Happy Birthday To Us – The B-Town Blog Is 3 Years Old Today!

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Three years ago today (Dec. 11, 2007, to be exact), from a humble dining room table in a home in Burien, The B-Town Blog came unto this planet, chock full of hopes and dreams of informing, entertaining and enlightening a community, and initially only as a part-time hobby.

Today, we take a look into the mirror and shout:


It’s been an amazing three years too, from humble beginnings as a hobby to now, the #1 source of up-to-date Local News, Reader Comments and more for the area, with numerous Contributors, over 45 great Advertisers, with some months getting over 75,000 Readers (October set a record…so far)!

We’re proud to say we’re built entirely by all local people who live, work, shop and spend their money right here in Burien.

And now, for trivial and archival purposes, are the first two stories we posted on our very first day:

We’ve grown a bit in our short existence, and we currently publish a total of six local blogs, including:

  • The Waterland Blog – for our lovely neighbor to the south, the community of Des Moines, WA.
  • White Center Blog – the original Blog about White Center, our neighbor to the north.
  • Normandy Park Blog – all about (you guessed it) Normandy Park
  • Tukwila Blog – “100 Years in the Making” blog about Tukwila
  • SeaTac Blog – “Everywhere’s Possible” with this blog about SeaTac

If you haven’t already, please join our growing Social Network:

  • Twitter

Of course, as we’ve grown, we’ve gone from just one sole Publisher/Editor (me, Scott) to a staff of 12+ regular (and often irregular) Contributors, including:

  • Michael Brunk, Photographer/Code Guru. An amazing Photographer with a great eye for “the shot,” Michael not only brings his artistic talent (what we call “Brunksmanship“) to all our sites, but his technical know-how as well. Need a great shot of something, or some WordPress, PHP, CSS or other code fixed ASAP? “Call Michael!” is our immediate response.
  • Janet Grella, Sales Diva, joined the LOL Dudez team in July, 2008. Not only does The Diva sell Ads, she also writes stories, takes pics and much more for all our community blog sites. With Janet on board, The B-Town Blog has enjoyed incredible growth in both Readers and Advertisers. Janet knows the future of advertising is online, not in newspapers.
  • Ralph Nichols, Reporter/Writer. A former Editor of The Highline Times, Ralph specializes in covering local issues, including political, community, business, news and much more. Ralph has many years’ experience as a reporter for numerous daily newspapers, and has made the transition to this newfangled online world quite well.
  • Nicholas Johnson, Photographer/Reporter. Nicholas is a Western Washington University Journalism Major who hails from Burien. We’re lucky to have him helping us out and providing the BTB his multitude of talents.
  • Jack Mayne, Reporter. Jack Mayne is an experienced old-world Journalist who has worked with The Seattle P-I, The Journal American in Bellevue and Valley Daily News in Kent and many others. He brings not only his vast Writing experience to us, but his deep knowledge of the News Business as well.
  • Mark Neuman, Writer/Sales: former real-world Journalist, TV Host, Producer and Marketer, Mark is an old friend of Scott’s going back to when they worked on their high school newspaper together (West Seattle High’s “Chinook”). Mark sells Ads and Writes for the BTB.
  • Bart Bryan, Sales. Another old buddy of Scott and Mark’s from their high school daze, Bart is a happy, friendly, gregarious man who loves to learn, “conversate” (as the kids say), sell Ads and of course, sing killer Karaoke.
  • Gina Bourdage, Artist/Reporter/Sales: graduate of Washington State University with a B.A. in Communications, Gina is a native who currently resides on the cusp of the proposed annexation area. She does our Ad artwork, writes stories and much more.
  • Rachel M. Lusby, Writer. Specializing in Human Interest stories, Rachel is a longtime resident who works for us on assignment.
  • Shawn Underwood, Humor Columnist: Twenty-five years of living in Burien gives this Humorist much fodder for her writings. All of her stories are true, or at least have a grain of truth with no added embellishments. Or something like that.
  • Bryan Charles, Intern. Bryan is a budding Artist and Animator who attends Highline’s Big Picture High School in SeaTac. He brings his twisted sense of humor to us through his cartoons and more.
  • Philip Benais, Intern. Philip is an aspiring Writer who also attends Big Picture High School. He is a film buff, and, we think, an excellent movie Reviewer.

In the end, the real reason we’re going and growing stronger after three years is because of YOU, our Readers and Advertisers! Without either of you we wouldn’t exist!

Thanks, and we look forward to an even better fourth year!

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8 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Us – The B-Town Blog Is 3 Years Old Today!”
  1. ED Dacy says:

    Happy Birthday Blog and may there many more years

  2. Greg Duff says:

    Happy Birthday, B-Town. The citizens need to have a media source that will give them the “straight scoop” on local issues. An open press is extremely important to a free society. Thank you for providing the local stories that effect our lives. Thank you for the hard work you have done to make the B-Town a great blog.

  3. Coverofnight says:

    Congratulations…hope you’re making some money with these ventures. Have you considered filling the whole page rather than using the narrow center column format? There are advertisers toward the bottom that I don’t see if I have to scroll down the whole page. If it’s a short article, or when I get to the “Submit Comment” area, then I usually move on to another page.

  4. CoverOfLight says:

    Congrats! Long live the dudez!

  5. Hotrodgal says:

    Congrats to you!
    Usually when I make an appearance it’s to “beech” on a subject but
    I want you to know I truly appreciate the free speech format here.
    Wishing all a successful future of great articles!

  6. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Happy B-Day! We luv ya guys!!!

  7. guesswho? says:

    You mean to tell me I have been harassing you folks on this board for 3 years?????
    Happy birthday and hope you have a few more in you..

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