READER PHOTOS: Truck Can’t Make Turn At Seahurst Park

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BTB Readers Earl Long and Alice Goodman sent us the following pics of the same snow-related incident Tuesday: a beefy truck – one you’d think wouldn’t have a problem negotiating the slick roads – couldn’t make a turn at the entrance to Seahurst Park, and took out the stop sign and part of the chain link fence:

Photo by Earl Long

Photo by Alice Goodman

Photo by Alice Goodman

Photo by Alice Goodman

If you’ve got a weather-related photo you’d like us to share with our Readers, please email us.


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7 Responses to “READER PHOTOS: Truck Can’t Make Turn At Seahurst Park”
  1. Lance says:

    That’s what happens when you get people who just because they drive a truck, they can do anything. that thing is not 4WD, there is NO weight in the back where the drive wheels are. 2wd pickup trucks are about the worst thing you can drive in the snow/ice.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      I agree with your opinion of 2wd pick up trucks. That’s what i’ve been driving in the snow. However, all 4wd and Awd get you is the ability to start going and continue going, which is useful on our hills. They do not stop or corner better. Infact, 4wd does not corner as well, Maybe 2wd is safer, since with it many couldn’t get out of their driveway.

  2. Meriela Steves says:

    Scary seeing this type of thing in person. My husband and I as well as 3-4 other vehicles watched a mini van slide out of control down maplewild towards us spinning three times before hitting a guard rail just missing a parked car and ours. My usband and I thought for sure she was going over the edge and I am sure she did as well. Yikes! Luckily at that moment a Burien sand truck was coming up around the corner and poured a pile of sand in that spot so everybody coming up and down had a chance. Those truck drivers must have nerves of steel negotiating the western hills of the city. Bravo to them. Even my husband was impressed and he rarely is impressed by anything. We decided to cancel our plans and stay home to calm our nerves. What a day to remember.

  3. rainycity says:

    Figures, he`s from Idaho. heh-heh

  4. Coverofnight says:

    Looks like that chain saved his bacon from going down further over the hill! However, it also looks like maybe a post was taken out. At least we have his license plate to bill him for post repairs if he skips town!

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