Keep Up With The Latest Burien Crimes On The City’s New Crime Map

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Screen grab of the new Burien CrimeReports page. Check out the functioning version at

The City of Burien recently signed on with a service called, and now has a “live” Crime Map which shows reported crimes in the city, including assaults, vehicle, theft of vehicles, breaking and entering, theft, and even registered sex offenders (with pics).

The city launched the feature on its website on Friday (Dec. 10th) with this announcement:

The Burien/King County sheriffs office has begun uploading data to a new online mapping service called “Crime Reports”.

This allows users to see where crimes have been occurring as well as sort them by types of crime and date range.

Like we have on our sister site The Waterland Blog (for Des Moines), we’ve implemented this crime map right here into The B-Town Blog – check it out and be sure to click on the different crime-specific icons.

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5 Responses to “Keep Up With The Latest Burien Crimes On The City’s New Crime Map”
  1. Christine says:

    OMG…do all the sex offenders live in Burien???

    • Steve says:

      Yes… apparently.

    • Coverofnight says:

      Scroll the map down to the Tacoma area; downtown and south around the Mall – and see how bad they have it down there! Makes our area look a bit safer, though one can’t let their guard down for a minute with these people. Military Road and Hwy. 99 by Riverton looks a bit congested with offenders, too. With all these offenders out there, it makes you wonder how these judges can put these people back on the streets and in our communities. What are our tax dollars being spent on? More cops? They just arrest them and send them to the courts – it’s that revolving door in the courthouse that needs to be addressed. We’ve seen so many times how they re-offend; they can’t be rehabilitated! Kind of makes you wonder if it should be one strike and you’re out!

      This is a great feature to include on the blog……I’ll check it frequently. Let’s hope with community awareness – keeping an eye out for your neighbors and the neighborhood – we can actually see these crimes go down.

  2. Rainycity says:

    As far as I`m concerned, they can all rot their perverted asses in jail.
    ANY scumbag that touches especially a child inappropriately should never see the light of day ever again. I wish they could be sent my way, I have a great solution for dealing with them and society would NEVER have to worry about their sick behaviors again.

  3. jimmy p says:

    yeah it look like there one near salmon creek elementary to but iam glad to see burien is posting this info i here cops and emts fire going up and down 1st ave at all hours its good to know whats going on or at least have idea of what happen it is kinda scary seeing all the dam sex offenders every where but you never know if they are actually a sex offender or if they try to get in a relationship that went wrong and the other side try to say rape to cause the person more problems but most are probity just sicko’s that need to be delt with and these are just the ones that are register i wonder how many unregister there are

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