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Hoax Gun Threats Put Two White Center Schools Into Lockdown Tuesday

A series of hoax telephone calls to the King County Sheriff’s Office 9-1-1 center about a gun “seen in the school” put both White Center’s Evergreen High School and the adjacent Cascade Middle School into lockdown mode Tuesday morning (Nov. 30th).

The schools are located at SW 116th St. and 8th Ave SW in White Center.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the first call came in at 9:33am Tuesday morning. The caller claimed that there was an AK-47 in a locker at the school, and also stated “we need help quickly.” A total of five calls with variations on that theme came in.

The schools were placed in to lockdown and about 20 deputies and detectives arrived to block off access and search both locations. A weapon-sniffing K-9 dog was brought in to check lockers. Nothing was found.

The lockdown was lifted around 10:30am.

Detectives were able to track the cell phone to a student in the school, who was taken out of his class and arrested. His cell phone was seized. The student is 15-years old.

The boy was booked into the Youth Center on a threats charge.

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