storm last night. They are in desperate need of help right now, in the form of volunteers, trash bags, hot beverages, warm food, and an ATV. I know that lots of us are stuck at home b/c of the road condition or b/c we have children. Lets start disaster fund to try and help in any way we can.

Here’s a video report from KING5.com:

Here are some pics we took in between hauling bags up from the house Tuesday morning:

The City of Burien red-tagged Dane Johnson & Kathy Justin's home early Tuesday morning.

You can see why – the foundation of the house has slipped and it's leaning toward the water.

Apparently the rough seas eroded underneath the house, weakening the foundation.

Closeup view of the main entryway shows the damage done to the foundation by the storm.

An even closer view shows the gap between the house and foundation.

The view from the beach shows just how beat up the house was from Monday night's storm.

Photos by Scott Schaefer

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3 Responses to “Disaster Relief Fund Set Up For Artist Couple Who Lost House To Storm”
  1. Dane and Kathy says:

    Thank you everyone who reached out and helped us yesterday. Due to the overwwhelming support we were able to retrieve a large bulk of our personal items and get them into storage. We are safe and healthy and staying with a neighbor, we love our friends, neighbors and community.


    Thank you all ! Dane and Kathy

  2. George Erb says:

    I feel for Dane and Kathy, and I know we’re all grateful that they are OK.

    That was a wonderful house, and I can say this because I was a tenant there for many years in the 1980s. It was quiet and cozy and close to nature — all memorable, as were the rare occasions when high tides coincided with gale-force winds out of the north. When a big wave smacked the bulkhead, the entire house shook. Looks like Mother Nature ultimately prevailed … dang it!

  3. Compass says:

    I don’t know you guys that well but cherish and respect the two from what I’ve seen and know. I grew up in Des Moines. Had Childhood friends on three tree point way back when. Magnificent, warm community that heralded beautiful thoughts almost 30 years ago. Not sure if I have been in that house or not, though it is a possibility, it was that house that made me wonder how it worked. I hope you guys were renting though that would not seem the case from major media and simple wording. I realize that at this point there is probably nothing I can do to help. I would have been there in a heart beat had I known what was going on to help you move out. Currently my studio resides in Crybaby Studios and we have been dealing with our own flooding issues on Capitol Hill. I guess the flood finds those that can deal with the flood.

    I have soooo many thoughts. I don’t know answers and I’m sure you can find them.

    When the two of you are ready to rebuild…. I”m there.

    Good Luck and Best wishes.


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