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Happy Birthday To Us – The B-Town Blog Is 3 Years Old Today!

Three years ago today (Dec. 11, 2007, to be exact), from a humble dining room table in a home in Burien, The B-Town Blog came unto this planet, chock full of hopes and dreams of informing, entertaining and enlightening a community, and initially only as a part-time hobby.

Today, we take a look into the mirror and shout:


It’s been an amazing three years too, from humble beginnings as a hobby to now, the #1 source of up-to-date Local News, Reader Comments and more for the area, with numerous Contributors, over 45 great Advertisers, with some months getting over 75,000 Readers (October set a record [1]…so far)!

We’re proud to say we’re built entirely by all local people who live, work, shop and spend their money right here in Burien.

And now, for trivial and archival purposes, are the first two stories we posted on our very first day:

We’ve grown a bit in our short existence, and we currently publish a total of six local blogs, including:

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Of course, as we’ve grown, we’ve gone from just one sole Publisher/Editor (me, Scott [12]) to a staff of 12+ regular (and often irregular) Contributors, including:

In the end, the real reason we’re going and growing stronger after three years is because of YOU, our Readers and Advertisers! Without either of you we wouldn’t exist!

Thanks, and we look forward to an even better fourth year!


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