READER PHOTOS: “Did You Know Your Son … Is Racing Around St. Francis?”

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A BTB Reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent us these pics, which s/he entitled:

“It’s 12:30am on a snowy Tuesday night: did you know your son and his loud car are racing around the St. Francis parking lot?”:

If you’ve got a weather-related photo you’d like us to share with our Readers, please email us.


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33 Responses to “READER PHOTOS: “Did You Know Your Son … Is Racing Around St. Francis?””
  1. Colin says:

    I grew up in the area, and definitely learned the finer points about power sliding and drift recovery in that very same parking lot – skills that may well have saved me on a freeway later on. Maybe an autocross site should be held there on a weekend or two a year…

    • Coverofnight says:

      Have no objection to these kids doing this in an open area free of people. I, too, used school parking lots to learn how to handle snow conditions. Years ago though, I did see someone doing the same thing a bit over the top at Fred Meyer’s parking lot and watched as he put it into a concrete bollard and destroyed his car – got a chuckle as I watched him walk away embarrassed. My objection is with the loud exhausts that these kids put on their cars…why do the cops allow them to get away with those even in regular weather; isn’t there a noise ordinance against those exhaust systems?

  2. Breck says:

    Ditto. Well said, Colin.

  3. Burienite says:

    Looks like fun!

  4. BECAUSEICAN says:

    theres a time and a place kids. People try to sleep at that time

  5. Tatti says:

    This kid flew threw the parking lot at Wendy’s in Burien tonight around 6:30. He almost his a parked vehicle. Around an hour later seen him at QFC with many kids in his car probably with not enough seats or seatbelts. This reckless kid will cause an accident. His parents are who??

  6. CoverOfLight says:

    The B-town Blog has become Burien’s virtual back fence. This sort of shared information, done properly, could really serve to strengthen our community.

    There’s nothing so powerful as the threat of a public shaming to shrink a teenager-sized ego.

  7. efrance says:

    so are you an old fart. never was a teenager?????

  8. jimmy p says:

    at least this punk pick a empty parking lot but who ever took the photos should have try to zoom in on the license plate and reported to the cops or goto the dmv or dol and try to get the address of owner and have a little talk with them or there parents i suggest calling the cops the burien pd love busting/harassing teenagers or anyone under 50 if i had a camera i would take pics of the morons on 119th and 1st that love to peel out at 2am or the moron that keeps riding the little annoying gas powered scooter around the area harassing the dogs in the area or the other morons that fly down Occidental at over 60mph then get in a crash and try to blame the other driver but owell it happens

  9. Wayne Sykes says:

    I used the “downtown” parking lot off of SW 151st to start training my daughters on snow/ice driving during daylight hours. But there were not any cars parked there, a “responsible” adult was in the vehicle while they got the feel of what does and does not work in winter driving conditions. So I am all for folks getting safe experience in adverse weather and defensive driving. But in the middle of the night is probably not the best choice of times to “learn”.

  10. Tatti says:

    reply to efrance – I see that you do not have higher expectations for our teenagers than to act stupid. Like the other gentleman said there is a time and a place to learn how to drive in snow conditions. This kid is not learning to drive, he is acting as a stupid teenager. Seems as though many would benefit from reading Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations by Alex Harris.

  11. Rainycity says:

    Gotta love it, funner in a car without front wheel drive though.

  12. ConcernedParent says:

    Having raised two teenagers, I realize that they do stupid things. What I appreciated most was when other parents told me what my kids were doing so that I could deal with it. I think I know whose car this is, and I will show this to the parent involved so that she’s not in the dark. It takes a village…
    It sounds like at least a few of you also know who the driver is. If so, you should let the parents know. It’s the right thing to do.

  13. Spliffy says:

    Ya I love my car lol it’s so good in the snow thanks to all you out there for supporting teenagers having fun in a safe environment and for all this complaining I’m sorry for the lateness but not the loudness of my car since every thing on it is legal an really whoever lives directly across the street take a chill pill I remember went I went to that school and we’d be sitting on the curb and u still had a problem with that any way happy holidays and FYI my cars is all wheel drive and u fully support the autocross idea!!

  14. Snooks says:

    I love that car and I know from being in it that he is a great driver. And he picked an area where there were no people and no other cars, so he wasn’t endangering anyone. Like someone said earlier, learning to handle your car in the snow is good and those skills can be used all through out life. And I’m sure all of you can remember what being a teenager was like. It’s the time to have fun. What’s so wrong with that? And for all you adults that were squares when you were teenagers, quit hating on the ones that know how to have fun. Love you Spliff!

  15. Druggie says:

    Least he wasn’t all drugged up like me. Give him a break.

  16. L.S. says:

    I know who this is and most likely he was drugged up, usually is.

  17. ihatechristians says:

    hey, least hes not smokin crack and doing real criminal activites. quit being old and learn how to mind your own fuckinbuisness

  18. Spliffy says:

    No 100% sober and it’s been that way for awhile

  19. Spliffy says:

    Cars an 02

  20. rip 4loko says:

    I was there doing tandem drifts around the basketball hoops with spliffy on my quad and its fucked up that these old people couldn’t get a respectable picture of the art form that was taking place that beautiful November night

  21. Supperfly says:

    Jimmy p the cops aren’t bout to do anything let’s be real here they have better things to do then deal with this and I you haven’t noticed burien isn’t the town it used to be so they have better things then inform parents on what those kids r doing

  22. Really? says:

    Now if it was Normandy Park, the SWAT Team would be all over you.

    • btwongreenery says:

      sooooooooooo true, but old people are the reason for teenagers driving the way they do.

      ” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.”

  23. Rainycity says:

    I can`t believe all the riff raff about this,, too funny,
    I must be entering my second (or third) childhood because I still enjoy out and doing brodies in a parking lot after it snows and if my kids (ages 12 -32) are behaving,,well, i MIGHT even slide over in the passenger seat and let them play,,*lol*
    Maybe we should change the subject and talk about something less volatile like fireworks or something,,heheheh. Or maybe take a show hands of all of us who have NEVER gone out and did this before.

    • PickinOnTheRain says:

      I remember going with you up to Albertsons to do this….after about 2 or 3 circles, we noticed the cops sitting there laughing, lol

      Of course, that was before the anexation.

  24. Rainycity says:

    Now I know who this is,,*lol* That was years ago when that happened, that cop just sat there and watched us laughing his ass off. We didn`t even see him until about the 5th or 6th brody if I remember right, all the sudden we stopped spinning and there he was, *&^%^& we`re in trouble now I was thinking. He didn`t giver a damn, He knew we wern`t harming anybody, hurting anything, just practicing evasive maneuvers.hehehehe
    He was a good guy.

  25. Momo says:

    As the parent of the driver on this infamous escapade I apologize for any noisy disturbance he made that beautiful night.

  26. Rainycity says:

    No need to apologize I don`t think. Just remind him next time put the muffler back on it first.. And if he sees me, let me have a turn.. heh-heh

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