VIDEO REPORT: Burien ‘Sweat Shop’ Apparently Still Sweatin’ Away

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Our friends at report that the alleged sewing “sweat shop” that was operating in Burien is still sweatin’ away, in business despite the city’s attempts to shut it down.

KING claimed then that one woman who works for the company told them she “is making less than $1.60 per hour for her work.” Their new report says that:

The City of Burien thought it had shut down a suspected sweatshop that was uncovered by the KING 5 Investigators.

But today, there’s word the business is still stitching away.

Here’s the latest video:

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8 Responses to “VIDEO REPORT: Burien ‘Sweat Shop’ Apparently Still Sweatin’ Away”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    The City ought to send over that scary, aggressive parking enforcement guy to shut the place down; that code enforcement guy looks too laid back….

    I wonder how much tax revenue this city has lost from his operation. Time to shut it down or make him do it right and pay his fair share like I do with my legitimate business. I’m tired of these criminals ripping off the hard-working taxpayers and business owners.

  2. TcB says:

    This is the new state of manufacturing . Pay nothing to the worker no matter what Country they’re in. You shop at Wal-Mart right? Intellectual property work like writing, and creative work (audio/video/movies) are not far behind. You steal all your movies and music by downloading them right? Reap away.

  3. Eaton B. Verz says:

    You are right TcB! Then we have to give the big corporations a big tax break and deny the worker any unemployment extentions. Bread lines in town square, anyone??? Make it a food bank… put it to use…. Boy, do I feel angry today!! 🙂

  4. Aem says:

    The Code enforcer is to busy giving the legal businesses a hard time about the sign code. He should crack down on the illegal businesses and leave the legal ones along. Maybe the City could get more income if the good businesses were allowed to attract customers with nice banners or A Boards!

    • nobody says:

      Good business` are asked to relocate in Burien to make room for something somebody
      with a wild hair up their ass wants
      They say sure, they get stuck in some remote corner where nobody dares to go without being armed or they just say no and get condemned and end up just saying f%^[email protected] you and leave for a friendlier arena where they are better appreciated for bringing their commerce

  5. Jay says:

    If sweatshops are illegal what’s the problem here? Are the people working there illegals too? Seems like we have a couple of ways to get them out of business if so.

    Find the owner, put him on TV and ask why he or she is running an illegal business like this? Then put them in jail and situations fixed.

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