Suicidal Man Shoots Self In Head In Burien Wednesday; In Critical Condition

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Wednesday morning (Dec. 1) just before Noon, a 23-year old man shot himself in the head near the Burien intersection of SW 146th and 4th SW, in an apparent suicide attempt.

The man was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle in “extremely critical condition,” according to Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Department.

Urquhart says that police followed the man from the skate park at the intersection of SW 144th and 4th SW, after having received a 911 phone tip that he was suicidal and had a gun.

At about SW 146th and 4th SW deputy cruisers boxed in his car with theirs.

“Before we could have any conversation with him he shot himself in the head,” said Urquhart.

Officers did not fire any weapons, and aside from the victim, no one else was injured.

The man’s identity has not yet been released.

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22 Responses to “Suicidal Man Shoots Self In Head In Burien Wednesday; In Critical Condition”
  1. heidi says:

    This is so sad……

  2. Dawnette says:

    The pain that man was feeling….if only he didn’t do it and could talk to someone… get help somewhere…. 23 is too yound to have the weight of the world on your shoulders!

    • Coverofnight says:

      I agree…let’s pray that he pulls through with no debilitating injuries and goes on to lead a productive, fruitful life.

  3. Kai J. says:

    Occasionally I like to offer the other perspective and be the realist about just what kind of life our current degrading culture serves up for the lion share of its citizens.

    Suicide is a personal choice and should not be branded a criminal act. Intervention and counseling are paramount if signs are recognizable or requested, but free will is just that. Many countries such as Japan, that is much more civilized and respectful have long since accepted this inate right.

    I drove across the Aurora bridge today and just shook my head at all the tax dollars being spent and how unattractive the new anti-jumper fence is. Now they will have to climb a few extra feet to fly free.

    • CEM says:

      Kai J, the problem with your approach is that many suicides are spur of the moment, not the result of any kind of rational thought process. There was an interesting article in the Seattle Times a few years ago, where they interviewed about a half-dozen people that had jumped off the Aurora Bridge and survived. Each one of them said that once they had left the railing, they realized they’d made a mistake – and not one of them every considered suicide again. Yes, some survivors of suicide attempts do it again, but most do not. While there may be rational reasons for suicide in some extreme situations, it is usually the result of treatable, temporary mental illness. It is not an exercise of free will when the mind isn’t working properly.

  4. Jade says:

    I know who he is. Any knew of whether or not he made it?

  5. Rainycity says:

    Unfortunately kids that age don`t realize the pain that suicide causes to the surviving family members and that everything passes and no matter how bad it seems to be, or is, it always gets better.
    When I was younger I was like if someone wants to off themselves, f’ it, let them, the world is better off without them anyways, but of course that isn`t so and those people need to be reached out to, The holiday season is especially tough on most folk with the added pressure and the economy the way it is.
    I have had couple of friends that killed themselves and I`ll tell ya, I sure would like to see them again, it nothing else just to let them know that their life is worth something.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Raincity – I would not limit that lack of realization to people this young man’s age. A married friend and father of two commited suicide when he was at a dark time in his life; he had lived a wonderful, happy life up until that point. He loved his children deeply and he was extremely close to them.

      I do not think that there is ANY WAY he would have chosen what he did if he could have seen the devastating effect his suicide has had on his children. One of them has never really recovered from the loss and and been on a tailspin since then.

      From what I know of him and the situation, it was a very down moment in a good life and the fact that he called the police to let them know where he was seemed to be an indication he really was not convinced of what he was doing – I think he was looking for help and did not know how to ask. Many a man his age with his responsibilities lack the communication skills and humility to admit to the enormity of the situation they may be facing.

      I agree with Kai J that it should not be viewed as a criminal act, but it is NOT really always a matter of “free will” when someone is in a tortured mental state at the moment. For some, it is not a life long or permanent state of mental anguish and we should indeed try to support the person through the tough time,

  6. Anonymous says:

    In response to the last comment:

    Your ignorance and lack of concern for ALL those involved is obvious. Have some tact….keep your insensitive opinions to yourself or behind closed doors. A public forum is in no way a place to air anyone’s private business. You have ZERO right to do that.

    I did know the individual involved….so I will not be shoving my opinion anywhere. Your post should be flagged out of complete stupidity. You know nothing of the complexity a situation like this holds.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ultimately HE chose to do what he did and the fact that he felt, what his (on-again, off-again) girlfriend did was more unbearable than pushing through it and being here on this earth for his son everyday, is far worse than any hurt she caused him. That little boy now has to live a life without a dad, and I do know first hand how much he loved and adored his son. Their son was in the middle of a relationship that was wrong from the start and he was brought into this world for a reason only God knows.

    Everybody connected to both families is hurting with and for them right now. Bashing her doesn’t make the pain go away of make it any less real.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not my intention to offend anyone…the previous anonymous post is airing out people’s dirty laundry in my opinion, but to each his own. All said and done, there was a life lost and it’s impacted a lot of people heavily.

  9. Team Leader says:

    I can only say that this man had only the best intentions for his family and their future. He made more sacrifices to try and keep things together as best they could be, through things most of us could not even imagine. Finally he came to a point that he could take no more, I will never understand it but that’s OK. RIPBD.

  10. a friend says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a service? And if so when and where and what time? Are prayers are with his family and his sons family. Such a sad day

  11. Brittney Patterson says:

    I grow up with this 23 year old i new him since i was a baby.. Didn’t never no that it would be like this. Its so hard for me to even say anything because i want to cry so bad he was like another brother to me. an now all i can remeber is the day he left my brothers birthday party the first time he held my son. An now all i can say is that i love him an i will miss him….

  12. An Old Homie says:

    I was at my sister’s yesterday when she told me there was a detour in burien due to an apparent suicide. I NEVER would have guessed in a million years that I would have known the individual. When I came home I went about my usual business and it was not until today that I was informed who the victim was. I say “victim” both because I have a personal attachment to the individual and because I too have suffered in a family afflicted w/suicide and I believe that the people out there who feel the need to end their lives are for all sakes and purpose “victims” to their own minds. I agree with the previous post when it comes down to the fact that there is no blame in this he did, so very unfortunately, chose to do as he did and putting this off on the woman who bore him his child and loved him deeply, is ABSOLUTELY wrong! I would like to ask ANYONE putting the blame on her to put themselves in her shoes…she is going to spend the rest of her life asking herself if she could have done differently and grieving over the fact that her child no longer has a father because of something she may or MAY NOT have done. Putting the blame on her (to all the sick individuals doing so) is like watching someone be run over with a car and getting out, not to help them, but to kick them in the face. Let this be a lesson not of what’s right or wrong, but instead of what we have to be thankful for (i.e. our children and families). I only wish B had had the opportunity to see that in time. YOU WILL BE MISSED <3

  13. Co-Worker says:

    BD you will be truly missed. You meant so much to so many people. Wish I had known what you were going through. I would have helped carry the load.

  14. Bystander says:

    This is so sad . I work right on tbhe corner and they had all th streets blocked off. No one could even walk by. The detective came in and told us there was a suicude attemt. I’m praying for this family, and that God understands his heart.

  15. concerned burien local says:

    Will anyone say who BD was?

  16. T. Hunter says:

    He moved to Burien on the same street as my parents house the day before I did when we were 7 years old. He was my best friend up until highschool. We even learned how to ride a skateboard together. I feel so sorry for his wife and kid. It’s hard to belive someone like him could’ve done that. He was a good man. I just wish I could’ve been there for him. The Burien park was my home park, I was there every day and if I didn’t move to Utah, I would have been. B.D., you will be missed in my memories and in my heart. May his soul rest in peace.

  17. Joy says:

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  18. Eddy Nguyen says:

    Peace brandon, you chose to go to the skatepark to do it. your a brother. F*&k.

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